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Because Terminalfour is based on open standards, it can run on a wide variety of different operating systems and application servers.

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Release Notes


February 18 2021

Direct edit inline editing - RDSM-32553 This patch release fixes an issue with content locking in Direct Edit which caused inline editing difficulties.

Terminalfour: 8.3.8

February 15 2021

Workflows We received feedback about issues with multi-lingual Content Items, errors around rejection steps, and email functionality taking longer than it should. This release has over 20 fixes in place around the workflow functionality which should hopefully make things run smoother there. A couple of highlights: RDSM-29134 Approving Content Items in a Section Workflow configured to notify step moderators could be very slow. We've improved this by changing how those emails are queued and sent. RDSM-31244 Previously if you modified and saved a Content Item where the reject settings were set to "Do nothing" and it had been already rejected in a Workflow, the Content Item did not re-enter or show up in the Workflow. That's fixed up now. RDSM-31306 There were problems with rejecting independent Media Items that entered a Workflow. This has been resolved now. Performance Moving mirrored sections - RDSM-25970 As always we're still finding performance gains with each release. For this release our performance piece was around the time it takes to move a Mirrored Section. At a large scale (e.g. over 7000 Child Sections) this was very slow. With this update, the same action takes about 30% of the previous time, a welcome improvement. Fixes of note Accessibility and anchor tags - RDSM-31347 We made some adjustments to the with this release. Previously that tag would output an <a> tag like this: <a id="d.en.10743"></a> From an accessibility perspective, this isn't great –  it's not a link and it's not going anywhere – so we changed it from an <a> tag to a <span>. The linking functionality will work the same but the markup is better. Duplicating/mirroring/moving content to a Section, content ordering is lost - RDSM-28606 As part of this release, we took a look at what is happening with ordering when content is mirrored/moved/duplicated. There were a few idiosyncrasies that we have ironed out now. For a view on the expected functionality see Translating a List into another language - RDSM-26130 When you tried to translate a List you could end up on a blank screen. We had a workaround but it wasn't user-friendly, so we've fixed the problem and you should be able to translate lists again. Group names over 40 characters - RDSM-32481 Up until now, Group names had to be under 40 characters. Now that's configurable from the database if it needs to be longer.  Content Syncer and extended user content type - RDSM-32242  We spotted a problem where the Content Syncer functionality was being blocked if the system had an extended user Content Type set. That's been fixed up now. Inactive Content Items that are made pending publish - RDSM-14098 This is an issue that's worth keeping an eye out for as it's been around for a while and may change current publish behavior on some older pages (albeit incorrect behavior). In this scenario, we've seen that content that was made inactive, then updated to be pending (not approved) could be published. We've put a fix in so in this situation only approved content will be published.  

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