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Terminalfour: 8.3.11

Date Released:
November 11 2021


As well as a slew of product refinements this version of Terminalfour features two significant changes:

  • List Re-ordering 
  • Support for Oracle 19

List re-ordering 


Up to now when you created a List in Terminalfour items were listed in the order they were entered and there was no way to change this. From this release, you can manually re-order List items to fit your requirements. This also fixes an inconsistency around List ordering within the system:

  • when you edited a List, the order of List Items was as entered (the order couldn’t be changed)
  • when you used a List in a Content Item, the ordering was alphabetical
  • List Items from Lists assets used in Form Builder forms were ordered as entered

From 8.3.11, all existing Lists will be ordered alphabetically to match how they appear when used in Content Items but they can be manually re-ordered to suit your needs. 

Support for Oracle 19


We’ve updated the version of Hibernate that’s used with Oracle databases so you can now use Oracle 19.

As well as List Re-ordering we’ve also made some UI enhancements:

Section Breadcrumbs are now visible when editing a Content Item


Previously, when you edited a Content Item the Section breadcrumbs that helpfully told you where you were and let you get back up to a parent Section, unhelpfully disappeared. Now, this breadcrumb is visible so you can navigate back up without bothering the back button.

Content Breadcrumb

Preview from a Section


Need to preview a Section while you’re in the Section screen? Now you no longer have to navigate back to the Site Structure or click into a Content Item because there’s a shiny new “Preview” in the Section screen.

Save and  Edit Section

When a Section is saved initially you can return to the Section screen 


Now you can choose to return back to the Section you just created rather than go to the Site Structure. There’s a new secondary option available when you first create a Section that lets you save it and then return to the Section screen instead of going to the Site Structure.

Option for a logout page to the SAML configuration screen


You can now specify the page that SAML users will see when they log out. 

Add images to HTML confirmation emails


You can now add img elements to the Form Builder confirmation email. All you need is the URL of an image to add. We’ve also extended the number of elements that you can include in the email mark-up. 

The license limit alert won’t be shown to non Admins


If you have a license limit for your instance an alert may have been shown to all users that may have caused confusion. This is now only shown to Administrators.

Fixes of note

The Content Syncer hash check is now case sensitive


If the “Link” value in your Content Sync changes case then this will be recognized. 


Issue keySummaryPriorityComponent/s
RDSM-32697 Add an option for a logout page to the SAML configuration screen P3 Authentication
RDSM-32951 Trying to delete a channel on oracle throws SQLSyntaxErrorException P3 Channel
RDSM-32718 Content paths in the Recycle Bin are currently using the HTML entity P3 Content
RDSM-32715 The Section breadcrumb should be visible within a Content Item P3 Content
RDSM-32409 Content that Moderators set to expire and archive will not get moved once task completes P3 Content
RDSM-32828 The order of list of the element types should be grouped P3 Content Types
RDSM-32875 Add img tag to the permitted tags in the confirmation email P3 Form Builder
RDSM-32874 The "Hi," greeting in the Form Builder confirmation email should be removed P3 Form Builder
RDSM-32851 /rs/licence/contentslimit web service should not be called for non-admin users on the site structure P3 Hierarchy
RDSM-32429 Broken links report for internal broken links is using an webdav config option for root section (ID: 0) P3 Hierarchy
RDSM-32673 The ability to re-order List items P3 Lists
RDSM-32752 Middle and right-click functionality not implemented in the Select with layout action of the Media Library P3 Media Library
RDSM-32379 Task 415 fails when file_size does not exist for storage_location table P3 Media Library
RDSM-32751 meta tag for image in fulltext for microsite is having '//' in URL P3 Metadata
RDSM-32852 Add a Preview button to the Section screen P3 Preview
RDSM-32716 When a Section is saved initially you should return to the Section screen P3 Section
RDSM-32684 Configuration service potentially exposes values of all configuration options to any logged in user P3 Product Configuration
RDSM-33068 Error during upgrade process from version 7.4 to 8.3.11 P3 Upgrader
RDSM-32363 Upgrade Hibernate to 5.4 or newer P3 Upgrader
RDSM-32897 Saving the advanced page will set the cache to be disabled P3 Cache
RDSM-32848 max-width not working with Media element on publish P3 Media Library
RDSM-32842 Remove Enabled under caching on System settings > Advanced as it should always be enabled P3 System Settings
RDSM-32826 Direct editing a content type automatically replaces all title/hover attribute content P3 Direct Edit
RDSM-32820 The ExternalLinkListener does not handle section purge events correctly P3 Section
RDSM-32763 User in several groups that can approve a step can't approve that step P3 User Management
RDSM-32761 Move content to other section doesn't log on the sm_log table P3 Content
RDSM-32724 XSS vulnerability with Section name when approving content P3 Security
RDSM-32626 Different variants of the same media used in the same content but only one of the variant name is shown/displayed on the table. P3 Media Library
RDSM-32574 An exception is thrown when Search Manager indexes thumbnails of non image media items. P3 Media Library
RDSM-32100 Previous/next fulltext content navigation object is causing Inactive content still to be linked P3 Navigation Object
RDSM-32696 Multi step workflow approving content on first step due timing issues P3 Workflow
RDSM-32086 Filesize abbreviation is inconsistent i.e. kB, kb, KB P3 Media Library
RDSM-32921 Previewing a form does not display the existing list items as alphabetised after upgrade.  P4 Preview
RDSM-32804 Editing a users profile and saving throws 2 unfriendly red box errors P4 User
RDSM-32732 Publish logs for command line publish are identified as "scheduled" P4 Publish
RDSM-32711 "Run social poster" dropdown reverts to "Never" after you click save changes P4 Social Poster
RDSM-32567 "Parse files" option should be Turn off parse files. P4 UI
RDSM-32348 Tooltip for enable/disable task should be updated as currently it doesn't make sense P4 UI
RDSM-32854 Fix gritter error when unable to load channel page layout while creating content Trivial UI

Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.