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Writing for the Web Training Material

T102 - Writing for the Web training


This course has been designed to be run either independently or combined with Content Editor Training to coach people on how to write effective web-based content, either from scratch or based on existing content.


Employees who write and modify content for the web.


Half day.

Content covered

  • Web Content
    • What is web content?
    • How is web content created and used
  • Communication
    • Standard vs. Interactive
    • Keeping the user in mind
    • Reasons to write
  • How to write for the web
    • Scannable text
    • Chunk your information
    • How to write less
  • Layout
    • Images
    • Colors, contrast and fonts
    • Emphasis
    • Alignment
  • Navigation
    • Visibility

Training Handout

TERMINALFOUR v8 Writing for the Web (A4)

TERMINALFOUR v8 Writing for the Web (Letter)