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Date Released:
October 12 2018


In this release, the focus was to improve the performance of the Media Library. We introduced server-side pagination to list media and other enhancements that improve the media library experience. 

Some changes of note are as follows:

  1. When moving (dragging) a media category, a prompt for confirmation is now displayed to prevent unwanted moving of categories.
  2. After duplicating a branch and duplicating content, the breadcrumb for the content in the approval queue is now correct.
  3. It is now possible to add rights to a user in a subsection, on a huge site structure, after modifying edit rights to the root section.
Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.



Access rights Users with read access to media categories, blocking other users access to sub categories and vice versa P3 RDSM-28610
Authentication Error on login attempt via page/kerberos P3 RDSM-22051
Broken Links Report Broken links report causes database locks, preventing adding of content P3 RDSM-29705
Caching Mapped Meta Broker adds cached version for date elements as though they're text elements P3 RDSM-29668
Content Media library accessed when loading content types to create new content when it shouldn't be P3 RDSM-22582
Content Editing content containing media to which the user does not have access gives an error and removes the media P3 RDSM-26467
Content Approval Approval Queue not pulling in most recent content P3 RDSM-28543
Content Approval After duplicating a branch and duplicating content, the breadcrumb for the content in the approval queue is Not translated P3 RDSM-29228
Content Types output="download" does not work in v8 in preview P3 RDSM-29162
Form Builder New list item does not appear in Formbank 1.0.12 P3 RDSM-29354
Hierarchy Purged sections appear when mirroring content via search tab on mirror content modal P3 RDSM-22275
Hierarchy Error in console when you select to expand all in the actions menu P4 RDSM-24918
Hierarchy Unable to add rights to a user in a subsection on a huge site structure after modifying edit rights to the root section P3 RDSM-28167
Media Library Admin user doesn't have access to media library P3 RDSM-21063
Media Library It should not be possible to edit media items and categories through normal TERMINALFOUR view by editing the URL P3 RDSM-21092
Media Library Over 4 minutes to load page, when more than 1000 media items present P3 RDSM-22575
Media Library Media Library stuck on loading when categories are not expanded on IE P4 RDSM-23902
Media Library Error unfriendly notification, if user doesn't have access to add media P4 RDSM-24348
Media Library Re-implement the "Define user access rights on this category" checkbox for a category, edit rights > read access P3 RDSM-25174
Media Library Prompt for confirmation when moving a media category P3 RDSM-29326
Media Library If media is locked, the description of the media is displayed instead of the name P4 RDSM-27009
Media Library If multiple media categories are expanded, media within the "Categorised" category is not displayed until you click "Categorised" P3 RDSM-28007
Media Library Current media category is not highlighted when adding media to content P3 RDSM-27741
Media Library MediaService list method lists content locks for every piece of media in a category P3 RDSM-27490
Media Library Error in console when editing media file P3 RDSM-26625
Media Library Media preview should not show when modifying non translated media with fully dependent media P3 RDSM-26076
Media Library Media category data is not refreshed when editing media categories unless the page is completely refreshed P3 RDSM-29479
Media Library User that does not have access to the category can view information when clicking on thumbnail P4 RDSM-29440
Media Library Thumbnails for all items in a category are downloaded regardless of view size which impacts performance P3 RDSM-28781
Media Library Request /rs/mediacategory is run twice which impacts performance P3 RDSM-28780
Media Library Users with read rights on a media category do not see read only versions of media in that category P3 RDSM-29208
Media Library Unable to select dropdown from newly created media category P3 RDSM-29329
Media Library Disabling the Read access settings for a media category, visually unchecks the Read access checkbox for all categories in the hierarchy P4 RDSM-29382
Navigation Multiple content types not applied to Top Content & RC Branch Limit navs after upgrade to v8 from v7 P3 RDSM-29709
Navigation Different types of publish behaving differently when nav caching is enabled P3 RDSM-28049
Navigation Link Menu outputs "Between links HTML" after last link P3 RDSM-29622
Packages - general When selecting media for a package, you have to manually select a category for any media to display P4 RDSM-27255
Preview Changes to the applied page layout on a section are not "seen" by preview P3 RDSM-29639
Publish Loading previously published file information can cause memory issues P3 RDSM-28671
Publish Page layout on a section has changed after upgrading from 7.4 to 8.2.14 P3 RDSM-29592
Publish No zip file in log file directory after successful publish P3 RDSM-29606
Publish Log file is not removed after publish P3 RDSM-29608
Upgrader Upgrade fails on task 0590 as the upgrade task tries to add duplicates into the database P3 RDSM-29662