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Terminalfour: 8.3.19

Date Released:
April 23 2024



We're delighted to announce the release of 8.3.19 which includes lots of exciting improvements and fixes related to accessibility, managing content/page layouts, form builder improvements, and much more. Let's dive in...

Improved Accessibility of the platform

Based on client feedback and 3rd party accessibility audits we’ve focused on improving the accessibility of the Terminalfour Platform to ensure a better experience for all users. We take accessibility extremely seriously, and our work in this area is not complete. We’ll continue to make improvements based on user feedback and ongoing accessibility testing in subsequent releases.

Improved color contrast

RDSM-37057 and RDSM-37056

We’ve tweaked the colors used throughout the platform to ensure there’s sufficient color contrast. Button and badge colors have been darkened, labels have been made easier to read, and overall text is more legible for all users.

Example of the Edit Section screen showing improved contrast on button colors and text

Improved Keyboard Navigation and Screen reader support

RDSM-37281, RDSM-37645, RDSM-37578, RDSM-37577, RDSM-37050, RDSM-37047, RDSM-36997, and RDSM-37046

For those users who require assistive technology, or who prefer keyboard navigation to pointer devices, this release improves the experience in these areas. Screen readers will now announce with more context, and keyboard navigation has improved across the board (especially within tabs and modals).

Animated image of the Sections are being navigated via keyboard. Tabs are being changed using the arrow keys

Introducing Handlebars


Handlebars offers a new way to create your Content Layouts and Page Layouts that’s more powerful than traditional T4 tags, but much more approachable than programmable layouts. Our goal is to offer the right mix of flexibility and ease-of-use and we can't wait for you to give it a try.

Handlebars allows you to create Content Layouts and Page Layouts with placeholders and simple logic that will be filled in with data at Publish time, making it easier to manage and manipulate content without needing extensive coding expertise or familiarity with the complexities of Programmable Layouts.

An “Intro to Handlebars” is available in the documentation area to show you what it’s capable of and we’d love to get your feedback.

An example of a Content Layout written with the new Handlebars Processor

Webhooks comes to Terminalfour


This release also introduces Webhooks to the Terminalfour platform, starting with Form Builder submissions.

From 8.3.19 you can now send form submissions to a 3rd party service automatically as soon as they’re received allowing for easier integration with other platforms.

Rather that 3rd party systems having to connect to Terminalfour to check for new submissions, we'll send them to the system of your choice as soon as submissions are received.

Illustration demonstrating webhooks work by sending requests based on events

Webhooks can be used with no-code automation platforms such as Zapier to automatically send your form submission data wherever it makes sense for your use-case.

We’re excited to extend this webhook functionality to other areas of the product but we’d love your feedback to know where would provide the most value. Perhaps when a publish completes? Or a new Content Type, or Section is created? Let us know!


This release also further bolsters the security of the Terminalfour platform in a number of areas based on feedback we've received from recurring 3rd party penetration testing as well as feedback directly from users.

User locking


For local users (i.e. those not authenticating with SSO or a 3rd party authentication service) we’ve introduced automatic user locking based on recurring failed login attempts.

If users enter an incorrect password 8 times in a row, their account will be automatically locked.

Example of login screens where a user is being warned their account is soon to be locked and a second showing that the users account has been locked

Users will be sent an email when their account is unlocked that includes a link to unlock their account and create a new password. Admins also have the ability to filter for, and unlock locked users.

Users account will automatically unlock after 24 hours.

XSS/XXE issues

We have addressed issues in the following areas:

  • (XXE) Processing XML in the Data Object, Content Syncer etc RDSM-37339
  • (XSS) Section Metadata RDSM-37522
  • (XSS) Mediums (Users and Workflow) RDSM-32500
  • (XSS) Section/Content Linking RDSM-33798
  • (XSS) External Content Syncer RDSM-32501
  • (XSS) Content Names in Direct Edit RDSM-37395
  • (XSS) A-Z Navigation Object RDSM-30149
  • (XSS) Forms (when mapped to existing content types) RDSM-36991
  • (XSS) Page Layout names in channel configuration RDSM-33902

