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Date Released:
February 20 2018


This release fixes mainly issues in LDAP, TinyMCE, Publish and a variety of UI errors. There has also been a change introduced to reduce the creation of temporary files from media library uploads and downloads.

Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.



Languages en_US spelling mistake: personalization P3 RDSM-24218
LDAP Users can gain access to all groups that are mapped to LDAP contexts P3 RDSM-26400
LDAP Users are not deactivated and appear in a group twice when you run an ldap import after changing a simple to an advanced filter P3 RDSM-28108
Licensing It should not be possible to add an invalid license P3 RDSM-16051
Localization Change the word “personalisation” to “personalization” and "localisation" to "localization" P3 RDSM-25027
Media Library Lots of images created in the temp directory when uploading or downloading images from the media library P3 RDSM-27880
Navigation Navigation objects, T4 tag not being parsed correctly P3 RDSM-22229
Page Layout en_US spelling mistake: standardization P3 RDSM-24219
Publish Section link to an empty section does not output linkurl or linktext on publish P3 RDSM-20717
Publish Publish can break if there are duplicate values for entry_id and language in Lists P3 RDSM-28202
Publish Reports Error thrown when changing publish reports "display x records" P3 RDSM-28173
TinyMCE Failed to load plugins on chrome when creating/edit content with HTML element P3 RDSM-24592
TinyMCE Running TinyMCE spell checker throws a 401 error P3 RDSM-24569
TinyMCE When you right click a piece of media in TinyMCE you get an error in the console P3 RDSM-24479
TinyMCE When you have more than one HTML element in a content type, some insert menu options are missing P3 RDSM-24585
TinyMCE With 2 HTML elements, formatting tags appear in the second HTML element P3 RDSM-24587
TinyMCE Cannot align images or increase/decrease indent using TinyMCE toolbar options P3 RDSM-24566
TinyMCE An image that doesn't show correctly in TinyMCE in IE causes all images in all HTML elements to be removed P3 RDSM-24594
TinyMCE When you drag to make a table bigger it goes back to the default size P3 RDSM-24483
TinyMCE Preview is not showing in TinyMCE on IE P3 RDSM-24480
TinyMCE When a content type has more than one HTML element, anchor tag is inserted into the wrong element P3 RDSM-24583
TinyMCE Plugin upload not working for HTML editor configuration P3 RDSM-25816
TinyMCE When you insert a table in to content there is no cell padding so you can't easily select a cell to enter content P3 RDSM-23754
Transfer Manager When checking whether a date is in the past/future it is using the user's local date/time instead of the server date/time P3 RDSM-10435
Content Enable automatic reorder - (A-Z option not operating correctly) P4 RDSM-21991
Content Error when trying to check the history of a content in a different language P4 RDSM-26237
Content Incorrect notification regarding orphaned content P4 RDSM-24768
Content Locked content modal shows "_user_" instead of user name in media library P4 RDSM-25460
Hierarchy Long section names overlapping edit section input fields P4 RDSM-19726
Hierarchy Incorrect notification regarding purged inactive sections P4 RDSM-24767
Licensing A message should be displayed when a license is made invalid P4 RDSM-16041
Media Library Incorrect error message when selecting "move" from "bulk actions" if no images are selected P4 RDSM-25485
Media Library When editing a piece of media, the green 'media language dependence' should say "metadata" P4 RDSM-21346
Media Library Add media with no write access to a category gives unfriendly error P4 RDSM-27032
Navigation Share navigation modal doesn't show again after selecting to 'X' out of it the first time P4 RDSM-19942
Product Configuration Incorrect notification regarding new auto variants P4 RDSM-25033
TinyMCE When setting media attributes, all values are set to undefined P4 RDSM-24554
TinyMCE Error thrown when adding a section or content link to metadata HTML element P4 RDSM-24591
TinyMCE When trying to upload an invalid plugin, a user friendly error should be displayed P4 RDSM-24559
TinyMCE User friendly error message required when the same plugin is uploaded twice P4 RDSM-24124
Transfer Manager Warning for "no channel has been set" for transfer sites is using an incorrect json path P4 RDSM-24533
Content Syncer User friendly error needed when no data source selected for data store Trivial RDSM-25062
Form Builder Content type name is not parsed correctly in the dropdown field Trivial RDSM-24305
Media Library Spelling mistake "category" in Trivial RDSM-26881
Metadata Typo on the metadata values of a section page Trivial RDSM-26472
Workflow Power user should see user friendly warning when they don't select a group for workflow Trivial RDSM-24736