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Date Released:
June 20 2016


We're delighted to announce that TERMINALFOUR Version 8.1 release 7 is officially available.


Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.



RDSM-23772 Power users/Moderators/Contributors can access /page/meta using direct URL P2 Meta Data - Section, Security
RDSM-24335 Keyword search content can return the wrong content if multiple elements are used to generated keywords for a single piece of content P3 Navigation
RDSM-24142 Form Builder/Bank: There is no validation on a text input that has an "input data type" selected e.g. email, number P3 Form Builder
RDSM-24060 Submission ending in failure if you submit a form where you have regex validation P3 Form Builder
RDSM-23924 Only first name is available in email tab instead of first name and last name like in user management area P3 Form Builder
RDSM-23923 Contributors can still move sections even though in the config they shouldn't be able to P3 Hierarchy
RDSM-23918 Update task 496 updates all indexes on an Oracle database P3 Installer/Upgrader
RDSM-23880 Where a form field is mapped to a list and the list has duplicate values, all list items with the selected value will appear selected in T4 P3 Form Builder
RDSM-23876 Form description field doesn't like ¬ or £ character and gives a red warning P3 Form Builder
RDSM-23858 Related content: Select section is required but can be left blank when Fetch method is Use section P3 Navigation
RDSM-23850 Publish to one file: If Show hidden sections is unchecked, hidden sections still display in preview & publish P3 Navigation
RDSM-23841 Pagination: Select section is required but can be left blank when Fetch method is Use section/Use branch/Use branch at level P3 Navigation
RDSM-23801 Unable to import multiple ldap groups P3 LDAP
RDSM-23727 Contributor users don't have move section option but can use drag and drop to move sections P3 Hierarchy
RDSM-23708 Content appears twice in approve content table and cannot be approved P3 Content Approval
RDSM-23696 Does not load when the source content (from_content_id) does not exist P3 Broken Links Report
RDSM-23667 Publish: Microsite writing failure causes publish thread to hang P3 Preview / Publish
RDSM-23647 Changesets are not removed from the changeset directory at all and still exist in the database P3 Transfer Manager
RDSM-23618 Field option you select becomes blank when you add another list based element P3 Form Builder
RDSM-23582 Direct edit fails to load if an expired content lock exists for the page you are editing P3 Direct Edit
RDSM-23575 Task Schedule: Enabling the "fixed rate" config means that tasks are run every x amount of seconds P3 Scheduler
RDSM-23561 If a "Meta data content type" is configured for sections, duplicating the section and duplicating the content puts the "Meta data content" in the approval queue P3 Content, Hierarchy, Meta Data - Section
RDSM-23553 After editing a DataStore table-name is missed P3 Content Syncer
RDSM-23552 Error when contributors and moderators try to access site analytics page when dashboard set up - 500 Internal server error P3 Google Analytics, Users/Groups/Authentication
RDSM-23531 Default contentstore location not handled correctly P3 Transfer Manager
RDSM-23507 Mirroring content sets references in the link_table to inactive P3 Content
RDSM-23506 Removing mirrored content from a section doesn't remove references in the link_table P3 Content
RDSM-23473 Duplicate branch is not duplicating links P3 Content
RDSM-23455 It's not possible to create any media variants in IE (9,10,11) P3 Media Library
RDSM-23453 Deleting a single media item fails because the service tries to save the ID in the language column of "sm_log" P3 Media Library
RDSM-23421 Error occurring when Power user tries to reject content from approval queue P3 Content Approval, Workflow
RDSM-23414 Section links doesn't work as expected due to "Something went wrong" error. P3 Content
RDSM-23362 Some content and media versions are not imported correctly P3 Bundles/Packages
RDSM-23361 Content not imported if it contains a section link P3 Bundles/Packages
