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Date Released:
September 29 2017


Improvements to areas including accessibility, Formbuilder, performance and numerous bug fixes and key enhancements to content and data integration tools.

Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.



Access Control Sub-groups (using group inheritance) are not output using <t4 type="accesscontrol" output="groupnames" ></t4> P3 RDSM-26716
Access Control, Content, Hierarchy Purging inactive sections that have access control fails with NullPointerException P3 RDSM-25876
Access Control, Caching HierarchyManager.purge() removes the access control content from the database but not from the cache P4 RDSM-7473
Accessibility Reports Running accessibility report on https returns a 502 proxy error P3 RDSM-25874
API Issue with custom JDBC driver's loaded via sm_external_jar P3 RDSM-24935
Brokers Import URL T4 tag not timing out is causing the publish to hang P3 RDSM-24602
Brokers Cannot login to client vm after upgrade P3 RDSM-23713
Brokers <t4 type="title-on-index" /> - displays on fulltext page P3 RDSM-26917
Brokers, Preview / Publish T4 title tag, append-content / append-element are not working on preview P3 RDSM-26424
Channels / Microsites, Preview / Publish Microsite not inheriting root channels output directory causing microsite publish to fail P3 RDSM-26030
Channels / Microsites, Hierarchy Deleting root section of channel causes issue, unable to edit channel P3 RDSM-25900
Channels / Microsites List of channels does not load when editing a channel and pressing 'back' button P3 RDSM-20744
Clustering, Form Builder Cache rebuild is needed to see submissions on the other 2 nodes on clustered environment P3 RDSM-24808
Clustering, Form Builder Unable to edit or save changes to a submission content on a cluster node P3 RDSM-25265
Clustering, Content Types Changes to media content type layout need cache rebuild to show on cluster nodes P3 RDSM-24809
Clustering Remote object port not configurable in v8 (was in v7) P3 RDSM-26411
Clustering An error occurs on one node if a content layout is edited on another P3 RDSM-27194
Configuration, Users/Groups/Authentication Prevent using the same content type as access control and extensible user object at the same time P3 RDSM-23948
Configuration, Packages Power user/moderator cannot load a package zip file due to error in logs and onscreen P3 RDSM-24019
Configuration Transfer configuration page, error occurring when saving log file directory specified P3 RDSM-23650
Configuration, Content, Scheduler Expired content not moving when archive section is set because no scheduled task is created to do so P3 RDSM-22719
Channels / Microsites, Content Deleting the root section causes channel root to become NULL and prevents content creation when channel selection method is "Select on branch" P3 RDSM-25271
Content Unable to control the order of "locked" content items P3 RDSM-25229
Content, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Content items "locked" to the bottom of a section appear before automatically ordered content P3 RDSM-25228
Content, Languages Content not translated when selecting content via "Content link" P3 RDSM-25711
Content, Direct Edit, Preview / Publish Preview section is not displaying content P3 RDSM-25580
Content, Languages Stack trace filling logs when loading site structure in another language P3 RDSM-25624
Content Deleting non-translated content outputs a NoSuchContentException P3 RDSM-25323
Content Enable automatic ordering not working as expected P3 RDSM-26080
Content, Performance It takes too long to edit mirrored content P3 RDSM-24096
Content Order of "locked" content items changes if the automatic ordering is changed P3 RDSM-25227
Content Warning of broken links, fails to list the relevant content P3 RDSM-14151
Content, Security User can edit content created with a content type not shared with them if they have edit rights on the section the content is created in P3 RDSM-27381
Content, Hierarchy, Preview / Publish Renaming a section and doing a clean publish does not remove older section name reference P3 RDSM-15135
Content If the channel selection method is "select pre-chosen" and a specific channel is selected, when creating content only the selected channel(s) should be selected P3 RDSM-21094
Content, Languages Deleting and purging linked content, source content won't be updated and you will get an error P3 RDSM-26266
Content Editing content with an expiry/archive date in the past, the date is removed without any warning P3 RDSM-25099
Content, Media Library Purging media fails if the file does not exist in the contentstore P3 RDSM-25249
Content, TinyMCE Previewing a mirrored section, if it has a section/content link, the link does not show P3 RDSM-24353
Content Error in logs when creating new content after deleting content which contained a link P4 RDSM-26271
Content Date element not displaying the date in correct language (Welsh) P4 RDSM-21525
