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Building an Accessible site in TERMINALFOUR

Useful Tools

This outlines the steps to take to assist in the creation of an accessible site in TERMINALFOUR.

CDN/PXL Implementation

Developing your Site, Useful Tools, Using Media

With CDN/PXL you can serve files from a CDN to improve page load times and give you more control over how images are output.

Accessible Images with Media Content Types

Useful Tools

Making an accessible media Content Type Layout the default will help your site comply with accessibility guidelines.

Designing your site in TERMINALFOUR

Developing your Site, Up and Running

This article will help you to understand how pages are constructed in TERMINALFOUR so you can code pages that will work neatly once built in

Developing and Testing in TERMINALFOUR

Developing your Site

How to develop changes to a live website without affecting the site, but still allowing the ability to test the changes.

A guide to working with external data

Developing your Site, Useful Tools

Guidelines on the various ways of including data from other systems on your website.

Create Flexible Page Titles

Developing your Site

Title tags are used by search engines and social media as the clickable link, so it is important that it is engaging and accurate.

Getting started with TERMINALFOUR

Up and Running

Now that you have installed TERMINALFOUR you’ll want to start adding pages, content and publish your site

How to Generate web.config files for IIS (Redirection & Error Page control)


An IIS web.config file is an XML file containing rules for a particular site (or directory) on your web server.

Import Content From CSV

Troubleshooting, Useful Tools

Using the External Content Syncer to sync a CSV file with TERMINALFOUR

Import Content From XML

Troubleshooting, Useful Tools

Using the External Content Syncer to sync an XML file with Terminalfour


Up and Running


Link Troubleshooting


Troubleshooting links

Product Terms (Glossary)

FAQs & Glossary, Up and Running

Get to know the terms used in TERMINALFOUR.

Redesigning an existing website

Developing your Site

There are a few different ways to apply a new design to a site that is already in TERMINALFOUR, depending on the changes required.

Supported Systems

FAQs & Glossary, Troubleshooting, Up and Running

Because Terminalfour is based on open standards, it can run on a wide variety of different operating systems and application servers.

Technical Roadmap

FAQs & Glossary

Upcoming and recent changes relating to the Technical Roadmap, Supported Systems etc.

Guide to updating your site's JavaScript and CSS

Developing your Site

Some examples of ways to test updates to your global CSS and JavaScript on site that is live in TERMINALFOUR.

Web API Token Authentication

Useful Tools

Authentication just got a whole lot more secure with the addition of token authorization in version 8.3.4.

What's new in 8.2


TERMINALFOUR Version 8.2: Main changes, enhancements and new features

What's new in 8.3


We're excited to announce the release of Version 8.3 of TERMINALFOUR's Digital Marketing and Web Content Management Platform!