RDSM-23356 Deleting a page layout will not remove its related records from the "media_usage" table which causes errors when editing the media item P3 Database, Media Library, Page Layout
RDSM-23334 Links and their text in TinyMCE are not retained when duplicating sections P3 TinyMCE
RDSM-23331 Unable to create content/section links in TinyMCE after duplicating section P3 Broken Links Report
RDSM-23316 Content type element alias column 50 characters length is too small P3 Content Types
RDSM-23304 Navigation/eForm - Top content does not allow to choose eForm content types P3 eForms Gateway, Navigation
RDSM-23302 Submission name mapping is not saving when you create a form P3 Form Builder
RDSM-23299 Custom plugins are removed from the server on upgrade P3 TinyMCE
RDSM-23294 Cannot preview or direct edit a pending section or any of it's children P3 Direct Edit, Preview / Publish
RDSM-23287 It is possible to move subsections of a mirror from the site structure view P3 Hierarchy
RDSM-23274 Workflows: Not all moderators shown in available users. P3 Users/Groups/Authentication, Workflow
RDSM-23213 Direct Edit: Page stuck on loading when you try to direct edit an inactive section P3 Direct Edit
RDSM-23208 Navigation types for the navigation wizard are hardcoded in the front end P3 API, Navigation
RDSM-23183 Add Content Link fails for non-admins P3 Content Types, Hierarchy
RDSM-23182 Mirroring content with section links in a bulleted list results in missing section links P3 Content
RDSM-23168 Meta tag is mapped to the wrong element if elements in content type are reordered P3 Meta Data - Section
RDSM-23123 Previewing an untranslated section throws a NullPointerException P3 Preview / Publish
RDSM-23106 Cannot create a list without adding a row P3 Lists
RDSM-23105 Content types that are disabled for a section appear as choices when I go to create content P3 Hierarchy
RDSM-23104 User cannot approve content when content with a workflow is deleted and set to pending again P3 Workflow
RDSM-23068 Direct Edit: Cannot edit content when content is still in content lock table P3 Direct Edit
RDSM-23060 Direct Edit: Doesn't work when content in the section has timed-out locks P3 Direct Edit
RDSM-22880 Direct Edit: Save changes button is greyed out when you edit content P3 Direct Edit
RDSM-22698 Custom plugins issue with renaming the folders in the \pluginsTinyMce directory. P3 TinyMCE
RDSM-22694 500 error on external content syncer page when data store is referencing a deleted data source P3 Content Syncer
RDSM-22656 Insert section link on image from media library converts the image to text P3 TinyMCE
RDSM-22623 Publish report: Full publish reports information is not displayed P3 Publish Reports
RDSM-22595 Media issues with multiple HTML elements in Content Type P3 Content Types, TinyMCE
RDSM-22578 In v8 it is no longer possible to see why a license is invalid. This was possible in v7. P3 Licensing
RDSM-22562 Adding files to the media library which have no extension throws errors P3 Media Library
RDSM-22548 It takes twice as long to purge content in v8.1.0001 vs v7 P3 Content, Performance
RDSM-22540 Page is not refreshed when piece of content is purged P3 Content
RDSM-22483 External Content Syncer doesn't list all available tables P3 Content Syncer, User Interface & XHTML Compliance
RDSM-22479 Error when approving duplicate content that has a content link is pointing to P3 Content
RDSM-22332 Multiple workflow instances for the same content in the "workflow_instance" table P3 Workflow
RDSM-22130 No lists in system cause form builder to break P3 Form Builder
RDSM-22089 Duplicating a branch is incredibly slow P3 Hierarchy, Performance
RDSM-21950 When deleting a workflow no message is logged P3 Logging: Audit Trail / Error Reports
RDSM-21862 Updating a file extension fails and error are shown to the user P3 Configuration
RDSM-21737 Adding a section link to an image deletes the image and link P3 TinyMCE
RDSM-21718 If a power user edits a group that has "Group inheritance", only groups of which a power user is a member are displayed/saved P3 Users/Groups/Authentication