Content, Languages Hover-over on not translated content should display the name in the other language (same as sections) P4 RDSM-20701
Content Page is not refreshed when content is duplicated P4 RDSM-24239
Content, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Incorrect channels are saved in some scenarios (content, channels tab) channels with ids that start with the same number P4 RDSM-26015
Content, User Experience (UX) Selecting "History" from the action menu on a piece of content in a section does not take the user to the history tab P4 RDSM-21723
Content Approval Reject content email notification has no information about the content being rejected P3 RDSM-23704
Content Approval, Security Any user can approve content using mass approve P3 RDSM-24337
Content Syncer Content syncer is truncating the name of the section it creates P3 RDSM-25572
Content Syncer If an element is deleted from a content type that uses the content syncer the mapping is not removed from the data_store_mappings table P3 RDSM-24957
Content Syncer Changing the mapped content type in a content syncer, will not delete the mappings from the data_store_mappings table for the previously mapped content type. P3 RDSM-25445
Content Syncer Content syncer doesn't update selection box element on data sync new & refresh P3 RDSM-26633
Content Syncer, Content Types Changed content type names not showing up in type mapping in external content syncer P3 RDSM-25172
Content Syncer, User Experience (UX) Content syncer remains "In progress" if there is an error in the background P3 RDSM-26046
Content Syncer If the content syncer is configured to import new content as "Pending", updates to the content should keep the status as "approved" P3 RDSM-24144
Content Syncer Order of elements on the type mappings tab should match the order of elements on the content type P3 RDSM-24162
Content Syncer Table you choose becomes unselected when you edit the data store P3 RDSM-23702
Content Syncer Content syncer mappings don't save correctly when paginated P3 RDSM-22848
Content Syncer, Scheduler Data sync old status, missing from task scheduler P3 RDSM-22935
Content Syncer Creating a data store without selecting the content type adds a null value to the database P3 RDSM-26461
Content Syncer, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Get external content from radio button in external content syncer should be required P3 RDSM-22751
Content Syncer Content syncer should ensure that at least one element is selected as the link P3 RDSM-24159
Content Syncer Content syncer stalls if the data retrieved from the external source is too large to add to the target database table P3 RDSM-26022
Content Syncer Content syncer schedule task is always set to 'undefined' P4 RDSM-26162
Content Syncer Content syncer add view tooltip has incorrect JSON reference. P4 RDSM-24816
Content Syncer "Get External content from" input box keeps disappearing from page P4 RDSM-21192
Content Syncer, User Experience (UX), User Interface & XHTML Compliance Table column name drop down remains on screen in the type mapping tab of external content syncer P4 RDSM-25270
Content Syncer Edit view and add view are practically identical P4 RDSM-19290
Content Syncer, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Add/edit view has hard coded HTML, should use partial P4 RDSM-19289
Content Syncer Mapped fields show as manual input if you press save changes on general info page P4 RDSM-22969
Content Syncer Datastore listing table has overflow issues P4 RDSM-22930
Content Syncer Choosing to use a different table, you are required to click out of the current content type and then back into it to user new tables P4 RDSM-24116
Content Syncer, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Editing a content sync, the type mappings tab does not allow the user to view all elements P4 RDSM-24850
Content Syncer Adding '/' to data store name and description is output as '/' when saved P4 RDSM-25680
Content Types Special characters within element names causing 500 error upon content creation P3 RDSM-26145
Content Types, User Experience (UX) Canceling out of content redirects to previous canceled content. P3 RDSM-26014
Content Types, Packages Performance issue importing and rolling back packages when there is a large amounts of content types in the system on Oracle P3 RDSM-26466
Content, Content Types After creating a content type, approval page stops working until consolidated_content view has been recreated P3 RDSM-22745
Content Types Content layout is locked by a user when they logout without pressing cancel or save changes P3 RDSM-23999
Content Types Date element does not output if it is the first item in the content layout P3 RDSM-24341
Content Types UNRECOGNIZEDPROPERTYEXCEPTION and profile:notification.update.error.undefined pops up when user saves changes on page/profile P3 RDSM-22749
Content Types Primary Key required for template_element table P3 RDSM-25041