Other Improvements

  • Improved error handling in Direct Edit when a page contains broken JavaScript RDSM-33909
  • Redesigned Direct Edit menu bringing clearer labels and visual consistency RDSM-37535
    A screenshot of Direct Edit with newly designed icons and a left menu with a UI that matches that of the core product
  • The left menu’s state will be remembered between page changes, meaning if you want to minimize the left menu – it will stay minimized! RDSM-34736
  • The UI for creating access control configuration has been updated to the v8 UI RDSM-37077
    A screenshot of the newly designed access control configuration UI
  • Improved Auto Variants behaviour: Now when you change an image in the Media library, the original auto variants will be updated with the newly uploaded image. (When upgrading to 8.3.19, existing auto-variants won't be changed until original images are updated) RDSM-30869



Issue Type Issue key Summary Priority Component/s
Change Request RDSM-37075 Update the front end of the Access Control Configuration page P3 Access control on published pages
Change Request RDSM-35124 Update the back end for the Access Control Configuration page P3 Access control on published pages
Epic RDSM-37077 Update the Access Control Configuration page P3 Access control on published pages
Bug RDSM-37645 Focus is lost after you select favicon (media) while editing channel P3 Accessibility
Bug RDSM-37578 It's not possible to approve or reject piece of content from the modal with the keyboard P3 Accessibility
Bug RDSM-37577 Focus is lost after you select section while editing channel P3 Accessibility
Bug RDSM-37057 All buttons, tags, links and badges fail to meet the minimum colour contrast ratio P3 Accessibility
Bug RDSM-37056 Active parent link on left navigation fails to meet colour contrast ratio P3 Accessibility
Bug RDSM-37050 No focus state on Category names P3 Accessibility
Bug RDSM-37047 Media Library expand and collapse options are inaccessible to keyboard users P3 Accessibility
Bug RDSM-36997 The Search Bar can be accessed by screen readers when hidden P3 Accessibility
Bug RDSM-37046 Site structure expand and collapse options are inaccessible to keyboard users P4 Accessibility
Bug RDSM-36977 Login and Logout are not logged unless "Access" logging is enabled P3 Audit Trail / Error Reports
Epic RDSM-34924 Set an account lockout after a defined number of incorrect password attempts P3 Authentication
Bug RDSM-37395 XSS is triggered when Direct Edit a section that has a piece of content that contains XSS that has been added via content or section link P3 Content
Bug RDSM-37037 Styles cannot be applied to Server Side Links anchor tag within the shadow root in TinyMCE P3 Content
Bug RDSM-33909 Direct Edit - If a content layout contains broken javascript it can prevent you from inline editing after you save the content. P3 Content
Bug RDSM-33624 Content link is appended to section link in Section / Content Link element P3 Content
Bug RDSM-28060 When typing in editor the warning message remains until editor loses focus P3 Content
Change Request RDSM-35292 Change the warning message when no text is entered in TinyMCE P3 Content
Bug RDSM-36922 Blank p tag added in media layouts P4 Content
Bug RDSM-37628 Approve Content page Reject Modal should have Reject Button P4 Content Approval
Change Request RDSM-34759 Rename "Section and content options" options in External Content Syncer P3 Content Syncer
Bug RDSM-26342 When element names have special characters, alias is changed in DB on each save without changing anything in the UI P3 Content Types
Bug RDSM-25496 Content type cannot be deleted due to SyntaxError: Unexpected token ) in console P3 Content Types
Change Request RDSM-36676 The "Content layout code" tab should be selected and open when a Content Layout is being edited P3 Content Types
Bug RDSM-37509 XXE vulnerability when processing XML P2 Data Object
Bug RDSM-27616 Duplicates of media in the one element get removed P3 Direct Edit
Change Request RDSM-37535 Ensure labels for left menu in Direct Edit are visible by default P3 Direct Edit
Bug RDSM-36534 Validation required for placeholder value, form fails to save when it exceeds 256 characters P3 Form Builder
Change Request RDSM-37004 In Form Builder, the existing lists should be ordered alphabetically P3 Form Builder
Epic RDSM-37065 Send Form Bank submissions to third-party systems with webhooks P3 Form Builder
Epic RDSM-37325 Handlebars Initial Release P3 GraalJS / Handlebars
Change Request RDSM-37408 Add "status" column to the Group listing page P4 Group Management
Bug RDSM-37603 User cannot use Enter/Return to expand a section after filtering for the section P4 Hierarchy
Bug RDSM-31465 Unnecessary br tag displayed in the delete section modal P4 Hierarchy
