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Date Released:
August 26 2016


For this release we focused on improving the experience in Direct Edit. We implemented some changes that will enhance the overall usability and we resolved some bugs that were present. The changes are as follows:

  1. Added a "real" preview option
  2. Improved visual identifiers
  3. Removed the media library panel from UI
  4. Added an improved "create page" option

As normal we have resolved issues that will give as much benefit to you and your users as possible. Some of the most popular ones are:

RDSM-14228 Keyword Search Content: issue when pulling keywords from multiple content types, in the same section, using the same element to get keywords
RDSM-23796 Clearly display the current section when editing a section / media category
RDSM-24574 Forms not loading because of specific javascript libraries
RDSM-23386 Power user gets 403 error when trying to view navigation object shared with their group as read access
RDSM-11411 Names of custom styles are being converted to lower case in TinyMCE
RDSM-23849 Restarting Tomcat removes scheduled tasks
Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.



Asset Sharing Navigation: Cannot share to group as Full access P3 RDSM-23378
Caching Errors stating content does not exist in cache when it does exist in the database P4 RDSM-24884
Channels / Microsites, Page Layout Microsites - Page layouts are being ignored P3 RDSM-23692
Clustering, Installer/Upgrader ClusterListener is not installed by default P3 RDSM-22531
Clustering, Scheduler Scheduled tasks on clustered environment are being removed P3 RDSM-24464
Content Content Configuration: Update tooltip for "Alert owner on expiry" Trivial RDSM-24786
Content, Direct Edit Direct Edit: When you save a piece of content as draft then edit the change, the name is not being parsed correctly P4 RDSM-23210
Content, TinyMCE If an image is used as a section link in HTML element, it can leave the content uneditable P3 RDSM-24705
Content, Hierarchy Mirrored Section/Content Link producing an error P3 RDSM-22203
Content Approval, Direct Edit Direct Edit: Approval queue - not working P3 RDSM-23109
Content Types A deleted content layout is still used by content, new layouts are ignored P3 RDSM-24030
Content Types, Navigation, Page Layout Power user gets 403 error when trying to view navigation object shared with their group as read access P4 RDSM-23386
Channels / Microsites, Database Records in channel_content that point to channel_id that does not exist, stops the ability to "Save and approve" the content P3 RDSM-22834
Direct Edit AnalyticsException: Cannot get assigned account for channel pops up in logs every time you use Direct Edit P4 RDSM-21754
Direct Edit Approval list in direct edit there is no way to click and view the content in direct edit P3 RDSM-23758
Direct Edit Approving content in direct edit shows the content in regular T4 rather than direct edit P3 RDSM-23755
Direct Edit Creating a sub section in direct edit doesn't remember the channel and you have to select the channel again P3 RDSM-23756
Direct Edit Direct Edit: "Characters Remaining" text floats on scroll Trivial RDSM-20877
Direct Edit, Hierarchy Direct Edit: Action buttons overlap section names P4 RDSM-21157
Direct Edit Direct Edit: Approval queue continuously loading in IE11 P4 RDSM-22954
Direct Edit Direct Edit: Cannot save content in direct edit since "value" is undefined P3 RDSM-23321
Direct Edit Direct Edit: Changing page layout requires a refresh P3 RDSM-22083
Direct Edit Direct Edit: Content deletion displays different message Trivial RDSM-22002
Direct Edit Direct Edit: Content is not displayed in direct edit once publish date is set P3 RDSM-21986
Direct Edit Direct Edit: Delete button on delete content modal is unresponsive in IE11 P4 RDSM-21997
Direct Edit Direct Edit: Deleting and approving content, special characters are not being parsed correctly P4 RDSM-21984
Direct Edit Direct Edit: Editing a piece of content should automatically lock the content P3 RDSM-20026
Direct Edit, Media Library Direct Edit: Error when editing a piece of media P3 RDSM-22291
Direct Edit, Form Builder Direct Edit: Form builder form presentation needs to be improved P3 RDSM-23219
Direct Edit Direct Edit: Form validation doesn't work P3 RDSM-20720
Direct Edit Direct Edit: If content type contains a section/content link element, other elements in content type layout are not displayed P3 RDSM-22851
Direct Edit Direct Edit: Insert media in IE 11 produces a script error P3 RDSM-21994
Direct Edit Direct Edit: Link under edit rights in page details redirects to page/user P4 RDSM-22878
Direct Edit, Media Library Direct Edit: Media library not updating when you upload a new image P4 RDSM-22888
Direct Edit, Media Library Direct Edit: Save & select in media library doesn't do anything P3 RDSM-22887
Direct Edit Direct Edit: Select content owner button not working P4 RDSM-20390
Direct Edit, Page Layout Direct Edit: Special characters not displaying correctly for page layouts P3 RDSM-20704
Direct Edit Direct Edit: Spell check isn't working P3 RDSM-22879
Direct Edit Direct Edit: TERMINALFOUR styles overriding TinyMCE bullet lists P3 RDSM-21926
Direct Edit Direct Edit: TinyMCE adds <p> tag around elements that are marked to be edited 'inline' P3 RDSM-24049
Direct Edit, TinyMCE Direct Edit: TinyMCE overflowing browser screen - the scrollbar at the bottom of the screen disappears when clicked P3 RDSM-24131
Direct Edit Direct Edit: de-btn-group menu is not displayed correctly in direct edit on upgraded install (client data set) P3 RDSM-20707
