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Last Modified:
10 Dec 2018
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The TERMINALFOUR Form Builder allows you to easily create advanced web forms without programming. The forms you create can be fully customized to meet your needs.

Before you start creating forms there are a few settings that should be configured:

Configuration: Connect to Form Bank

A connection to Form Bank must be configured in System Administration > System Settings > Form Builder. The Form Bank is where the form definition information and data is stored. The Form Bank URL is region dependent so you might see a different one from below.

You can also enable reCAPTCHA on your forms to prevent spam submissions (from v8.2.10).

Screenshot of the Form Builder General Settings screen

Configuration: Setup a Payment Gateway (optional)

If you wish to process online payments with your forms then the payment gateway must be configured in System Administration > System Settings > Payment Gateway

Stripe is the default payment processor.

Screenshot of the Payment Gateway Settings screen

Create and edit Forms

When you have completed configuration, use the Create new form button to start creating a new form and adding elements to it.

Screenshot of the create new form screen

Existing forms

Existing forms will be shown in the table and can be sorted and filtered.

To edit a form either click on the form name or select Actions > Edit.

Once submissions have been received for a form, they can be viewed from Actions > View Submissions.


To delete a form select Actions > Delete.

Screenshot of existing form table