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19 Jul 2019
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This area outlines upcoming and recent changes relating to the Technical Roadmap; Supported Systems, End-of-Life (EOL), Core Libraries and Integration Libraries.

For further information please consult the release notes  and supported systems.

Supported systems to be discontinued

The following systems will no longer be part of our testing programme:

MySQL 5.6 and below PM-2951 In a release after 1/Nov/2019
MySQL on Windows PM-2989 In a release after 1/Nov/2019
MS SQL Server 2008 PM-2194 In a release after 1/Nov/2019
Oracle 12C R1 PM-2984 In a release after 1/Nov/2019
Windows 2008 PM-2239 In a release after 1/Nov/2019
Windows 2012 PM-2947 In a release after 1/Nov/2019

Supported systems - schedule to be confirmed

Summary Key
Include AWS Corretto 11 OpenJDK distribution PM-2979
Include MySQL 8.0 PM-2800
Include newer / more appropriate DB character sets e.g. UTF-16 PM-2719

Features to be removed (EOL)

Key Summary From
PM-2736 Remove the "Number of scheduled publishes available" configuration option 01/Feb/2019
PM-2541 Remove the Broker Application Server Path: Outputs the context URL 01/Feb/2019
PM-2542 Remove the Broker Child Description: Broker to output a link to and the description of all subsections 01/Feb/2019
PM-2555 Remove the Broker Complimentary Colour Broker 01/Feb/2019
PM-2546 Remove the Broker DHTML Menu Utility Loader: Outputs a DHTML menu 01/Feb/2019
PM-2544 Remove the Broker Environment Variables: Outputs environment variables to a published page 01/Feb/2019
PM-2553 Remove the Broker File Include Broker 01/Feb/2019
PM-2545 Remove the Broker Javascript Menu: Publishes a javascript menu to the current page 01/Feb/2019
PM-2788 Remove the configuration options for "only write changed pages / files" 01/Feb/2019
PM-572 Remove the current license report 01/Feb/2019
PM-1651 Remove the download method configuration eol 01/Feb/2019
PM-2644 Remove the encryption levels confidential and safe from FTPS transfer type 01/Feb/2019
PM-2557 Remove the Handler Content Owner Handler ctfn=owner 01/Feb/2019
PM-2559 Remove the Handler Maintenance Handler ctfn=maintenance 01/Feb/2019
PM-2560 Remove the Handler Memory Usage Handler ctfn=mem 01/Feb/2019
PM-2561 Remove the Handler Open Connection Handler ctfn=ocs 01/Feb/2019
PM-623 Remove the HTML cleaner 01/Feb/2019
PM-486 Remove the poll broker and associated reports 01/Feb/2019
PM-540 Remove the skin configuration handler 01/Feb/2019
PM-476 Remove the URL redirect generator 01/Feb/2019
PM-2543 Remove the eForms functionality TBC

Recent changes

Supported Systems Include AJP proxy * 8.3.1 PM-2870
Supported Systems Include Oracle Java 11 OpenJDK 8.3.1 PM-1347
Supported Systems Include MS SQL Server 2017 database 8.3.1 PM-2978
Supported Systems Include Oracle 12C R2  8.3.1 PM-2966
Supported Systems Include Tomcat 9 8.3.1 PM-2810
Supported Systems Include Windows 2016 8.3.1 PM-2948
Supported Systems Remove Linux CentOS 6.5 * 8.3.1 PM-2950
Supported Systems Remove Oracle 11G R1 8.3.1 PM-2983
Supported Systems Remove HTTP proxy * 8.3.1 PM-2871
Supported Systems Remove Java 7 8.3.1 PM-1345
Supported Systems Remove Tomcat 7 & 8 8.3.1 PM-127
EOL Remove spring-struts from the project 8.3.1 PM-2651
Supported Systems Include SHA-256 for SAML authentication 8.2.18 PM-2885/RDSM-28693
Supported Systems Include SHA-384 for SAML authentication 8.2.18 PM-2884/RDSM-28693
EOL Remove the external sources functionality 8.2.18 PM-1534
Supported Systems Include MySQL 5.7 database 8.2.18 PM-2536 
Supported Systems Include Linux CentOS 7.0 8.2.16 PM-2949 
Supported Systems Drop Internet Explorer 9 8.2.2 PM-65
Supported Systems Drop Internet Explorer 10 8.2.2 PM-75
Supported Systems Include Tomcat 8 8.2.1 PM-1346
Supported Systems Drop Internet Explorer 8 8.0.0004 RDSM-22016
Supported Systems Include multibyte character set AL32UTF8 8.1.0001 RDSM-18801
Supported Systems Include Microsoft Edge Browser 8.1.0005 RDSM-23220
Core Library Upgrade select2 plugin to latest version 8.1.9 RDSM-24531
EOL Remove the thumbnail view from the Media Library 8.2.15 PM-2643
EOL Remove the stylesheet tab from page layouts 8.0.0001 RDSM-14226
EOL Remove the placement tab on Content 8.0.0001 RDSM-20722
EOL Remove the reference to MySupport from user details 8.0.0001 RDSM-15985
EOL Remove the advanced option from login screen 8.0.0001 RDSM-6316
EOL Remove the File option from the menu (New Document and Print) TinyMCE 8.1.0004 RDSM-20637
EOL Remove "License Report" from the menus 8.1.0004 RDSM-21215


Please see an important note on support for Apache 2.2, HTTP proxy and the AJP proxy.

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