Content Types Mapped ContentType element not removed when deleted P3 RDSM-18035
Content Types Prevent user's ability to change the max size of the name element P3 RDSM-24953
Content Types Modifiers for JavaScript is "js_var" but should be "js-var" P3 RDSM-25676
Content Types, Meta Data - Section Metadata mapping on FullText page not working in V8 P3 RDSM-27272
Content Types, Database Changing more than one element size when editing a content type results in only the last one being saved correctly leaving the content type broken P3 RDSM-22263
Content Types, Meta Data - Section Content element mappings don't display for some content types P3 RDSM-23757
Content Types, Database, Performance Changing an element size seems to load the entire table into memory which causes significant performance issues or total failure due to heap space exhaustion P3 RDSM-27489
Content Types, User Interface & XHTML Compliance User friendly notification required when a user tries to upload image that is too large for the database P4 RDSM-24622
Content Types, Languages Cannot change content type assignment in second language P4 RDSM-26584
Content Types Typo in content layouts screen P4 RDSM-25712
Database, Performance Remove consolidated_content and related views P3 RDSM-26034
Database, Hierarchy Entries in section_paths not removed when section is removed P3 RDSM-26909
Database, Installer/Upgrader Upgrade failed due to no primary key being set on Alert table (step 0430) P3 RDSM-25525
Direct Edit Unable to see if content is mirrored in direct edit P3 RDSM-25696
Direct Edit Section/Content links to empty sections being stripped down to plain text when saved P3 RDSM-26556
Direct Edit Resizing images in one HTML element results in images in another HTML element being repositioned P3 RDSM-24946
Direct Edit Contributors cannot drag and drop to move sections in direct edit P3 RDSM-25434
Direct Edit When a section is deleted that has content with a link to another section, a warning should be generated P3 RDSM-11277
Direct Edit Opening set media attributes on content options modal throws errors P3 RDSM-24883
Direct Edit If content type has an image element, pressing insert content opens last edited content P3 RDSM-24636
Direct Edit, Media Library Pressing escape on media modal closes add content modal in direct edit P3 RDSM-25528
Direct Edit Save a piece of content as a draft, update it, then edit it, the content is not parsed correctly P3 RDSM-24356
Direct Edit, Languages Using direct edit on a non-English site, the site structure on the left is in English and keeps returning to the English site P3 RDSM-19594
Direct Edit, User Interface & XHTML Compliance No warning message when you move a section in direct edit P4 RDSM-24913
Direct Edit Save button still clickable when the name field is blank in page settings P4 RDSM-25830
Direct Edit Adding section link loses focus on element on content options modal P4 RDSM-24640
Direct Edit After reordering sections in sitemap in direct edit you have to refresh the page to see the new location P4 RDSM-24833
Direct Edit When a content type has an image element, pressing save on content options modal does not close the modal P4 RDSM-24638
Direct Edit, TinyMCE Resizing an image in edge using set media attributes creates another image of the new size P4 RDSM-24960
Direct Edit, Languages Using direct edit on non-English site, switching to English still displays the Site map in other language P4 RDSM-24672
Form Builder Mapped forms with incorrect field mappings cannot be unmapped P3 RDSM-25798
Form Builder Form - Text input validation - select input data type (Phone number or URL) and add some text into the validation pattern. It reverts the Input data type to text. P3 RDSM-25677
Form Builder, User Experience (UX) Multiple check box list items are being displayed without spaces in the submission email P3 RDSM-23881
Form Builder Form edit - If you don't have a payment gateway setup and click on the link to do so you are brought out of the form to the payment gateways page. Not expected. P3 RDSM-23831
Form Builder You can select to use a different list on a list based element after you have created the fields from a content type P3 RDSM-24366
Form Builder Error occurs when form is saved multiple times very quickly P3 RDSM-27333
Form Builder Selected users/groups don't show as selected on the emails tab P3 RDSM-24331
Form Builder, User Experience (UX), User Interface & XHTML Compliance Form submission report, download csv button not triggering a download - 500 error P3 RDSM-26008
Form Builder, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Element names are not parsed correctly when creating fields from content types P3 RDSM-24279
Form Builder Pressing save changes on your form, the subject field mapping becomes blank P3 RDSM-24832
Form Builder Pressing 'save and continue' multiple times on the fields tab, multiple forms are created P3 RDSM-24807
Form Builder When the license is updated you need to reconnect to the formbank P3 RDSM-25722
