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Date Released:
August 9 2018


This release fixes various bugs including improvements to form builder, Direct Edit where content JavaScript can now be retained and to the TinyMCE editor.

Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.



Authentication Updating the SAML authentication method should trigger a refresh P3 RDSM-29145
Content ContentHelper.isValidVersion loads the entire content object to determined if the version is correct P3 RDSM-29114
Content Approval Content created in a duplicated branch doesn't show in approval page even if the user has rights to the destination branch P3 RDSM-28132
Content Syncer SectionMetaDescription content is not created when sections are created by the external content syncer P3 RDSM-28983
Direct Edit JavaScript is stripped out in direct edit mode P3 RDSM-27071
Form Builder Submissions that have text input elements or text area elements are vulnerable to JavaScript injection P3 RDSM-25783
Form Builder When you delete list asset, other list will be picked up automatically in your form P3 RDSM-26313
Form Builder Include styling checkbox is always set as checked P3 RDSM-26344
Form Builder When using a t4tag for a form the styles are output with the form even though 'include styling' is not checked P3 RDSM-27516
Form Builder Submissions report, cannot download csv if form name contains an illegal character P3 RDSM-28068
Form Builder Submissions report, 500 error thrown when deleting submissions P3 RDSM-28811
Form Builder Implement T4 changes to RDFB-423. P3 RDSM-29340
Hierarchy Actions drop down menu displays on Create content modal in Firefox Trivial RDSM-21897
Installer/Upgrader MSSQL upgrade fails on task 0586 when in TinyMCE config you'll add additional values before upgrade P3 RDSM-29252
Installer/Upgrader Upgrade from 7.4 to 8.2.13 fails on task 415 due to a new channel configuration option P3 RDSM-29264
Navigation Keyword retrieval, narrow keyword selection is not clear P4 RDSM-28586
Scheduler Cannot save edited scheduled publishes in 8.2.2 P3 RDSM-27919
TinyMCE Purging a section that has a link in content updates the TO section as -1 and the path is shown as null. P3 RDSM-21278
TinyMCE TinyMCE does not load if user does not have access to the media CSS file P3 RDSM-28788
TinyMCE Using some advanced block formats in TinyMCE throwing Uncaught TypeError in the console P3 RDSM-29178
TinyMCE Unable to configure the formats menu, theme advanced blockformats is not working P4 RDSM-24222
Upgrader Upgrade task 0586 creates duplicate values in the inherited_hierarchy_group/user table for mirrored sections P3 RDSM-29087
Upgrader Incorrect version set in the sm-updates.xml file P3 RDSM-29239
Workflow Incorrect message when creating a workflow called .'''/'xz//z'/x'/z'/x'z/#~@~'z#'#2q34 P3 RDSM-22255
Workflow Unfriendly message when deleting a workflow step P4 RDSM-24734
Workflow Selecting a workflow, special characters not parsing correctly Trivial RDSM-22074