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Date Released:
January 4 2017


This release includes an improvement of the text in the tooltips and placeholders within the user interface. In addition, there was a focus on fixing issues relating to Form Builder, Navigation, Preview / Publish and TinyMCE.

 Some of the more popular fixes in this release are:


Data Object

Data object never times out when reading an rss feed


Google Site Map Generator

Changesets aren't created for the files it creates



TinyMCE: Invalid json in media attributes causes tinymce to not load


Media Library

Editing media variants sets them as pending


 The highlight of this release is the new Form builder submissions report which offers improved listing and filtering of Form submissions, helping you to evaluate the effectiveness of the form.

Information includes the total number of submissions for the form, a graph that shows the date range of the submissions. For each submission data includes date of submission, IP address of the person submitting the form and each form field value. The listing of submissions can also be downloaded to a text file for use in excel.

The select box library (Select2) we use has also been upgraded from V3 to V4. This may result in nuances in the way select boxes work.

Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.



Broken Links Report Broken Links page stuck on loading (oracle) P3 RDSM-23744
Bundles/Packages All attributes from media should be imported even if they are not used P3 RDSM-20305
Bundles/Packages Update packages so it doesn't miss links when there are duplicate links in the content element P3 RDSM-25272
Bundles/Packages When importing media that references a media layout that contains some media an infinite loop occurs P3 RDSM-21805
Channels / Microsites, Page Layout, Preview / Publish Microsite: page layout file extension ignored on publish P3 RDSM-24490
Channels / Microsites Tooltip update: "Publish empty sections" to be improved P4 RDSM-22489
CMS Search Tooltip update: Confusing for "Parse files" and "Parse system content types" under cmssearchconfig P4 RDSM-23297
Configuration Config_type is changed to integer after upgrade P3 RDSM-25241
Configuration If "Maximum fulltext filename characters" option is left blank (which it is by default) it gives an error without much information and doesn't allow the user to update the preview/publish configuration P3 RDSM-22559
Configuration, TinyMCE If a user tries to edit the existing name for a HTML editor, all plugins become unselected P4 RDSM-24221
Configuration, TinyMCE Tooltip for 'Enable cleanup' on page/htmleditorconfig#editors is wrong Trivial RDSM-23960
Configuration Tooltip required for the delete action under system administration > languages P4 RDSM-23765
Configuration, TinyMCE User access rights is ignored on html editor configuration P3 RDSM-23955
Configuration, HTML Editors When you select a default html editor, the other one disappears in 'user access rights' P3 RDSM-23952
Content, Preview / Publish "Publish" button when editing content no longer saves and closes the content P3 RDSM-24224
Content, Hierarchy Content in a section gets reordered when an item is moved P3 RDSM-23944
Content, Preview / Publish Page does not refresh when you use 'publish now' when editing content P4 RDSM-24611
Content Power users are not allowed to view downloaded submissions P3 RDSM-23184
Content Syncer Content syncer: Tables are not being returned for some databases (oracle) P3 RDSM-25122
Content Syncer ContentSyncer - mappings are dropped if original element name contains a space P3 RDSM-25606
Content Syncer, Performance Metadata request when viewing content syncer mappings takes a very long time to reply due to its size. This results in the mappings not displaying P3 RDSM-24442
Content Syncer Problems with CLOB, NCLOB, BLOB values when using external content syncer from Oracle to MySQL P3 RDSM-25583
Content Syncer Sections should be set to "show in navigation" when "create individual section for each piece of content" is checked P3 RDSM-24212
Content Types HTML element won't be displayed if associated image used in this element will be deleted in media library and purged P3 RDSM-21487
Asset Sharing, Content Types If content type is shared and primary group is deleted, content types don't display P3 RDSM-22377
Content Types, Preview / Publish If you don't specify a "filename-element" when linking to fulltext, it will take the "name" element as default P3 RDSM-24535
Content Types Name element is always the first in a content type - wasn't in v7.4 P3 RDSM-23753
Content Types Placeholder text in the "name" and "description" fields need to be changed P4 RDSM-20415
Content Types, Form Builder Power user cannot view submissions when they are not part of the primary group assigned to content type P3 RDSM-24968
Data Object Data object never times out when reading an rss feed P3 RDSM-13594
Database, Media Library, Page Layout Deleting a page layout will not remove its related records from the "media_usage" table which causes errors when editing the media item P3 RDSM-23356
Channels / Microsites, Database Microsites: Channel type not updated in database when assigning to transfer site P3 RDSM-25667
Database, Users/Groups/Authentication Upgrade set 0415 fails to handle a malformed user table correctly P3 RDSM-19899
Database Upgrade: Task 0415 causes upgrade to fail when there is an ldap_dn over 150 characters being used P3 RDSM-23346
Direct Edit, User Interface & XHTML Compliance 'Content is a link target' modal is overlapping in direct edit on chrome P4 RDSM-24738
Direct Edit Cascading list, multi-select and select boxes hover over content P3 RDSM-21376