Change Request RDSM-35175 Automatically start the upgrader without requiring confirmation P3 Installer
Bug RDSM-33233 Clicking breadcrumb for media in approve content doesn't work P3 Media Library
Bug RDSM-32378 MediaBroker does not check if media item is scalable before trying to scale it P3 Media Library
Bug RDSM-37799 Save changes button is disabled for Moderators and Power users that have write access to a media category P3 Media Library
Change Request RDSM-36687 Set the max file size to be displayed in MB where appropriate P3 Media Library
Epic RDSM-37281 Ensure users can navigate site and media structures via the keyboard effectively P3 Media Library
Bug RDSM-36561 Links to categories in the child categories tab when editing a category do nothing P4 Media Library
Bug RDSM-33205 Edit page does not load for newly created media category P4 Media Library
Bug RDSM-30869 Update auto-variants of an image when the main image is updated P4 Media Library
Bug RDSM-19702 Cannot open media sub-category in certain scenario P4 Media Library
Bug RDSM-24720 Hovering over any category in the Media library shows as Not translated Trivial Media Library
Bug RDSM-36465 Publish to one file navigation object outputs nothing in preview when processT4Tags method is used for media type P3 Navigation
Change Request RDSM-35263 Rename "Number of pieces of content to display" option in Top Stories Navigation Object P3 Navigation
Change Request RDSM-35186 Rename "Number of pieces of content to display on page" and "Maximum number of pieces of content to display" options in Pagination Navigation Object P3 Navigation
Change Request RDSM-34970 Rename "Which piece of content to start at?" option in Top Content P3 Navigation
Change Request RDSM-34845 Rename "Number of pieces of content to display" option in Keyword Search P3 Navigation
Bug RDSM-32608 Accessibility report throws PublishProcessorException when it encounters a programmable layout P3 Programmable Layouts
Bug RDSM-33684 NullPointerException for cachedcontent that have no version P4 Programmable Layouts
Bug RDSM-37095 Pending publish overwrites approved published images in S3 and vice/versa when using PXL P3 Publish
Bug RDSM-23008 No audit trail results for task scheduler actions P3 Scheduler
Bug RDSM-37522 Metadata XSS issue P3 Section
Bug RDSM-37339 Web Objects are open to Blind Server Side Request Forgery vulnerability P3 Security
Bug RDSM-36991 XSS is triggered when creating a new form based on content type with Javascript in element name P3 Security
Bug RDSM-33902 Script tags are run on the Inheritable page layout dropdown in channel configuration P3 Security
Bug RDSM-33798 XSS is triggered when you open piece of content that contains XSS via content or section link P3 Security
Bug RDSM-32501 XSS issue on external content syncer screen P3 Security
Bug RDSM-32500 XSS issue on mediums page P3 Security
Bug RDSM-30149 Javascript (XSS) is triggered while creating A-Z navigation object when microsite name contains javascript P3 Security
Bug RDSM-25787 If you create submission with a name "<script> alert " then the e-form content type cannot be deleted P3 Security
Bug RDSM-36642 Execution rate field is not aligned correctly P3 User Experience
Bug RDSM-33906 Forms filtering by id sometimes doesn't retrieve results P3 User Experience
Bug RDSM-31804 Incorrect text on successful form-builder re-index. P3 User Experience
Change Request RDSM-34866 Update tooltips to use "Content Item" and "Content Items" rather than "piece of content" and "pieces of content" P3 User Experience
Change Request RDSM-34736 Once the main left menu is collapsed it should remain collapsed even when the user navigates to different page P3 User Experience
Change Request RDSM-34241 Change references of TERMINALFOUR to Terminalfour P3 User Experience
Bug RDSM-37454 HTML editor setting page documentation URLs are incorrect and do not navigate to the correct part of the page P4 User Experience
Bug RDSM-37314 Direct Edit: You should be able to click on any part of the "Insert content" line to insert new content P4 User Experience
Bug RDSM-37026 <br> in the message when a section is trying to remove P4 User Experience
Bug RDSM-36435 Notifications bar styling broken on section page P4 User Experience
Bug RDSM-33501 Section name validation should describe the error P4 User Experience
Bug RDSM-28513 Long section names with no spaces in publish notification do not get wrapped P4 User Experience
Bug RDSM-20085 User management search button must be used to search - enter doesn't work P4 User Experience
Bug RDSM-22258 UI issues with the content lock modal Trivial User Experience
Bug RDSM-36653 The link to the Media Item in the Workflow email doesn't work P3 Workflow

Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.