Form Builder 3 'Asset access denied' warnings when a power user tries to configure create fields with a list they don't have access to P4 RDSM-24316
Form Builder Name and description are not parsed correctly P4 RDSM-21848
Hierarchy, Media Library Hierarchy/media library fails to load if the root section of a channel is null P2 RDSM-26071
Configuration, Hierarchy Mirror section: content ordering not retained if there is section meta data and 'Enable mirroring of section meta data' is not enabled P3 RDSM-24448
Hierarchy Cannot edit section if there are duplicates in the section_paths table P3 RDSM-26756
Hierarchy, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Save changes button is unresponsive after publishing a section P3 RDSM-25761
Hierarchy Error when adding section link in duplicated content P3 RDSM-25005
Hierarchy, Preview / Publish, User Interface & XHTML Compliance 'Select channels to publish' modal uses a radio button in V8, should be a check box P3 RDSM-26007
Hierarchy Hierarchy fails to load if the is a reference in the content_hierarchy table to non-existing content P3 RDSM-25029
Hierarchy, Performance Hierarchy performance issue with determining access control content P3 RDSM-26155
Hierarchy Duplicate branch not copying content type access rights P3 RDSM-22478
Hierarchy Creating sections is non-transactional - errors result in some tables being updated and left P3 RDSM-23985
Hierarchy Purging section leads to red box error P3 RDSM-23712
Hierarchy, Languages Cannot create section in a language that has the code set to uppercase (i.e. FR) P3 RDSM-25921
Hierarchy, Performance Hierarchy request times out if a section has a large amount of content P3 RDSM-24441
Hierarchy Editing a section, the "active node" is always set to the root section P3 RDSM-24189
Hierarchy, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Unable to scroll the hierarchy when selecting a section to link to in the hierarchy modal. The only way is to use a mouse with a middle scroll button. P3 RDSM-24539
Hierarchy, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Unreadable error message when user tries to move section to incorrect location P4 RDSM-24123
Hierarchy, Languages, Logging: Application Server Error logged to console when the hierarchy is loaded and there is "Not Translated" content Trivial RDSM-25394
Installer/Upgrader Upgrade from 7.4 to 8.0.0008 fails on Task 412 P2 RDSM-25952
Installer/Upgrader Upgrade task 461 fails when upgrading client dataset from 7.4 to 8.1.9 P2 RDSM-25055
Installer/Upgrader NULL values for 'template_type' in the 'template' table cause upgrade set 0415, task 3 to fail. P3 RDSM-25516
Installer/Upgrader Upgrade task 0488 tries to add null values (empty strings) to sm_config which on some installations doesn't permit null values. This results in the upgrade failing. P3 RDSM-25561
Installer/Upgrader Upgrade fails on 0461 task when upgrading from 7.4 to next release P3 RDSM-26088
Installer/Upgrader Upgrade 421 fails on Oracle when upgrading from 7.4 to 8.1 P3 RDSM-25198
Configuration, Installer/Upgrader Welcome messages exceeding 2000 characters are dropped at some point in an upgrade, this leads to upgrade set 0479 task 2 failing as no message is set P3 RDSM-25552
Installer/Upgrader, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Hard reload required between upgrades when ui files have changed functionality P3 RDSM-24924
Installer/Upgrader, Performance Create update task to delete dictionary related tables and remove them from the sample data P3 RDSM-25328
Installer/Upgrader Cannot install T4 on MySQL 5.7 P3 RDSM-26978
Installer/Upgrader Upgrade failed on client vm, error at update task 0413 P3 RDSM-25213
Installer/Upgrader Bad SQL grammar pops up in logs after upgrade P4 RDSM-26418
Internationalisation, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Change micro-site and micro site to microsite P3 RDSM-25103
Internationalisation Interface returns to English on session timeout P3 RDSM-5161
Languages, Media Library Fully dependent media items do not show in media library when language is changed P3 RDSM-25674
Languages, Meta Data - Section Error will be thrown when you translate any section and save changes P3 RDSM-23206
Languages, Packages Error importing a channel package which contains translated content P3 RDSM-26483
Languages, Media Library Media item does not appear for other language when you set it to be a 'Independent media file' P3 RDSM-24195
Languages, Lists, User Interface & XHTML Compliance List options that have not been translated do not show up when either of the localisation options are checked P3 RDSM-25638
Languages, Lists Cannot edit lists in Oracle when using a different language P3 RDSM-21331
LDAP LDAP import with advanced filters imports users to all LDAP groups P3 RDSM-25579
LDAP Advanced LDAP queries do not return any results P3 RDSM-24765
LDAP Stacktrace when failing doesn't show the same information in V8 as it did in V7 P3 RDSM-24526
