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28 Feb 2020
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Version 8.3.3

The below information applies to Terminalfour Version 8.3.3 and is not relevant to older versions.  

Minimum Recommended Memory (RAM)

The TERMINALFOUR application requires a minimum allocation of 2GB RAM in order to run on your server. You'll need to ensure that your server has sufficient RAM to run other processes as well.

Server Operating System

System VersionNote
Linux (CentOS & RHEL)

We test on CentOS 7 and would therefore advise that this distribution is used.

Other modern Linux distributions, although not fully tested should operate correctly. 

Windows Server 2016  


Your database user should have full control of objects in the database/schema. It must be able to create, alter and drop all object types.

System VersionNote
MySQL 5.7 Supported on Linux (CentOS & RHEL) and not on Windows
MS SQL 2017  
Oracle 12C R2 The Supported character set for Oracle is AL32UTF8

Web / Application Server, JAVA

The supported JAVA version is: Oracle Java 11 OpenJDK.

The supported Application server is: Tomcat 9.

The supported Proxy protocol is: Apache JServ Protocol (AJP). Please see below.


Instead of specifying specific webservers such as Apache and IIS, we are supporting the protocol/connecter to Tomcat 9. To allow for those clients that are currently running Apache 2.2 we will support both the HTTP proxy and the AJP proxy for a number of releases to allow for an easier transition.

Support for the HTTP proxy will be discontinued from a release after 1/Nov/2019.

We strongly advise that if you are running Linux that you use Apache 2.4 configured with an AJP proxy to Tomcat 9.
If you are using Apache 2.2 then you will need to use a HTTP proxy with your Tomcat connector configured as follows:

    <Connector port="8080" protocol="HTTP/1.1"
               scheme="https" />

Please contact our Support team who are happy to advise on the best configuration to suit your technology base.

Supported Browsers

The most recent browser versions at the current time were used to test TERMINALFOUR 8.3.
Earlier and later versions should also work just fine.

System Version
Google Chrome 75
Firefox 60 ESR
Firefox 67
Microsoft Edge 44
Internet Explorer 11
Safari 12
Opera 58
iOS Safari 12
Android 67

If you encounter any browser issues please let us know.

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