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Accessible Images with Media Content Types

Making an accessible media Content Type Layout the default will help your site comply with accessibility guidelines.

What's new in 8.3

We're excited to announce the release of Version 8.3 of TERMINALFOUR's Digital Marketing and Web Content Management Platform!

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Release Notes


December 17 2019

Content Syncer - RDSM-31579 This patch release resolves an issue with the  where a sync with a status of "Data Sync Old Status" could stall when records are deleted from the external source.


November 7 2019

Media Search One of our priorities this year is to address common sources of user frustration and with Media Library search functionality appearing regularly in feedback, for 8.3.2 we've developed a new Media Search feature from the ground up. You can find out how Media Search works . Media Search is powered by a separate application we call Simple Search. The benefit of deploying Simple Search as a separate application is that updates are not tied to the Terminalfour release cycle.  If you're hosted with Terminalfour then our Client Support team will take care of the install as part of the upgrade process. If you're self-hosted, then you must install Simple Search separately by following . Usability Another initiative we've kicked off is to enhance the user experience of the product. We're running regular user testing sessions to inform and validate product decisions. If you are interested in getting involved please contact our Product Manager Laura Murphy, and let us know. So far we have a few small issues in this release to aid navigation through our Direct Edit and Media Library functionality. The changes aim to make it easier to find and insert internal links and media from the Direct Edit interface. Other changes for media involve a slight visual r to make adding media more intuitive. And finally being able to view descriptions of media variants to allow you to identify variants more easily. Again this is just the start of our user experience initiative, there will be more in our upcoming releases. Other issues of interest Breadcrumb missing when creating a new section - RDSM-26230 Previously when you created a new Section, the breadcrumb to your current location was missing, this causes unnecessary confusion so we've updated to make sure you know where you are during this process. This again comes from feedback from our clients and we're happy to remove the annoyance. Clean & Initial sync -RDSM-31124 There were some issues identified with clean and initial sync functionality in Content Syncer that are now resolved. Reload the task scheduler - RDSM-31087 On the Task Scheduler screen, there's a new button to reload tasks. This might be useful if tasks have been paused, if there are any issues applying changes to a task or if a task has not started as expected. This used to be achieved with SiteManager?ctfn=schedule&fnno=10 but was removed as part of our clean up operations in 8.3 as it was still in v7 style. Media library drag and drop - RDSM-27365 We use a plugin so that you can drag and drop items into the Media Library - there were some issues with that plugin where it wasn't cleared out correctly when navigating around the Media Library. We addressed those issues here.  Media in extended user details - RDSM-20514 Some people use extended user details Content Type to house profiles. Profiles usually need an image and there was an issue where a Media File wouldn't be inserted correctly in this Content Type. It will be now.   Supported systems information Please note that as per our page we are dropping support for the following from the next release: MySQL 5.6 and below MySQL on Windows MS SQL Server 2008 Oracle 12C R1 Windows 2008 Windows 2012

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