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Supported Systems

Because Terminalfour is based on open standards, it can run on a wide variety of different operating systems and application servers.

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Title tags are used by search engines and social media as the clickable link, so it is important that it is engaging and accurate.

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Release Notes

Terminalfour: 8.3.7

November 19 2020

Task scheduler updates RDSM-22314 In this release, we've added a new column the listing screen to show you the status of scheduled tasks – the play icon means it's enabled and the pause icon means it's not. This makes it easier to see the current state of all scheduled tasks at a glance.  Performance  RDSM-31525, RDSM-32044 As with all of our recent releases we are continuing to progress our performance initiative. In this release, we've targeted some of the publish tasks and the Access Rights modal in user management: Publish performance adjustments centered on indexes on the publish_file_info table to optimize a portion of publish operations and reduce publish duration. (RDSM-32044) Access Rights load now takes about 60% less time on Oracle installs after this release while MSSQL sees a 20% reduction and MySQL retains its sub-one-second speed (RDSM-31525).  Bug Fixes Contributors can rename duplicated Content Items again RDSM-25659 Some Contributors did not see the option to rename duplicated Content Items. We've fixed that up now so everyone has the same experience here. Section / Content link elements now respect the targets set on Link Sections  RDSM-24798 When using Link Sections in your Site Structure you have the option to set a link target however, when you referenced these Sections in a Section/Content Item link element, the chosen target option was not applied. We've resolved this now so that it will use that target when published. User Preview Channel settings are now consistent  RDSM-31978 The default Preview Channel for a User can be set in a few places – at the Group level, in the role customization settings, or in the User profile. Up to now User profile updates were not always applied correctly. We've fixed that up and the is followed again.  Similarly named form fields exceeding 50 characters no longer have download issues  RDSM-32192 Some users reported issues with Form Builder forms where there were two form fields exceeding 50 characters in length and had similar names. For example: Field 1: "Please advise of your medical requirements" Field 2: "Please advise of your medical requirements for your partner" Previously this may have caused download issues, but we've updated this now to ensure that doesn't happen anymore.  Download media issues across languages RDSM-32141 We saw issues where the download media button didn't work across languages even if the Media File was language independent. That's fixed now. 


September 30 2020

Inconsistent permissions on CDN/PXL - RDSM-32320 We identified a permissions issue that prevented CDN/PXL from processing images. This has been addressed. 

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