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Deprecation Updates

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20 Sep 2021
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We regularly update Terminalfour and sometimes this means that features, capabilities and support for certain technologies are officially removed. We provide as much notice as possible when deprecating a product feature or capability and will support it until it's officially removed from the product. 

For a full list of technical changes have a look at the Technical Roadmap.
We also have an official Supported Systems document detailing the operating systems, databases and versions of Java that are supported in Terminalfour.

Mobile Integration Link

The "Mobile Integration" (located at Sites & Channels > Mobile Integration)link will be removed as an option from the main navigation. In addition, the configuration screen (located at Administration > Set up Sites & Channels > Mobile Integration) will also be removed.

The Mobile Integration Link

When will this happen?

Terminalfour 8.3.12

What do I have to do? 

If you use this feature you can still access the pages via URL input. The code and pages will be removed in a future release of the product so let us know if this will impact you. 

Browser support for IE 11

Since Microsoft is withdrawing support for Internet Explorer (IE 11) from their own apps and services we will also be withdrawing support for the browser. This means that the Terminalfour product will no longer be tested with IE 11 and any issues that arise will not be fixed.

Published sites will not be affected by the change so if your published site still supports IE 11 then you will not see any changes.

When will this happen?

Terminalfour 8.3.12

What do I have to do? 

You should switch to a more up-to-date browser when using Terminalfour. 

Fetching Grandchild Sections with the Related Content Navigation Object 

The Related Content Navigation Object can fetch content from Grandchild Sections; however, this feature can output inconsistent results like broken links, particularly when used with fulltext elements. Since it's not a widely used feature, we will be deprecating it.

When will this happen?

Terminalfour 8.3.12

What do I have to do? 

Because this method published with inconsistent results, chances are if you were using it you may already have switched to another Navigation Object. We would recommend going to the Navigation Object listing screen (Assets > Navigation) and searching for "Related Content Navigation Object" and, in each Navigation Object, checking to see if the "Fetch method" is set "Use grandchild".

The Related Content Navigation Object screen with Fetch option highlighted


Solution 1 - Use the Top Content Navigation Object

If the content being displayed has a Date element (e.g. News content) consider using the Top Content Navigation Object. With the Top Content Navigation Object, you can select "Use current branch" as the "Fetch method". This will list Content Items below the current section, regardless of level, and allows you to restrict the Content Type and the number of items displayed.

Solution 2 - Use the Keyword Search Navigation Object

The Keyword Search Navigation Object allows you to display content based on specific categorization or keywords. For the "Content Fetch Method", consider using either "Use branch at level", specifying levels to search, or selecting "Branch" and using a Content Type element in the "Search section from" to allow users to select the branch to search.

Solution 3 - Use Programmable Layouts

You can use a Programmable Layout to get the same results. Given the vast flexibility of Programmable Layouts, the options are limitless. If you require assistance in the development, we recommend that you contact your Account Manager or the Client Support team who can put you in contact with someone to discuss requirements with you.

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