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Date Released:
April 24 2018


Enhancements have been made to improve the information available on publishes.

  1. Introduction of Notifications
  2. Improvements to Publish channels
  3. Publish report enhancements
  4. Reporting option changes for channels
  5. Associated changes to Preview & publish settings

Detailed notes can be found here.

Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.



Authentication Error in console when user is not authenticated P4 RDSM-19838
Authentication Favicon on login page is not T4, but tomcat only if JS CSS Minification is enabled Trivial RDSM-19765
Channels / Microsites Cannot toggle accordions to update/change additional channel options when editing a newly created channel P3 RDSM-26316
Channels / Microsites Cancel button does not work when creating a new channel or microsite P4 RDSM-20387
Channels / Microsites Data too long for column 'fulltext_extension' occurs when you add long string into file extensions field P4 RDSM-20671
Content Cannot cancel out of creating content - Chrome P3 RDSM-25542
Content Content lock renewal message steals focus while selecting a section P3 RDSM-25699
Content Deleted content in different language is not marked as deleted P3 RDSM-23562
Content Content lock is not released in some scenarios when navigating away P3 RDSM-24112
Content Padlock icon is missing for locked content P4 RDSM-23166
Content Error 500 when user is not permitted to edit content P4 RDSM-19962
Content Edit content listing table not responsive P4 RDSM-19862
Content Actions > delete content should open the content tab P4 RDSM-17866
Content Owner Report Channel name not parsed correctly P4 RDSM-21419
Content Syncer Entries in the data_store_content table not deleted after synced content deleted and purged, causing data sync refreshes not to work on newly synced content P3 RDSM-25507
Content Types Unable to create a content type if an element name is larger than 50 chars P3 RDSM-23500
Content Types Copy to clipboard button doesn't work on firefox and safari P3 RDSM-23315
Content Types Creating a content type and clicking on the site structure icon shows an error P4 RDSM-26500
Content Types Content types elements name and description is not parsed correctly i.e. & is displayed as amp; P4 RDSM-18627
Content Types Standardise fulltext vs full text (i.e. one word or two words) Trivial RDSM-25023
Content Types View option in actions menu has no icon Trivial RDSM-18353
Direct Edit Cannot edit content when content is still in content lock table P3 RDSM-23068
Direct Edit Locking tooltips not working correctly P4 RDSM-20031
Form Builder Reconnect to form bank is required after upgrade to 8.2.3 P3 RDSM-27998
Form Builder Editing and saving check box/radio button option names with the special character & in them, sometimes changes & to its HTML name P3 RDSM-24856
Group Management Available users table restricted to user type, changes back to all roles after adding user P3 RDSM-23547
Group Management Groups not displayed when editing a user P3 RDSM-20632
Group Management Text alignment issue when browser resized Trivial RDSM-17834
Hierarchy Check box element in metadata content type, when checked, causes section not to save P3 RDSM-28245
Hierarchy Default workflow drop down not saving in home section P4 RDSM-20344
Hierarchy Bookmarks drop down is hidden by general information if there are several bookmarks P4 RDSM-19906
Hierarchy Edit rights for a section tab has misaligned tables P4 RDSM-20099
Hierarchy Unable to click on TERMINALFOUR Solutions Ltd link - IE11 P4 RDSM-17847
Hierarchy Issue with require.js - error in console pops up when you open any page P4 RDSM-20313
Localization UI text, correct placeholders that don't start with "e.g." P3 RDSM-24800
Localization UI text, use license instead of licence P3 RDSM-24803
Mail users Mail users validation issue on recipients field P4 RDSM-17964
Media Library Loading spinner to appear for media library, when category is taking a long time to load P3 RDSM-28204
Media Library Clicking cancel when viewing a media item does not retain the category id in the url P3 RDSM-21073
Media Library Media ordered by id and not by name P3 RDSM-22390
Media Library Error on screen and in logs when you try to edit content from the 'usage' tab P3 RDSM-23673
Media Library Error in console when toggling hide categories in media library P4 RDSM-25480
