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Date Released:
24 January 2019


This release focused mainly on resolving priority issues for clients.

Some issues that may be of particular interest:

Key Summary
RDSM-26421  TinyMCE, you have to click the very top of the editor to type 
RDSM-28477  Publish fails on publish to one file navigation object when publishing pending version and content has no previously approved version
RDSM-23348  HTTPS pages are not imported using the "import-url" T4 tag
Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post upgrade tasks.

Full information is available here.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.



Authentication Unable to authorize Google analytics account P3 RDSM-29644
Brokers HTTPS pages are not imported using the "import-url" T4 tag P3 RDSM-23348
Channels / Microsites When a channel is deleted, it's not possible to edit the original channel root P3 RDSM-29787
Channels / Microsites Error when saving a second language disclaimer for secondary publish P3 RDSM-27065
Channels / Microsites Unable to change 'use global settings' option in channel settings P3 RDSM-20822
Content User needs to refresh the page in order to select another section from the edit/delete content modal P3 RDSM-26947
Content Duplicate content, error pops up in logs when you duplicate piece of content without any name P3 RDSM-22777
Content History tab, actions: preview uses the older url format P3 RDSM-20811
Content Site structure shows through warning modal when deleting content which is linked to another piece of content P4 RDSM-22596
Content When editing content, moderators are not redirected anywhere when selecting publish now P4 RDSM-21137
Content Duplicating content, destination section not formatted correctly on rename content before duplicating modal Trivial RDSM-22276
Content Approval Cannot save and approve content if there are more than one active workflow instance ids. P3 RDSM-30134
Content Syncer T4 CSV JDBC Driver for external content syncer should accept custom separators as a url parameter P3 RDSM-30010
Content Syncer User message or disable option to create sections, when using the excel plugin P3 RDSM-23616
Content Syncer Error message and no on screen blur for required channel input P4 RDSM-21191
Content Type usage Report Download as csv button is unresponsive if content type report contains orphaned content P3 RDSM-29976
Content Types Error on one node occurs if a content layout is created for duplicated content type P4 RDSM-30102
Content Types In some cases the content lock is not released in the content editor P4 RDSM-28481
Direct Edit Excel to html broker, missing styles on direct edit P3 RDSM-13491
Direct Edit Thumbnail view in select media modal causes various issues P4 RDSM-26618
Form Builder After removing elements from form, added elements are not ordered correctly P3 RDSM-29517
Form Builder It should not be possible to move the submit button around in a form P3 RDSM-26591
Form Builder Form mappings are triplicated in form_mapping table causing emails to contain 3 entries for each field P3 RDSM-25250
Form Builder Submission name mapping, when you select 'attach a file' the name is the name of the form P3 RDSM-24512
Form Builder Navigation tags appear in form_usage table & form tags appear in navigation_usage table P3 RDSM-23390
Form Builder Placeholder text for form bank url needs to be changed to https P4 RDSM-24889
Google Site Map Generator Google site map generator not working on P3 RDSM-30021
Hierarchy Section meta data disappearing when purging mirrored section P3 RDSM-29933
Hierarchy Section / content link element in metadata content type unresponsive in section P3 RDSM-28246
Hierarchy Section paths for non-administrators are not being displayed within hierarchy (v7 to v8 difference) P3 RDSM-27172
Hierarchy Purged section on a clustered environment is available until cache is rebuilt P3 RDSM-22498
Hierarchy Disparity between behaviour w.r.t. spaces in Section Name and Output URI P3 RDSM-14755
Localization Tooltip for 'enable hierarchical access control' is displayed for "inherited link section" P4 RDSM-29995
Media Library Independent media file publishing with link in wrong language P3 RDSM-20525
Media Library Error pops up in gritter instead of user friendly error P4 RDSM-29050
Media Library Clicking "create sub category" from the actions button in the media library sometimes moves the category into another category P4 RDSM-25500
Metadata Tag output_to_index="false" is not displaying metadata on fulltext page P3 RDSM-28487
Navigation Unable to run tests due to error in navigationPaginator class P3 RDSM-30125
Navigation usage Report Navigation usage report is not accurate, navigation items which are in use are not shown as being in use P3 RDSM-29772
Notifications Failed notifications are not shown P3 RDSM-29955
Packages - html HTML packages creates broken media files in the media library P3 RDSM-29702
Packages - html Creating a html package from a zip file doesn't work on t4 linux servers P3 RDSM-26899
Packages - html Packages (HTML) migrates media as fully dependent P3 RDSM-26462
Packages - html Casing of HTML on packages page, it is Html and should be HTML P4 RDSM-28682
Preview Message 'no root section defined for microsite' pops up in log every time you preview any section Trivial RDSM-22254
Product Configuration Error unfriendly on channels page P3 RDSM-28436
Publish Failed publishes are shown as successful in the publish queue/notification bar P3 RDSM-29980
Publish Publish fails on publish to one file navigation object when publishing pending version and content has no previously approved version P3 RDSM-28477
Publish Write full publish information to the logs on manual publish P3 RDSM-20800
Publish Server side link issue, publish error on demo install P3 RDSM-4786
TinyMCE TinyMCE, you have to click the very top of the editor to type P3 RDSM-26421
TinyMCE Additional plugin for special character is not available P3 RDSM-24584
Upgrader Upgrade from 7.4.0004 QP2 to failing on task 589 P3 RDSM-29957
WebDAV Tooltips on /page/webdavconfig needs to be updated Trivial RDSM-24361
Workflow Cannot update content created before a workflow has been applied to the section P3 RDSM-30199
Workflow Power user does not see content in the approval queue if they are a step moderator where all moderators are required to approve content P3 RDSM-29123