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19 Feb 2019
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Version 8.2 - Oct 16, 2017

The below information applies to TERMINALFOUR Version 8.2.2+ and is not relevant to older versions.

Minimum Recommended Memory (RAM)

The TERMINALFOUR application requires a minimum allocation of 2GB RAM in order to run on your server. You'll need to ensure that your server has sufficient RAM to run other processes as well.

Server Operating System

System VersionNote
Linux / CentOS 6.5  
Windows Server 2012  
Windows Server 2008  


Your database user should have full control of objects in the database/schema. It must be able to create, alter and drop all object types.

System VersionNote
MySQL 5.0  
MS SQL 2012  
MS SQL 2008  
Oracle 12C R1 The Supported character set for Oracle is AL32UTF8
Oracle 11G R1 The Supported character set for Oracle is AL32UTF8

Web / Application Server, JAVA

System VersionNote
Apache 2.2 & Tomcat 7  
IIS 7 & Tomcat 7  
IIS 8 & Tomcat 7  
Apache 2.2 & Tomcat 8  
IIS 7 & Tomcat 8  
IIS 8 & Tomcat 8  
Oracle Java 7  

Minimum Supported Browsers

System Version
Safari 8.0.2, OS X
Internet Explorer 11, Windows
Microsoft Edge 20, Windows
Chrome 43, Windows
Chrome 35, Linux
Firefox 38, Windows
Firefox 29, Linux
Mobile Safari, iPhone 4+ iOS7
KitKat tablet, Android
Mobile Safari, iPad 2+ gen iOS7
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