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Terminalfour: 8.3.13

Date Released:
June 6 2022


Content Layout Versioning


Comparing versions of Page Layouts is pretty handy (not to mention an occasional lifesaver) but what about Content Layouts? Up to now, there was no easy way to compare and revert to earlier versions of Content Layouts but we've changed that in this release. 

An animated GIF showing comparison of Content Layout versions

You can compare versions of Content Layouts and make one the current version from the version listing screen or the compare screen.

We've also taken the opportunity to apply the same changes to the Page Layout versioning screen as well.

Workflow emails


The feedback on the Workflow emails has been they were less than friendly and it was difficult to understand what the next step was so we've made some changes:

  • emails now include a link to the Content Item to be approved
  • a simplified layout so they should be easier to parse
  • Subject lines now include the name of the Content Item and Workflow status so they can be more easily sorted by mailbox rules

Unsaved changes alert when navigating away from a Content Item


Now if you accidentally close the tab you're editing a Content Item in, or if you hit Cancel instead of Save, you'll get an alert to prevent you from losing your work.

The "Save and edit section" option is now always available


Introduced in 8.3.11, the "Save and edit section" option only appeared when you created a Section. Now you can use it anytime so you don't have to go to the Site Structure when you save a change to a Section. 

Return to Section option when leaving Direct Edit

Now, when you leave Direct Edit you'll have the option to return to the corresponding Section rather than returning to the Site Structure. 

Data Store renamed to Content Sync


Data Source or Data Store – it was a little confusing so we've renamed the Data Store to just Content Sync. 


  • Kerberos authentication (RDSM-33316)
  • The Access Key (RDSM-33456)



Component/s Summary Priority Issue key
Access rights Media Library uses incorrect web service to determine user access level P3 RDSM-33538
Access rights Can not open add media page due timing issue. P3 RDSM-33032
Audit Trail / Error Reports Selecting dates in Audit trail causes performance issues (20+ minutes) P3 RDSM-27713
Authentication SameSiteCookiesFilter prevents login from over http/port 8080 P3 RDSM-33581
Authentication Ability to configure SAML's session maxAuthenticationAge field and add Java Cookies 'SameSite' and 'Max-Age' attributes P3 RDSM-33236
CDN / PXL The PXL filter rule placeholder is incorrect P3 RDSM-33194
Media Library "Clear selection" for media items in content not working P4 RDSM-33569
Content Content type changes can result in system instability P3 RDSM-33560
Content When editing a new piece of Content, the user is unable to access the Site manager or logout. P3 RDSM-33521
Content Red Box Error shown when editing Content after adding element to existing Content Type P3 RDSM-33515
Content Layouts Add Versioning to Content Layouts P3 RDSM-33149
Content Alert user before navigating away from Content Item with unsaved changes P3 RDSM-33054
Content Approval The default ordering in the Approval queue should be "Last modified" (descending) P3 RDSM-33043
Content Syncer Rename Data Store to Content Sync P3 RDSM-33279
Content Layouts / Page Layouts Refinements to Page and Content layout version appearance P3 RDSM-33548
Content Layouts / Page Layouts Add a "Make Current" button to non-current versions in Page and Content Layouts P3 RDSM-33530
Content Types Content Types elements tab, Blank warning when leaving page after making change. P3 RDSM-33520
Direct Edit When a user leaves Direct Edit they are given the option to return to the Section P3 RDSM-33217
Content Types Content types dropdown in FormBuilder Configure field mappings is using a z-index value below modal P3 RDSM-33659
Content Types Content types are duplicated for each submission when your form name contain brackets and it's the same name as existing content type P3 RDSM-31067
Direct Edit Generate media layout from faulty Media Variant breaks Direct Edit. P3 RDSM-33483
Media Library Site Manager does not allow "*.min.css" files into media library even though "*.css" files are allowed P3 RDSM-33203
Media Library Renew lock issue when editing media P3 RDSM-33016
UI Remove Personalization from the navigation and merge with Access Control P3 RDSM-32869
Page Layouts Page layout: Saving a layout from the header or footer tab can be slow if the layout has a large number of versions P3 RDSM-31909
UI "Save and edit Section" option when saving a Section P4 RDSM-33235
Publish File name which is 256+ characters in length causes Publish to fail P3 RDSM-32825
Packages Links are missing in the content after section package import P4 RDSM-33301
HTML Editor Preview of content does not match the editor when alignment format is used on both a text and image that are on the same paragraph line P3 RDSM-33299
Workflow Make Workflow email HTML and improve design P3 RDSM-33218
Audit Trail Audit Trail search fails when filtering by user or content P3 RDSM-33536
UI Email campaigns screen does not meet basic accessibility standards P3 RDSM-33470
Performance Improve performance of section duplication. P3 RDSM-33413
UI Error message alignment for HTML editor is off P3 RDSM-33241
Direct Edit Media category selection appears to be unresponsive in Direct Edit P4 RDSM-33181
Media Library Media validation message, 255 max characters allowed on name attribute, incorrect/wrong / inconsistent with content type limit P3 RDSM-33060
Content Layout When a power user edits a content layout without being added to the primary group on a content type, the layout becomes locked and the lock cannot be cleared. P4 RDSM-33012
UI When adding a Content Link the user ID displays instead of the username P3 RDSM-32984
Security Upgrade Spring to latest version (5.3+) P3 RDSM-32237
Content Sync Tomcat restart during content sync moves content to archive section P3 RDSM-32736
Performance Performance: form fields loading time is too slow i.e., over 15 seconds. Loading spinner is not available, when there are a large number of fields added to a form 50 plus P3 RDSM-30178
Media Library Sub-category edit rights inheritance issue P3 RDSM-26345
UI Error unfriendly, no validation message for length of content type description field P4 RDSM-26048
Sections Not being redirected to subsections tab after new subsection is created P3 RDSM-25406
HTML Editor TinyMCE defaulting to new browser tab for internal links P3 RDSM-33638
Lists Nested sublist throw an error when trying to create 3th cascading sublist P3 RDSM-33640
Content Syncer Placeholder for Email address should be updated P3 RDSM-32168
Tag Builder Tag build seems to give incorrect tag for channel name P3 RDSM-30965
UI Media usage tab, angle brackets > shown under media usage text and above table, actions column too wide, edit content is shown for assets Trivial RDSM-24725
Users User/groups inherited not listing in edit rights P4 RDSM-20208
UI Duplicate/move content modals missing text "Select a destination for "content name" and a button P3 RDSM-33284

Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.