Direct Edit Direct edit - Page stuck on loading when clicking a content link P3 RDSM-23716
Direct Edit Direct edit - Text field irregularity may cause content loss P3 RDSM-23934
Direct Edit Direct edit - content is being added as not translated when you try to add a section/content link through direct edit P3 RDSM-23717
Direct Edit Direct edit: Actions menu for Direct edit hierarchy shows wrong options when hierarchy doesn't display correctly Trivial RDSM-21996
Direct Edit Direct edit: Clicking 'Back' on the Content options modal should redisplay the list of content types P4 RDSM-23621
Direct Edit Direct edit: Pressing Save & select opens Select variant modal even if no defined variants P4 RDSM-22916
Direct Edit Direct edit:406 error in Console when trying to delete some sections P3 RDSM-23748
Direct Edit, Media Library Media Library via Direct Edit: When media filenames are long the table rows overflow in the browser P3 RDSM-24130
Direct Edit, UX Requirements Potential risk of a user losing content before they save it (Using Direct Edit) P3 RDSM-23532
Direct Edit Version of content can be compared only once in direct edit P3 RDSM-23915
Form Builder Form builder: You can select more than one default option for dropdown element P4 RDSM-23813
Form Builder Forms not loading because of specific javascript libraries P3 RDSM-24574
Form Builder Selected radio option does not submit as selected P3 RDSM-23856
Form Builder Submission showing in incorrect order for drop down element P4 RDSM-23809
Hierarchy Corrupt content prevents users from mirroring/duplicating/moving a piece of content into a section P3 RDSM-24074
Hierarchy, Workflow Default workflow on a section showing as undefined when no workflow selected P3 RDSM-24077
Hierarchy Modifying a section - Site Structure breadcrumb P4 RDSM-18568
Installer/Upgrader If extended user content is enabled, after upgrade, cookies must be cleared to enable login P3 RDSM-24477
Installer/Upgrader Logging in to system in upgrade mode causes error if extended user content being used P3 RDSM-24474
Languages Listing content to delete/edit in a non-english language displays "invalid date" P4 RDSM-20687
Caching, Content, Lists Auto Content Mirroring: Rebuild of cache is required for automatic mirroring content (using lists) to appear P3 RDSM-22554
Lists Lists: Full-access for shared groups changes to Read-only on save. P3 RDSM-23654
Bundles/Packages, Lists Packages Selectbox and Check Boxes P3 RDSM-24410
Lists Predefined list items are alphabetically ordered they should be ordered by id P3 RDSM-23921
Media Library Media item missing 'content' table stops Media Library loading P3 RDSM-23969
Media Library Variants are not available when the filename contains a dot P3 RDSM-24327
Navigation, Preview / Publish Keyword Search Content: issue when pulling keywords from multiple content types, in the same section, using the same element to get keywords P3 RDSM-14228
Bundles/Packages, Navigation Packages - T4 Tags within Selective output P3 RDSM-24409
Preview / Publish Disabling "Publish Empty Sections" results in sections being published erroneously P3 RDSM-22488
Publish Reports Publish reports: Clicking into the content brings you to a page that produces an error and does not load the content P3 RDSM-23690
Scheduler, Transfer Manager Restarting Tomcat removes scheduled tasks P3 RDSM-23849
Scheduler Scheduled tasks are being deleted when task is edited and tasks reloaded P3 RDSM-24612
Security, Users/Groups/Authentication Admin Users cannot edit content that is in a group that the admin is not a part of P3 RDSM-23937
TinyMCE Adding an internal link to an image breaks the piece of content P3 RDSM-24794
TinyMCE Adding media and section/content links to a single paragraph in TinyMCE removes the media when editing P3 RDSM-24621
TinyMCE Can no longer add attributes to section links in the HTML editor (TinyMCE) P3 RDSM-24560
TinyMCE, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Custom TinyMCE plugins: No error message when invalid zip file is uploaded P3 RDSM-22673
TinyMCE Names of custom styles are being converted to lower case in TinyMCE P3 RDSM-11411
TinyMCE TinyMCE changes external links that begin with the same URL as T4 to relative links. It should not. P3 RDSM-24609
TinyMCE TinyMCE does not load if there is a reference to a sslink in the content but not in the database P3 RDSM-24715
Preview / Publish, Transfer Manager Changesets generated for Channels not associated with a Transfer site P2 RDSM-24894
Preview / Publish, Transfer Manager Publish fails when Changeset directory is not set after upgrade to 8.1.7 P3 RDSM-24501
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Location of some menu options in System administration menu has changed P4 RDSM-23614
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Unit Test required for Menu items P3 RDSM-23919
User Interface & XHTML Compliance, Workflow Users and Workflow - When you select Section it reverts back to Content type P3 RDSM-23535
Users/Groups/Authentication Updating profile as contributor or moderator user throws Access denied error P3 RDSM-24384
Workflow Users and Workflow - Content type is not being used when there is a workflow on the section P3 RDSM-23536
Media Library, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Clearly display the current section when editing a section / media category P3 RDSM-23796


Media Library, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Clearly display the current section when editing a section / media category P3 RDSM-23796