Media Library Editing a media category, selecting the "auto publish" tab removes the main page content P4 RDSM-20427
Media Library Updating the media name/description does not update it in the listing until the page is refreshed P4 RDSM-20324
Media Library Cannot use side scrollbar when adding media to content: firefox, chrome. P4 RDSM-24787
Media Library Variants tab for at least one item is not available after upgrade P4 RDSM-20692
Metadata Cannot save changes with meta tag if an empty one was recently removed P4 RDSM-26596
Metadata Spurious warning when adding a row under 'configure meta tags' on /page/meta P4 RDSM-21749
Metadata Pressing browser back button when editing metadata mapping does not show list view P4 RDSM-18198
Navigation Publish to one file does not pull content when level is set to 0 P3 RDSM-28354
Navigation usage Report View code snippet and clicking on the line number does not launch the modal P3 RDSM-21674
Packages - channel Channel package resolves with a status of error if a content link, links to a piece of purged content P3 RDSM-27223
Packages - channel Creating a channel package, selecting a channel needs to be required P4 RDSM-26521
Packages - channel Publish reporting level of a channel set to "no reporting" after import P4 RDSM-26805
Packages - general User friendly error required when editing a section package where section has been deleted P4 RDSM-24517
Packages - general When exporting individual assets, selected content should indicate full path P4 RDSM-23785
Packages - html Issue with encoding of urls with question marks P3 RDSM-25826
Page Layout Page layout locked by admin when trying to edit as power user P3 RDSM-25387
Page Layout Editing a microsite, the parent channel page layout is displayed instead of the root section's page layout P3 RDSM-25883
Page Layout Drag and drop of files to the header/footer area of a page layout can cause problems - the "drop zone" needs to be larger P4 RDSM-20422
Page Layout Compare selected history, button enabled before user selects 2 page layout versions to compare P4 RDSM-20077
Page Layout Issue with drag and drop files into header/footer codes on FF34 P4 RDSM-18294
Page Layout Drop down lists in page layouts look different if you have more than 10 channels Trivial RDSM-19991
Page Layout Page not loading properly if you open link in new tab Trivial RDSM-17870
Page Layout Alignment issues with actions menu on Oracle12c Trivial RDSM-18300
Product Configuration Error occurs after creating a new html editor P4 RDSM-22760
Product Configuration Cannot rename a html editor once created P4 RDSM-21728
Product Configuration Error 403 forbidden pops up in console in every page P4 RDSM-19819
Product Configuration Hide email recipients field if "send email on successful task completion" is unchecked P4 RDSM-23691
Product Configuration Tooltip update, old style used for media types within media library configuration settings Trivial RDSM-20093
Product Configuration Error displayed after deleting a medium and pressing browser back button Trivial RDSM-19727
Publish Distinguish between publish branch and publish section P3 RDSM-25035
Publish Command line publish failing P3 RDSM-26331
Publish Corrupt content encountered: 4 - en displayed on publish P4 RDSM-20364
Publish Reports If a channel is deleted and the channel had publish reports, an error occurs P3 RDSM-28200
TinyMCE Adding a new PDF to TinyMCE from the media library does not get added unless you press 'save & select' P3 RDSM-24742
TinyMCE Error when you upload an invalid plugin P4 RDSM-25118
TinyMCE Change the way text is centered in tables within TinyMCE P4 RDSM-24896
TinyMCE Cannot add text due to class="mceNonEditable" P4 RDSM-14183
TinyMCE Undoing too far in source view deletes all code P4 RDSM-2511
TinyMCE Unable to align images Trivial RDSM-24945
Transfer Manager Channel drop down not displayed if no channels exist P4 RDSM-21762
User Management Role customization, media edit rights minimum user level is blank after upgrading from 8.2.1 - 8.2.2 P3 RDSM-27893
User Management The TERMINALFOUR Solution Ltd. link is not working P4 RDSM-17917
User Management When you create new user using keyboard and you tab to user type drop down, focus is lost P4 RDSM-25334
Workflow Power user can inadvertently create a global workflow P3 RDSM-26730
Workflow Delete step notification isn't user friendly P4 RDSM-26720