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Designing your site in TERMINALFOUR

This article will help you to understand how pages are constructed in TERMINALFOUR so you can code pages that will work neatly once built in



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Release Notes



This release focused mainly on resolving issues for Workflow, Packages and Form Builder.  Under the ongoing Performance theme, we reduced the HTML generated for the site structure (RDSM-27335). This has had some good results: For a single collapsed section the HTML size has been reduced by 52% For a full Site Structure with 720 Sections the HTML size has been reduced by 49%   The following bugs were impacting many clients and priority was given to resolve them: Key Summary RDSM-23477 Workflow emails are not sent to the step moderators on step start RDSM-28725 Workflow inheritance does not extend past children RDSM-26728 Workflow (step) in approve content table is empty for inherited workflow RDSM-29080 Step emails are sent to step moderators who cannot approve the content RDSM-29078 When workflow content is rejected and then edited, it does not use the workflow RDSM-28262  Section/Content links prepend the microsite site root for all links RDSM-28031 Form fields stuck together when drag and dropping RDSM-28468 When a submission cannot be imported due to special characters the stack trace should be suppressed RDSM-28656 Data Object: Does not support TLS1.1 or TLS1.2; Many servers now require TLS1.1+ RDSM-20626 Duplicate content shows the incorrect breadcrumb on the approval page  RDSM-27412 Fully formed microsite not generating absolute paths for channel links RDSM-29193 SAML login appending 'null' to URL, leading to 404  Supported Systems Include Linux - CentOS 7



This release fixes an issue where publish times are increasing in subsequent publishes by duplicating information already stored in the database.

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