RDSM-21369 When there are many channels, getting list of channels for preview is very slow P3 Performance
RDSM-21112 Having a full stop at the end of text will not allow to insert a section/content links P3 TinyMCE
RDSM-21084 Direct Edit: Delete link content modal pops up twice when you go to delete a piece of content which is linked to by multiple pieces of content P3 Direct Edit
RDSM-21052 If a section meta data content type is selected that has compulsory elements, when creating/editing a section the fields are labelled as compulsory but the user is able to leave them blank P3 Hierarchy
RDSM-21002 Setting Access Control content type in 'Extended user details content type' causes major problems P3 Access Control, Users/Groups/Authentication
RDSM-20248 Resetting of content fails on large amount of content P3 Channels / Microsites, Performance
RDSM-19917 When media is added to the media library the file is written to disk twice P3 Media Library
RDSM-16909 Broken content link on publish; Output File Name set P3 Preview / Publish
RDSM-15914 Rejecting workflow content doesn't alert the owner to last modifier for that content item P3 Workflow
RDSM-12174 Mirrored content: If a piece of content is mirrored between two sections, one of which has a workflow applied, it may not be possible to approve it P3 Content, Workflow
RDSM-7995 Enabling Caching of Output causes PTOF to output nothing when alternative formatter is set to text/fulltext P3 Caching, Navigation
RDSM-7113 Scheduled Publish/Transfer times incorrect after clocks change P3 Scheduler
RDSM-23714 Cannot add content owner through direct edit P4 Direct Edit
RDSM-23584 Submission name mapping for email, you can choose to use any element P4 Form Builder
RDSM-23583 When configuring emails for a form the selected minimum group should be contributor P4 Form Builder
RDSM-23357 Deleting a content layout will not remove the related records from the "media_usage" table P4 Content Types, Database, Media Library
RDSM-22764 Error message should be user friendly: error:notification.404.
P4 User Interface & XHTML Compliance
RDSM-22471 Deleting sections that have links to it causes stack trace to be thrown in logs P4 Content
RDSM-21806 Form Builder: Form id doesn't show in the Form field in Existing forms table P4 Form Builder
RDSM-21445 Content types: Group name text removed from Shared groups table when another shared group is added P4 Asset Sharing, Users/Groups/Authentication
RDSM-21201 Direct Edit: Content type description is not parsed correctly in the insert content modal P4 Content Types, Direct Edit
RDSM-21153 Clicking the "Perform import" button removes the ability to scroll on the LDAP settings page P4 User Interface & XHTML Compliance
RDSM-21041 Section details nav object: setting the detail method to use section at level changes to Current section when saving changes P4 Navigation
RDSM-21024 Changing the "Display" records from "10" to "All" will display the additional select boxes with no styling/missing code P4 User Interface & XHTML Compliance
RDSM-20754 File extensions: Editing a file extensions creates a new file extensions instead of modifying the original P4 Configuration
RDSM-20317 Loading screen on pagelayouts listing page P4 Page Layout
RDSM-20269 Direct Edit: Select section modal is displayed when pressing 'X' on the compare selected modal P4 Direct Edit
RDSM-20025 Thumbnail images are not displayed in media library in IE9 IE10 and IE11 P4 Media Library
RDSM-23721 Incorrect warning message in direct edit when a required media element is blank Trivial Direct Edit, User Interface & XHTML Compliance
RDSM-23681 Incorrect warning message in direct edit when a required html element is blank Trivial Direct Edit
RDSM-20275 Direct Edit: Escaping from creating new content brings up the section selector Trivial Direct Edit


RDSM-23975 Direct Edit: Improve switch UI button P3 Direct Edit, User Interface & XHTML Compliance
RDSM-23853 Hidden fields should be mapped to plain text content element P3 Form Builder
RDSM-23381 Allow form builder to map to existing content types P3 Form Builder
RDSM-23143 Allow form builder to send confirmation emails P3 Form Builder