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Payment gateways configuration

Last Modified:
10 Dec 2018
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To set up payment gateways to use with Forms, go to System administration > System settings > Payment gateways. Before configurng a Payment Gateway, the connection with Formbank server will need to be configured.

Existing payment gateway profiles are listed. Edit an existing one, or create a new one from Create new profile.

General settings

Name Sets the name to identify the profile in the application
Description Sets the text used to describe the payment gateway in the application
Payment provider
  • Stripe©: At the moment, Stripe© is used as the default payment processor and a Stripe© account is required.
  • TERMINALFOUR: The TERMINALFOUR payment gateway is a test gateway that does not use any external service  

Required provider fields

Configure these fields for your selected provider to work with payments.


Secret key: Located under the API keys section in your Stripe account.


The TERMINALFOUR payment provider is used for testing the form and should not be used for production forms on your site.

Currency The default currency you will be accepting payments in
Account number Your TERMINALFOUR payment gateway account number
API key This is the api key given to you by TERMINALFOUR