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What's new in 8.3

We're excited to announce some changes coming in Version 8.3 of TERMINALFOUR's Digital Marketing and Web Content Management Platform

Import Content From XML

Using the External Content Syncer to sync an XML file with TERMINALFOUR

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Release Notes



This release focused on enhancements to Form Builder, Licensing information and Content Types. Improved performance when creating, editing/listing forms When adding a date/time form field you can now omit the time Clearly see the content and form submissions that are counted for licensing purposes Graph shows “used” and “remaining” SAML Encryption You can now choose the algorithm to use.  Content Types can be "locked" when changes are being applied Padlock icon to indicate it is locked and the user who is editing Locked Content Types can be viewed in read-only mode Option to renew the lock when the lock is about to expire Manage Content Layouts from the content types listing page to avoid locking Changes to Content Types are now applied in the background Introduction of a second-level cache Safely continue to use the product while the changes are being applied New notification to show that the changes have been successfully applied



This release focused mainly on resolving priority issues for clients. Some issues that may be of particular interest: Key Summary RDSM-26421  TinyMCE, you have to click the very top of the editor to type  RDSM-28477  Publish fails on publish to one file navigation object when publishing pending version and content has no previously approved version RDSM-23348  HTTPS pages are not imported using the "import-url" T4 tag

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