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Date Released:
June 1 2018


This release fixes an issue with the Task Repository which could cause unexpected behavior under certain conditions and a memory leak regarding publish reports.

Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.



Publish The runTasks method in the TaskRepository can skip over tasks and not run them P3 RDSM-28884
Publish Task repository hypervisor runs every hour after Tomcat restarts and interrupts running tasks P3 RDSM-28872
Publish Scheduled tasks failing with cast exception P3 RDSM-28869
Publish Reports Publish reports store a new report in memory for each request P3 RDSM-28949
Publish Reports All publish reports are loaded into memory, because MySQL ignores specified fetchSize P3 RDSM-28873