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Date Released:
June 27 2018


This release fixes various bugs including improvements to Page Layout and Content Type usage reports and to the Media Library.

Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.



Access rights Contributor should be first entry in the list of user types for create/edit/delete sections on role customization page P4 RDSM-21810
Authentication Users must log in again after an application server restart P4 RDSM-27590
Authentication Login, position of error notifications on browser resize is incorrect P4 RDSM-17835
Broken Links Report Broken links retrieval of information needs to be more efficient - very slow P3 RDSM-14944
Channels / Microsites Favourite icon not published for microsites P3 RDSM-22504
Content Duplicate a branch and choose to mirror content, the content does not show the mirrored symbol for children and grandchildren P3 RDSM-28827
Content When giving a user access to a mirrored section, it doesn't update a mirror of a section P3 RDSM-20901
Content Channels tab when creating/editing content should list all channels, regardless of user type P3 RDSM-19698
Content Error in logs when you save content as a draft P4 RDSM-23703
Content Type usage Report Last modified dates are incorrect in the CSV download of the content type usage report P3 RDSM-24779
Content Type usage Report When running subsequent content type usage reports, the number of results returned include the total number of records from the previous reports P3 RDSM-29035
Content Type usage Report Setting recursion on Content type usage report does not pull in the correct number of results. P3 RDSM-29056
Content Type usage Report Display a clear message for unused content types in content type usage report P3 RDSM-23567
Content Type usage Report Time format in CSV for content type usage report different than the CMS Trivial RDSM-29032
Content Types Creating a special mapping doesn't work unless the user first clicks out of the date format box P4 RDSM-17569
Content Types Message when you fail to add content type is unreadable P4 RDSM-23544
Form Builder Reconnect to form bank is required after upgrade to 8.2.11 P3 RDSM-29066
Form Builder Form builder task should only send emails if the submission content is saved correctly P3 RDSM-28550
Form Builder Form edit, all 'standard input fields' are in old format Trivial RDSM-23598
Hierarchy Incorrect number shown for content statistics when you create a draft piece of content P3 RDSM-23155
Hierarchy Site structure tree overlaps table in the middle of the screen on Safari P4 RDSM-18406
Installer/Upgrader Unexpected error occurred in scheduled task pops up 880 times in catalina.out P3 RDSM-28649
Lists If subsequent sublists have 'selected' values then 'selected' value for first sublist is not displayed P3 RDSM-12025
Media Library Image variants do not download P3 RDSM-24670
Media Library Inconsistencies in media library depending on edit rights P3 RDSM-24220
Media Library Invalid entries in the content_hierarchy table can result in media being mirrored to other sections/categories P3 RDSM-28012
Media Library Media categories visible to users that don't have read access P3 RDSM-23193
Media Library Media validation message, 255 max characters allowed on name attribute, incorrect / wrong / inconsistent with content type limit P3 RDSM-25380
Media Library Purging a media translation causes an error when trying to access the category it is in P3 RDSM-28380
Media Library Event "modify category" is unhandled by the system P3 RDSM-6633
Media Library Media library does not load when editing a media item and pressing 'back' button P4 RDSM-20897
Media Library Media library UI issue on IE browsers, menu is not shown properly and a scroll bar appears P4 RDSM-18219
Metadata Content of the metadata type is being moved to approval queue on duplication P3 RDSM-19933
Metadata Metadata mappings, error thrown on save changes after removing meta tag P3 RDSM-23698
Metadata Extra line return added after meta tag Trivial RDSM-14625
Navigation The width of the Restrict to micro site field in A-Z nav should be reduced Trivial RDSM-23395
Navigation Group "share" tool tip in navigation object table not rendering correctly Trivial RDSM-25595
Navigation usage Report Performance issues running usage reports usage report backend P3 RDSM-23154
Notifications There is no dot on notification menu button P4 RDSM-28712
Packages - general File name of downloaded packages cut off after the first space and has no file extension P3 RDSM-28639
Packages - general Importing a package, creating a new asset group with the name of an existing group, will result in the group being deleted if the package is rolled back P3 RDSM-28597
Page layout usage Report Report by page layout omits page layouts that are set as inheritable page layouts on a section P3 RDSM-28317
Page layout usage Report CSV file only includes the first 100 results in the asset usage reports P3 RDSM-24778
Page layout usage Report When running a page layout usage report and a channel is selected in restrict to channel the report is always empty when selecting the root section P3 RDSM-28664
Page layout usage Report Unable to recurse indefinitely on page layout, content type and navigation object usage reports P3 RDSM-24370
Page layout usage Report Report by section omits page layouts that are set as inheritable on an ancestor section P3 RDSM-25842
Page layout usage Report Setting "No recursion" on page layout usage report is ignored and report returns all sections within the channel P3 RDSM-29034
Page layout usage Report Error 500 when running page layout usage report P3 RDSM-23682
Product Configuration Plugins added with an invalid zip file should display a useful message P3 RDSM-22673
Product Configuration Editors that have spaces in their names don't appear to work correctly when assigned to user P4 RDSM-22814
Publish The "Nothing to show" message on the notification drop-down is confusing and incorrect P3 RDSM-28826
Publish Secondary language publish not working P3 RDSM-28576
Publish Rejected content with no previously approved version becomes "approved" and publishes when it is edited P3 RDSM-26375
Publish Reports Individual publish report fails to load details of the report P3 RDSM-23499
TinyMCE Changes made to name of existing HTML editor not saved P4 RDSM-22813
Transfer Manager If an output directory is not set for a microsite, it cannot be selected in transfer P3 RDSM-13541
Transfer Manager Text for validation for username & password are not correct Trivial RDSM-21584
Upgrader Log, CacheException: another unnamed CacheManager already exists in the same VM P4 RDSM-26684
User Management Searching for users, it's not obvious there are multiple groups in the select user drop down Trivial RDSM-24542
Workflow Multiple emails being sent to moderators that are in a workflow P3 RDSM-16969
Workflow Inherited workflow doesn't show up on a child section settings P3 RDSM-28201


The updated Java API can be viewed here.