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Date Released:
August 31 2018


This release fixes multiple bugs in Formbuilder, the Media Library, Packages, TinyMCE and publishing as well as other issues.

Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.



Authentication RSAPrivateCrtKey are not supported by SAML P3 RDSM-28634
Caching Content updates not seen by publishing node P3 RDSM-28973
Caching Query to load section names, etc. is inefficient P4 RDSM-27017
Content Unable to add content on ORACLE installs if element below a certain size P3 RDSM-29077
Content Error in logs, bulk purging inactive orphaned content P3 RDSM-22628
Content Content name with special characters not parsed correctly when reset content on channel P4 RDSM-22618
Content Approval Content created in a duplicated branch doesn't show in approval page even if the user has rights to the destination branch P3 RDSM-28132
Content Comparison Compare selected history, error thrown when comparing history with 'multi-select list' element P3 RDSM-20756
Content Syncer SectionMetaDescription content is not created when sections are created by the external content syncer P3 RDSM-28983
Content Syncer Add debug logging to show timings of content syncer P3 RDSM-28096
Database Upgrade on client dataset (oracle) from to 8.2.9 takes a long time P2 RDSM-28651
Direct Edit JavaScript is stripped out in direct edit mode P3 RDSM-27071
Form Builder Edit form, checkbox set to manual list, no entries displayed P3 RDSM-29195
Form Builder Submissions report, 500 error thrown when deleting submissions P3 RDSM-28811
Form Builder Submissions report, cannot download csv if form name contains an illegal character P3 RDSM-28068
Form Builder When using a t4tag for a form the styles are output with the form even though 'include styling' is not checked P3 RDSM-27516
Form Builder Include styling checkbox is always set as checked P3 RDSM-26344
Form Builder When you delete list asset, other list will be picked up automatically in your form P3 RDSM-26313
Form Builder Submissions that have text input elements or text area elements are vulnerable to JavaScript injection P3 RDSM-25783
Form Builder Contributors and moderators can delete form submissions from a section they don't have access to P3 RDSM-25391
Form Builder White space in license key should be ignored as otherwise Form Bank won't send correct forms to CMS P3 RDSM-24825
Form Builder Error when user tries to access form that has been deleted through url P3 RDSM-22679
Form Builder Validation required on payment gateway P3 RDSM-22280
Form Builder If a dropdown has no configured options, any fields underneath in preview are missing labels P3 RDSM-21909
Form Builder Delete a section used for form submissions, error on form edit P3 RDSM-21888
Form Builder Loading bar does not represent the actual connection P4 RDSM-22525
Form Builder Set high value in 'number of rows' for text area field, not possible to edit this field P4 RDSM-22121
Form Builder Preview hangs if section contains form and form bank server is unavailable P4 RDSM-21939
Form Builder WYSIWYG editor doesn't display on a form in preview in IE P4 RDSM-21910
Form Builder User friendly message required, when list used in field has been deleted P4 RDSM-21894
Form Builder Disconnect button is displayed on form builder config page even though connection was not established P4 RDSM-21875
Form Builder Current status shows as connected when authentication still in progres P4 RDSM-21772
Form Builder Javascript string token needs to be updated to say TERMINALFOUR rather than Terminalfour P4 RDSM-21427
Form Builder Tooltips don't appear for check box and radio button field types Trivial RDSM-21854
Form Builder Value label in hidden field does not update as you type Trivial RDSM-21827
Form Builder Configuration page should be inside a tab or well Trivial RDSM-21548
Hierarchy It should not be possible to mirror a section to itself P3 RDSM-26220
Hierarchy Null pointer exception when loading site structure - page hangs (when caching turned off) P3 RDSM-26095
Hierarchy Duplicating a branch, breadcrumbs displayed on the modal are incorrect P4 RDSM-24620
Hierarchy Client VM: there is no feedback from the product when I'm adding or removing users to/from section P4 RDSM-23486
Hierarchy Actions drop down menu displays on Create content modal in Firefox Trivial RDSM-21897