LDAP LDAP import creating duplicate entries for extensible user content P3 RDSM-24822
Licensing TERMINALFOUR still uses old license key, UI says otherwise P3 RDSM-25642
Content, Lists Default/selected list entry is not selected by default when adding new content P3 RDSM-24593
Logging: Application Server Changes in the logback.xml file have no effect on the loggers in spring P3 RDSM-26060
Logging: Audit Trail / Error Reports Wrong and duplicated data in sm-data.xml when inserting rows in action_list table. P3 RDSM-21711
Logging: Audit Trail / Error Reports Performance of consolidated_content table causing audit trail to continuously load and return no results P3 RDSM-25096
Logging: Audit Trail / Error Reports Action taken dropdown list is not being populated with options P3 RDSM-25851
Logging: Audit Trail / Error Reports Action taken drop down menu refers to old terminology and is not in sentence case Trivial RDSM-21610
Mail users TLS port number seems to be hard coded as mail server always tries to connect to port 25. P3 RDSM-25437
Mail users Deleted user accounts still show in the recipients field P4 RDSM-25116
Media Library User cannot create media category if given write permissions on a category P3 RDSM-25457
Media Library, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Unable to delete media inside media modal P3 RDSM-24380
Media Library, Performance Media variant request being sent multiple times when editing media P3 RDSM-22633
Media Library, Preview / Publish Publish does not honor the value of "is_complete" in the storage location table. P3 RDSM-26370
Media Library Media variants name shown as dimensions instead of actual name after upgrade from V7 P3 RDSM-25497
Media Library, Preview / Publish Publish fails if there is a media reference in the content_hierarchy table to a nonexistent section P3 RDSM-24459
Media Library Cannot delete media from the media library if media is set to fully dependent P3 RDSM-23594
Media Library Custom media variant distorts naming and SM becomes unresponsive P3 RDSM-20742
Media Library, TinyMCE Disabling direct edit causes all media items added via TinyMCE to break P3 RDSM-25620
Media Library Purging media does not remove all records from storage_location table P3 RDSM-25184
Media Library, Performance Opening content that has a media element will send a get/download request for all media in that category P3 RDSM-22831
Media Library, Preview / Publish Publish fails when content is added (as media) to a page layout with a T4 media tag and that content is set to pending P3 RDSM-25196
Media Library Non-administrator users are unable to delete variants even if they are given read/write access to the category * P3 RDSM-24387
Media Library, Security Non-administrator users can mirror media from categories they have read access / no access into categories they have write access to P3 RDSM-27004
Media Library, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Thumbnail grid view or tile view in media library is not displaying correctly P3 RDSM-22020
Media Library Non-administrator users cannot edit variants they created P3 RDSM-23231
Media Library Deleting media that has a variant sends both the media and variant to inactive content P3 RDSM-27529
Media Library, Preview / Publish Media variants do not consistently have friendly file names P3 RDSM-21596
Media Library, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Pressing hide categories button does not change button text to show categories P4 RDSM-23204
Media Library, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Spelling mistake in error when you try to move a category into a sub category Trivial RDSM-23670
Meta Data - Section Cache rebuild needed to see changes made to meta tags P3 RDSM-23134
Meta Data - Section If you add an element to an existing content type it does not show in the metadata mappings table P3 RDSM-23149
Meta Data - Section Output_to_index attribute not working for fulltext pages on preview P3 RDSM-27005
Navigation Cross language keyword search not returning second language P3 RDSM-25641
Navigation Publish to one file navigation object crashes TERMINALFOUR if it points to itself P3 RDSM-25293
Navigation, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Publish to one file saves "Start section element" data even when that option is unchecked P3 RDSM-22876
Navigation Top stories navigation object - setting number of content to display not working P3 RDSM-22637
Navigation, Programmable Layouts The "isFullTextPage()" method returns inconsistent results from the cache P3 RDSM-22950
Navigation Generate file nav object, append the content id to the name of the file doesn't work P3 RDSM-21007
Navigation Link menu outputs a null value for currentbranchN when menu type is siblings P3 RDSM-25079
Navigation Checkbox to disable caching for navigation objects is not displayed P3 RDSM-24342
Navigation Pagination navigation object not working on publish P3 RDSM-22646
