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16 Jul 2019
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This area outlines upcoming and recent changes relating to the Technical Roadmap; Supported Systems, End-of-Life (EOL), Core Libraries and Integration Libraries.

For further information please consult the release notes  and supported systems.

Supported systems to be included

SummaryKeyIn release
AJP proxy PM-2870 8.3.1
Oracle Java 11 OpenJDK PM-1347 8.3.1
MS SQL Server 2017 database PM-2978 8.3.1
Oracle 12C R2  PM-2966 8.3.1
Tomcat 9 PM-2810 8.3.1
Windows 2016 PM-2948 8.3.1

Supported systems to be discontinued

The following systems will no longer be part of our testing programme:

Linux CentOS 6.5 PM-2950 8.3.1
Oracle 11G R1 PM-2983 8.3.1
MySQL 5.6 and below PM-2951 In a release after 1/Nov/2019
MySQL on Windows PM-2989 In a release after 1/Nov/2019
Java 7 PM-1345 8.3.1
MS SQL Server 2008 PM-2194 In a release after 1/Nov/2019
Oracle 12C R1 PM-2984 In a release after 1/Nov/2019
HTTP proxy PM-2871 8.3.1
Tomcat 7 & 8 PM-127 8.3.1
Windows 2008 PM-2239 In a release after 1/Nov/2019
Windows 2012 PM-2947 In a release after 1/Nov/2019

Supported systems - schedule to be confirmed

Summary Key
AWS Corretto 11 OpenJDK distribution PM-2979
MySQL 8.0 PM-2800
Newer / more appropriate DB character sets e.g. UTF-16 PM-2719

Features to be removed (EOL)

Key Summary From
PM-2736 Remove the "Number of scheduled publishes available" configuration option 01/Feb/2019
PM-2541 Remove the Broker Application Server Path: Outputs the context URL 01/Feb/2019
PM-2542 Remove the Broker Child Description: Broker to output a link to and the description of all subsections 01/Feb/2019
PM-2555 Remove the Broker Complimentary Colour Broker 01/Feb/2019
PM-2546 Remove the Broker DHTML Menu Utility Loader: Outputs a DHTML menu 01/Feb/2019
PM-2544 Remove the Broker Environment Variables: Outputs environment variables to a published page 01/Feb/2019
PM-2553 Remove the Broker File Include Broker 01/Feb/2019
PM-2545 Remove the Broker Javascript Menu: Publishes a javascript menu to the current page 01/Feb/2019
PM-2788 Remove the configuration options for "only write changed pages / files" 01/Feb/2019
PM-572 Remove the current license report 01/Feb/2019
PM-1651 Remove the download method configuration eol 01/Feb/2019
PM-2644 Remove the encryption levels confidential and safe from FTPS transfer type 01/Feb/2019
PM-2557 Remove the Handler Content Owner Handler ctfn=owner 01/Feb/2019
PM-2559 Remove the Handler Maintenance Handler ctfn=maintenance 01/Feb/2019
PM-2560 Remove the Handler Memory Usage Handler ctfn=mem 01/Feb/2019
PM-2561 Remove the Handler Open Connection Handler ctfn=ocs 01/Feb/2019
PM-623 Remove the HTML cleaner 01/Feb/2019
PM-486 Remove the poll broker and associated reports 01/Feb/2019
PM-540 Remove the skin configuration handler 01/Feb/2019
PM-476 Remove the URL redirect generator 01/Feb/2019
PM-2651 Remove spring-struts from the project TBC
PM-2543 Remove the eForms functionality TBC

Recent changes

Supported Systems SHA-256 for SAML authentication 8.2.18 PM-2885/RDSM-28693
Supported Systems SHA-384 for SAML authentication 8.2.18 PM-2884/RDSM-28693
EOL Remove the external sources functionality 8.2.18 PM-1534
Supported Systems Supported Systems: Include MySQL 5.7 database 8.2.18 PM-2536 
Supported Systems Supported Systems: Include Linux CentOS 7.0 8.2.16  
Supported Systems Supported Systems: Drop Internet Explorer 9 8.2.2 PM-65
Supported Systems Supported Systems: Drop Internet Explorer 10 8.2.2 PM-75
Supported Systems Supported Systems: Include Tomcat 8 8.2.1 PM-1346
Supported Systems Supported Systems: Drop Internet Explorer 8 8.0.0004 RDSM-22016
Supported Systems Supported Systems: Include multibyte character set AL32UTF8 8.1.0001 RDSM-18801
Supported Systems Supported Systems: Include Microsoft Edge Browser 8.1.0005 RDSM-23220
Core Library Upgrade select2 plugin to latest version 8.1.9 RDSM-24531
EOL Remove the thumbnail view from the Media Library 8.2.15 PM-2643
EOL Remove the stylesheet tab from page layouts 8.0.0001 RDSM-14226
EOL Remove the placement tab on Content 8.0.0001 RDSM-20722
EOL Remove the reference to MySupport from user details 8.0.0001 RDSM-15985
EOL Remove the advanced option from login screen 8.0.0001 RDSM-6316
EOL Remove the File option from the menu (New Document and Print) TinyMCE 8.1.0004 RDSM-20637
EOL Remove "License Report" from the menus 8.1.0004 RDSM-21215


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