Direct Edit, Users/Groups/Authentication Direct Edit does not work for users who are in different group than primary group set in content type P3 RDSM-24963
Direct Edit Direct edit: You are unable to click on any fulltext links within content P3 RDSM-18596
Direct Edit, Hierarchy Error displayed when viewing the history in Direct Edit P3 RDSM-18510
Direct Edit If an image contains a link, then the media attributes menu cannot be accessed P3 RDSM-24866
Direct Edit Image is not displayed in direct edit in certain scenario P3 RDSM-18533
Direct Edit Save changes button is greyed out when you edit something, save changes, then try edit again P3 RDSM-24661
Direct Edit, User Interface & XHTML Compliance When you select an option from a list based element then scroll up the page with it out of display, the menu opens P4 RDSM-24653
Form Builder Form Builder: Browser crashes when editing/creating a form P3 RDSM-24828
Form Builder Form Builder: Form has already received submissions message always shows on forms P4 RDSM-21798
Form Builder License cache should be invalidated when the customer disconnects from the formbank P3 RDSM-24824
Form Builder List submission comes in blank when you update a list when you don't press save changes to update the form that is deployed. P3 RDSM-24511
Form Builder Separator for date range fields incorrect due to the version number in the formbank P3 RDSM-24280
Form Builder Submission name mapping for email, you can choose to use any element P4 RDSM-23584
Form Builder, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Tooltip - incorrect grammar for 'name' attribute Trivial RDSM-23593
Form Builder Tooltip for 'Enter child section name' to be more informative P4 RDSM-23557
Form Builder, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Tooltip for 'Input data type' needs updating Trivial RDSM-23597
Form Builder, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Tooltip for 'css class' grammar correction Trivial RDSM-23595
Form Builder Tooltip on form edit - remove the word "for" P4 RDSM-23824
Google Site Map Generator Changesets aren't created for the files it creates P3 RDSM-14820
Hierarchy, Installer/Upgrader, Languages If root section is not available in a language, paths aren't generated during upgrade for that language P3 RDSM-22766
Hierarchy If the target section of an internal link section gets deleted and purged from the recycle bin, the link section becomes corrupted P3 RDSM-20447
Hierarchy On screen error when trying to delete a mirror section P4 RDSM-21342
HTML Editors, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Tooltip is incorrect: html editor enable cleanup P4 RDSM-24601
Installer/Upgrader, Navigation Error when upgrading from 7.4 to 8.1.8 when a site map navigation object is configured P3 RDSM-24666
Installer/Upgrader Upgrade error during update of section/content links tag P3 RDSM-24875
Installer/Upgrader Upgrade fails due to primary key violation when audit trail tables contain duplicate values P3 RDSM-24288
Installer/Upgrader Upgrade task 400 fails when upgrading from 7.4 to 8.1 P4 RDSM-24371
Installer/Upgrader Upgrade task 404 fails when upgrading from 7.4 to 8.1 P4 RDSM-24373
Installer/Upgrader Upgrade task 406/469 fails when upgrading from 7.4 to 8.1 P4 RDSM-24375
Installer/Upgrader Upgrade task 482 fails when upgrading from 7.4 to 8.1 P4 RDSM-24376
Internationalisation Tooltip unclear: General tab of add/edit section page P4 RDSM-21515
Internationalisation, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Tooltip updates in the Language files P3 RDSM-24085
LDAP LDAP import creating duplicate entries for extensible user content P3 RDSM-24822
Lists A Power User can view a predefined list by using the direct URL P3 RDSM-22605
Lists When a user accesses a content type that has a list in it, that they do not have access to, an error is thrown P3 RDSM-23674
Media Library Can't upload a new css file to an existing css file in the media library P3 RDSM-25543
Media Library Editing media variants sets them as pending P3 RDSM-24233
Media Library Media library content type id is hard-coded in JavaScript P3 RDSM-25597
Media Library, Security Media usage: user is redirected to system content instead of content type P3 RDSM-24170
Media Library, TinyMCE Media with "/" in the mediaattribute "name" causes TinyMCE not to load P3 RDSM-25204
Media Library, Preview / Publish Publish fails when no default formatter set for media items P3 RDSM-24745
Media Library You cannot add a media variant with a % in the name P3 RDSM-22367
Navigation Generate file navigation: using media file option doesn't publish out a file P3 RDSM-23837
Navigation In related content nav when Use alternate content layout is selected the navigation object takes into account the display number when it shouldn't P3 RDSM-24514
Navigation Keyword Search Content keyword (get) and content (search) indexes don't take all relevant fields into account P3 RDSM-24498
Navigation Keyword search content fails to match anything when not using current section to get keywords and section being previewed/published only has one piece of content P3 RDSM-24532
Navigation, Preview / Publish Keyword search navigation does not publish correctly on full channel publish P3 RDSM-25571
Navigation Link Menu: Using Title before menu option adds title after link in menu P3 RDSM-23446
Navigation Pagination: Search hidden sections option doesn't work P3 RDSM-23459
Navigation Site map: levels is ignored if alternate section is used for start section P3 RDSM-23529
Navigation, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Tooltip for 'Display on boundary' for the Previous/Next full content nav object needs updating Trivial RDSM-24138