Navigation Remove primary group from shared groups 'group' drop down list P4 RDSM-26900
Packages Rolling back a media category or individual assets package with matching id's between source and target causes loss of data outside what was imported P2 RDSM-27367
Packages Packages crawler needs to take the base href into account for relative links that don't start with a forward slash P3 RDSM-26641
Packages A corrupt T4 Tag can cause a null pointer when importing a package P3 RDSM-24708
Packages Import of package failing on client dataset P3 RDSM-24752
Packages On screen error error:notification:500, when user navigates to packages on clean install P3 RDSM-20526
Packages Page layout assignment for the section(s) become broken for sections imported by packages that do not have an inheritable layout set P3 RDSM-25913
Packages Media loader fails when a file in zip contains a special character P3 RDSM-12942
Packages Failing to import excel files, html packages P3 RDSM-24238
Packages Unable to create a package if there is untranslated content P3 RDSM-23492
Packages Creating a channel package in all languages fails P3 RDSM-26800
Packages Moderator/power user cannot import media archive package P3 RDSM-25645
Packages Some files might be missing in media library when you import a package with some assets P3 RDSM-24404
Packages Media items become inactive when package is rolled back P3 RDSM-22665
Packages Unable to edit a large html package P3 RDSM-22148
Packages When file/image content type elements are reordered and the content type is imported into a new system the ids are changed and the file/image is not added P3 RDSM-26839
Packages When importing a html package with some media categories that contain no media are not imported leaving the structure flat P3 RDSM-23913
Packages Packages html: When using a "Selector for structure" the document uri can be updated by a page further down the tree, breaking meta tags and section links P3 RDSM-25813
Packages Nested lists causing slow import in a HTML package P3 RDSM-27268
Packages Error messages need to be improved when trying to access a package that does not exist P4 RDSM-25508
Packages Incorrect string for resolve group in packages Trivial RDSM-22344
Clustering, Page Layout Need to rebuild cache to see changes to page layout in preview on clustered node P3 RDSM-24811
Page Layout Very often page layout is locked by the same user who edited it P3 RDSM-21379
Performance New microsite page loading time is too long - circa 50 sec P3 RDSM-22757
Performance, User Experience (UX) Sharing a content type with many groups, causes main.js to stop responding P3 RDSM-26982
Performance, Publish Reports Performance of the publish report causes Java heap space memory issues P3 RDSM-23084
Performance, Preview / Publish Getting the assigned page layout of a channel's root section can cause performance issues when previewing on large installs P3 RDSM-27509
Preview / Publish, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Instant Publish Listener is missing ability to choose content types in a dropdown P3 RDSM-26025
Preview / Publish Publish failing due to dir_prefix being 0 P3 RDSM-25987
Preview / Publish Unchecking "Show pending sections in preview" throws a 500 error P3 RDSM-25412
Preview / Publish Microsite publish fails when run by a power user P3 RDSM-24487
Preview / Publish Files that are not binary and are previewed, get cached. The cache is static and never cleared, previewing multiple times can cause memory errors P3 RDSM-27439
Preview / Publish Enabling publish log files maintains publish reports in memory P3 RDSM-27343
Preview / Publish Publisher/PublishCache is not cleaned fully after publish completes P3 RDSM-27344
Preview / Publish, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Incorrect message when publishing content P4 RDSM-25632
Publish Reports Publish report is not loading if section is deleted and purged P3 RDSM-24024
Rights & Roles Select2 - Media auto publish and media access rights minimum user levels selections are not visible P3 RDSM-26236
Scheduler Setting form builder submissions to fixed rate always executes on the original interval even after updating execution interval P3 RDSM-23659
Scheduler Cannot edit a scheduled publish task after upgrading from 7.4 to 8.1.9 P3 RDSM-25330
Security, Users/Groups/Authentication First and last name of a user is being executed on the profile page, xss P3 RDSM-26598
TinyMCE TinyMCE / content does not load if mediaattributes of an image tag is set to "none" P3 RDSM-25324
Media Library, TinyMCE Media variants are not added to TinyMCE when adding new variants to content. Need to add it a second time P3 RDSM-26469
TinyMCE Image is inheriting previous images in dimensions in TinyMCE P3 RDSM-24892
TinyMCE Media resized using drag handles in TinyMCE does not have dimensions saved P3 RDSM-22824
TinyMCE Links class not closing P3 RDSM-9626
TinyMCE Issue when editing a text near links in TinyMCE P3 RDSM-27435
