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Date Released:
June 28 2021

General introduces a number of Workflow and Content Approval enhancements.



Component Summary Priority Key
RDSM-31308 Duplicating inactive content creates a piece of content with version 1.0 P3 Content
RDSM-31303 Content can be approved through all steps of a workflow (incorrectly) after upgrading to version 8 P3 Content
RDSM-31240 ExcelToHTMLBroker can have CachedContent for other sections in the list of CachedContent for the current section P3 Content
RDSM-31221 Emails are sent one at a time, per user, per content item, when duplicating content in a workflow in v8 - was Bcc-ed in v7, this leads to a performance issue P3 Content
RDSM-31437 Duplicating approved content sets the new content as approved P3 Content Approval
RDSM-31403 Approval queue shows content user should not have access to if user is a step approver P3 Content Approval
RDSM-31353 Workflows don't work for multilingual content P3 Content Approval
RDSM-31306 Error is thrown when trying to reject a media item P3 Content Approval
RDSM-31305 Unable to approve content if there are duplcate entries in the workflow_content table P3 Content Approval
RDSM-31244 Content that was rejected when reject is set to "Do nothing" in a workflow, does not re-enter the workflow when the content is saved as pending P3 Content Approval
RDSM-31217 Reject "Do nothing" does not work as intended P3 Content Approval
RDSM-31214 Reject to workflow does not work as intended P3 Content Approval
RDSM-29134 Approving content where a workflow is configured to notify step moderators takes a long time to approve P3 Content Approval
RDSM-29133 Creating content in a section that has a workflow assigned, that is configured to notify step moderators, takes a long time to save P3 Content Approval
RDSM-31173 Merging branch and section publish types publishes more than intended P3 Publish
RDSM-31755 Rejected content is set to Approved if 'X number of moderators' is a negative value P3 Workflow
RDSM-31725 Non Admin users cannot approve content in second step of workflow P3 Workflow
RDSM-31723 Content reenters workflow but is not visible to step moderators on the Approval page P3 Workflow
RDSM-31714 Error is thrown when trying to reject a content without any workflow P3 Workflow
RDSM-31416 Unable to save and approve content in a section with a workflow P3 Workflow
RDSM-31307 Content can be modified by users not part of a workflow step P3 Workflow
RDSM-31271 Rejecting content in a workflow fails when the step is set to alert the content owner and the content owner is not set P3 Workflow
RDSM-31260 Update task required to change reject_step column from step sequence to step id P3 Workflow
RDSM-31181 Reject to step does not work as intended P3 Workflow
RDSM-23916 Error in logs when power user rejects content from approval queue P4 Content Approval

Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.