Navigation, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Tooltip update required for publish to one file Trivial RDSM-24140
Navigation, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Tooltip update required for related content - use grandchild Trivial RDSM-24151
Navigation Top stories: Link directly to full text option is not working P3 RDSM-23555
Performance, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Localised UI files are not cached in the browser in production environments P3 RDSM-20388
Preview / Publish Approving multiple pieces of content in approve content page does not trigger instant publish P3 RDSM-23907
Preview / Publish Command line publish is failing with NoSuchBeanDefinitionException P3 RDSM-23630
Preview / Publish Failed publish can result in entire published site being deleted P3 RDSM-25280
Preview / Publish Preview of related content navigation still displays inactive content until cache rebuilt P3 RDSM-23866
Preview / Publish Publish failing when publishing pending version and pending access control is defined on a section P3 RDSM-23358
Preview / Publish, Scheduler Scheduler to handle the parameter "br" P3 RDSM-23910
Publish Reports Error in the publish reports if the relevant section_paths entry doesn't exist P3 RDSM-23034
Rights & Roles Global default channel does not get applied to moderators P3 RDSM-24472
Scheduler, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Tooltips for Fixed Rate and Maximum Executions are the same P4 RDSM-24450
Social Poster If a newer facebook account with API version 2.5 is created a new permission is required to post to a facebook page P3 RDSM-25338
TinyMCE Can't hide toolbar icons on newly created editor P3 RDSM-24213
TinyMCE Custom stylesheet in custom editor doesn't work P3 RDSM-22690
TinyMCE Figure tags are not removed when deleting images in chrome P4 RDSM-20878
TinyMCE TinyMCE is unable to handle missing records for section/content links from the "link_table" DB table P3 RDSM-22580
TinyMCE TinyMCE not loading and 403 error when custom plugins enabled P3 RDSM-22967
TinyMCE TinyMCE: Alignment of images not saving P3 RDSM-22881
TinyMCE TinyMCE: Invalid json in mediaattributes causes tinymce to not load P3 RDSM-23677
Hierarchy, TinyMCE Unable to add media in tinymce on section metadata description P4 RDSM-19791
TinyMCE When you insert an image into TinyMCE, it does not appear - in certain scenarios P3 RDSM-23928
Transfer Manager, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Placeholder needs to be updated for 'ignore on upload' fields Trivial RDSM-23627
Documentation, Transfer Manager Tooltip incorrect: Transfer Now option P4 RDSM-21776
Transfer Manager, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Transfer Sites: Tooltip for 'Ignore directories on upload' needs to be changed Trivial RDSM-23623
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Automatic ordering tooltip is incorrect P4 RDSM-24214
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Incorrect notification on add transfer site P4 RDSM-24616
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Incorrect notification regarding purged content P4 RDSM-23995
User Interface & XHTML Compliance List content type elements should use placeholder field P4 RDSM-25336
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Minor ui issues on media library page P4 RDSM-17809
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Page redirects to section in the background when clicking on a section from the list in the modal window P3 RDSM-25070
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Tooltip for "Retain section/content link targets" on duplicating / mirroring a section is incorrect Trivial RDSM-24446
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Tooltip for 'ignore directories and file extensions on clean up' needs to be changed Trivial RDSM-23629
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Tooltip for choose group in LDAP settings doesn't read well Trivial RDSM-24021
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Tooltip incorrect for metadata radio select option on generate t4 tag modal Trivial RDSM-23883
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Tooltip incorrect on link menu option for "Add the section's name in front of the title?" Trivial RDSM-24282
Configuration, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Tooltip incorrect: 'Enable automatic approval for' on page/rolecustomization Trivial RDSM-21145
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Tooltip update: Task completion notifications P4 RDSM-23107
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Tooltips on Link section (Details tab) should not have full stops at the end P4 RDSM-23660
User Interface & XHTML Compliance User Interface Language - does not change the user interface language P3 RDSM-23768
User Interface & XHTML Compliance When creating or editing a media category there are two success notifications when pressing save changes P3 RDSM-20028
Users/Groups/Authentication Multiple sessions created in Chrome preventing login P3 RDSM-25333
UX Requirements Welcome screen displays incorrect interface P3 RDSM-23729
Workflow Error thrown on screen when trying to use reject settings set to a different workflow P3 RDSM-23474
Workflow If a workflow step approver does not have edit rights to the content, they should still be able to approve/reject the content if the "Restrict to editors" is unchecked on the workflow step P3 RDSM-23559


Form Builder Form Builder: View the submission data P3 RDSM-24054
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Upgrade select2 from V3 to V4 P3 RDSM-24531