TinyMCE Media attributes not saved in chrome and edge P3 RDSM-26785
TinyMCE Image selection error in TinyMCE - setBaseAndExtent console error P3 RDSM-26920
TinyMCE Custom styles media not working for new editors P3 RDSM-25125
TinyMCE Resizing an image inside TinyMCE does not work P3 RDSM-26232
Direct Edit, TinyMCE Direct Edit TinyMCE options different from custom TinyMCE options set on user P3 RDSM-25870
TinyMCE "Paste as text" adding in HTML elements P3 RDSM-25665
TinyMCE After editing media attributes in TinyMCE, Maintain aspect ratio always shows as enabled P4 RDSM-27389
TinyMCE Checking maintain aspect ratio doesn't set width and height for image P4 RDSM-24555
TinyMCE Media / image is not displayed immediately in tinymce (user has to add the same image again) P4 RDSM-20528
TinyMCE Set media attributes, width/height displayed as nan when maintain aspect ratio checked Trivial RDSM-22886
Database, Transfer Manager Transfer sites having NULL values for encryption_level causes transfer sites to not load P3 RDSM-25044
Transfer Manager SCP transfer fails to create directories if one of the parent directories in its path does not exist P3 RDSM-26537
Transfer Manager Creating a new transfer site always sets the channel_type to 0 P3 RDSM-25689
Transfer Manager Conflicting upload/clean changesets cause transfer clean up to fail and on the next transfer the files are cleaned P3 RDSM-25001
User Experience (UX) No indication of what role users are in the UI P4 RDSM-25664
Content Syncer, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Archive section value in external content syncer settings is removed if the user navigates away from page/syncer P3 RDSM-26158
Channels / Microsites, User Experience (UX), User Interface & XHTML Compliance Cannot toggle accordions to update/change additional channel options after channel is created P3 RDSM-25793
User Interface & XHTML Compliance, Users/Groups/Authentication User management controls are removed when the browser is between 768px and 991px wide P3 RDSM-25510
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Logic of skin caching config option has been reversed in back-end P3 RDSM-25283
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Subheader keys should start with a lower case letter P3 RDSM-24989
Packages, User Experience (UX), User Interface & XHTML Compliance Group name is not parsed correctly in select group drop down list P3 RDSM-25625
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Tooltips text not being parsed correctly on user page. P3 RDSM-25476
Content Syncer, User Interface & XHTML Compliance Content syncer not displaying failure in the UI P3 RDSM-26156
User Experience (UX), User Interface & XHTML Compliance Expand/collapse a section on section/content link modal switches the hierarchy back to the language you have set in your TERMINALFOUR P3 RDSM-25835
User Interface & XHTML Compliance No link to original section from a mirrored section P3 RDSM-25078
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Site structure is not displayed correctly if there are more than 10 sub sections P3 RDSM-23767
User Interface & XHTML Compliance List sublists: cannot remove selection once a sublist is selected P3 RDSM-25953
User Interface & XHTML Compliance No warning when trying to save, when required field empty on a different tab e.g. a new section P3 RDSM-23935
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Copyright notification should use the current year and not be hardcoded P3 RDSM-23150
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Ability to select a section with one click on the section selector modal P3 RDSM-23815
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Edit content title contain <strong> tag which is not parsed at all in content table within section</strong> P4 RDSM-19974
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Site structure appears on warning modal when deleting content that is linked to P4 RDSM-23282
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Tooltips on create user page need updating. Trivial RDSM-25069
User Interface & XHTML Compliance Tooltip update: Navigation: Generate file - tooltip and help text for "file extension" field conflict Trivial RDSM-23417
Users/Groups/Authentication User service returns a 404 if you create a user with the same username as a deleted user P3 RDSM-24709
Users/Groups/Authentication Users remain affected by deleted group settings P3 RDSM-24418
Users/Groups/Authentication Group description being used instead of group name when using search options on page/user P3 RDSM-25567
Users/Groups/Authentication 500 error when creating group P3 RDSM-25924
Users/Groups/Authentication User search on page/user is not working correctly P3 RDSM-25316
Users/Groups/Authentication, Web Services It isn't possible to login/authenticate as a local user using web services P3 RDSM-22849
Users/Groups/Authentication It is possible to edit a group to have the same name as an existing group P4 RDSM-24070