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19 Feb 2019
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The below information applies to TERMINALFOUR Version 8+ and is not relevant to older versions.  

Minimum Recommended Memory (RAM)

The TERMINALFOUR application requires a minimum allocation of 2GB RAM in order to run on your server. You'll need to ensure that your server has sufficient RAM to run other processes as well.

Server Operating System

Server Operating SystemDatabase **Web/App ServerJava
Linux * MySQL 5+ Apache 2.2 & Tomcat 7 Oracle Java 7
Windows Server 2008 MS SQL 2008 IIS 7 & Tomcat 7  
Windows Server 2012 MS SQL 2012 IIS 8 & Tomcat 7  
  Oracle 11G R1 ***    
  Oracle 12C R1 ***    

*Please note when we state Linux we test on CentOS 7. Any Linux distribution can be used.
** Your database user should have full control of objects in the database/schema. It must be able to create, alter and drop all object types. 
*** Supported character set for Oracle is AL32UTF8

Platforms no longer supported

We have removed some more unusual platforms in Version 8 so we can focus on the more common ones allowing us to be more productive and agile.

These platforms may still continue to work but will not be supported.

Server Operating SystemDatabaseWeb/App ServerJava
AIX EnterpriseDB Apache/Tomcat 5.5 Oracle Java 6
FreeBSD IBM DB2 BEA Weblogic OpenJava
HPUX MS SQL 2005 IIS 4/5/6  
Solaris Oracle 10G JBoss  
Windows 2000 Oracle 9i Jetty  
Windows NT 4.0 Oracle Java 6 Oracle OAS 10g  
Windows Server 2003   Oracle OAS 9i+  
    Oracle Weblogic Server 11g  
    Tomcat 6  


Minimum Browser support

We are dropping support for:

  1. Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8
  2. Older Firefox releases
  3. Older Chrome releases
  4. Safari on Windows
  5. Older versions of Safari

The following are supported:

BrowserVersionClient Operating System 


8.0.2 OS X  
Internet Explorer ** 9+ * Windows  
Microsoft Edge 20 Windows Supported from V 8.1.0005
Chrome 43 Windows  
Chrome 35 Linux  
Firefox 38 Windows  
Firefox 29 Linux  
Mobile device
Mobile Safari - iPhone 4+ iOS7  
KitKat tablet   Android  
Mobile Safari - iPad 2+ gen iOS7  

* UI Responsiveness not fully supported; should degrade gracefully. Placeholder text on input fields will not be present in IE 9. 
** Compatibility view is not supported for any version of Internet Explorer.

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