Installer/Upgrader MSSQL upgrade fails on task 0586 when in TinyMCE config you'll add additional values before upgrade P3 RDSM-29252
Media Library Write access not working correctly in Media Library P3 RDSM-29153
Media Library Read access not working for child sections in media library P3 RDSM-29151
Media Library Remove auto publish tab from Media library category edit view P3 RDSM-28824
Media Library Moving sections and media categories are not being updated across the nodes in a clustered environment P3 RDSM-26902
Media Library Prevent ability to create a media type with a name that already exists P3 RDSM-25463
Media Library Performance: /rs/mediacategory response is too slow P3 RDSM-23782
Navigation Keyword retrieval, narrow keyword selection is not clear P4 RDSM-28586
Notifications Moderator users get an "unable to access" error when choosing "view output" from the notifications drop down P3 RDSM-28816
Packages - channel Channel packages do not retain content type assignments on sections, if assigned to the branch P3 RDSM-28837
Packages - channel Channel packages do not include any media files from the media library P3 RDSM-28831
Packages - channel Internal link sections get broken on import P3 RDSM-26950
Packages - channel Mirrored sections are not imported as mirrored P3 RDSM-26443
Packages - general Media referenced in a content layout gets added to root media category on package import P3 RDSM-29216
Packages - general Importing a media category package adds all media to root of destination category P3 RDSM-28953
Packages - general Media archive upload issue, structure created with empty categories, media in one category P3 RDSM-28284
Publish Publish log web service allows ANY file on the file system to be accessed P2 RDSM-29348
Publish When caching is enabled content / sections are loaded from the system cache rather than the publish cache P3 RDSM-29120
Publish CachingHelper.removeNonCachingThread does not account for multiple calls on the same Thread P3 RDSM-29119
Publish Concurrent publishes possible in clustered environment P3 RDSM-9442
Publish Error in logs (could_not_find_user) when a publish is run P4 RDSM-21401
Publish Reports Publish report details do not work if access control content is included P3 RDSM-22228
Scheduler Cannot save edited scheduled publishes in 8.2.2 P3 RDSM-27919
Scheduler Incorrect execution count and next due is in the past P3 RDSM-22499
TinyMCE Using some advanced block formats in TinyMCE throwing Uncaught TypeError in the console P3 RDSM-29178
TinyMCE TinyMCE does not load if user does not have access to the media CSS file P3 RDSM-28788
TinyMCE Unable to remove standard menu options in TinyMCE P3 RDSM-25928
TinyMCE Some settings not taking affect in a newly created html editor P3 RDSM-25555
TinyMCE Purging a section that has a link in content updates the TO section as -1 and the path is shown as null. P3 RDSM-21278
TinyMCE Unable to configure the formats menu, theme advanced blockformats is not working P4 RDSM-24222
TinyMCE Error in logs when editing broken links that use TinyMCE when switching from v7.4 to v8. P4 RDSM-20353
TinyMCE Dropdown option for bullet & numbered lists shows collapsed Trivial RDSM-24605
Upgrader Upgrade task 0586 creates duplicate values in the inherited_hierarchy_group/user table for mirrored sections P3 RDSM-29087
Upgrader Upgrade fails, from version 7.40003 to 8.2.8 P3 RDSM-28641
Upgrader Upgrade task is needed to check the maxSize in template_element and the column size in the t4_ table match for all columns P3 RDSM-25941
Upgrader Custom menu items removed on upgrade P4 RDSM-28857
Workflow Invalid syntax updating workflow tables in MSSQL P3 RDSM-29187
Workflow Missing information in rejected emails P3 RDSM-26753
Workflow Power user cannot assign a workflow to a content type (oracle) P3 RDSM-23900
Workflow Create a new step in a workflow, click save changes multiple times, multiple steps created P3 RDSM-22477
Workflow Incorrect message when creating a workflow called .'''/'xz//z'/x'/z'/x'z/#~@~'z#'#2q34 P3 RDSM-22255
Workflow Edit content that is part of a workflow, 2 entries appear in the approval queue for the 1 piece of content P3 RDSM-21353
Workflow Create a new workflow, click save changes multiple times, multiple workflows created, error returned P3 RDSM-21313
Workflow Unfriendly message when deleting a workflow step P4 RDSM-24734
Workflow Selecting a workflow, special characters not parsing correctly Trivial RDSM-22074