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01 Feb 2023
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The following setting can be changed when editing a Section:

  • General information
  • Content
  • Content types
  • Page layouts
  • Metadata
  • Subsections
  • Edit rights
  • Access
  • Mirrored sections

Not all Sections include all elements, e.g., Link Sections have less editable elements.  

What users can do with Sections can be configured in the Hierarchy settings.
There is a configurable option in the Role Customization allowing you to set the minimum user level allowed to Create, Edit and Delete Sections.

For details on each of the Section options have a look at the Create Section page.

Editing a Section

Screenshot of the Site Structure page with Edit Section highlighted.

1. In the Site Structure, select the Section you want to edit

2. Hover the pointer over the Section Action Menu associated with your Section.

3. Select Edit Section from the menu.

4. The screen opens to the General tab on your section.

  • Navigate between the tabs to make changes as needed.
  • For more information about the options in each tab, see Create section.

5. After you make the necessary changes, click Save Changes which will send you to the Site Structure or click Save and edit section

Site Structure Widget

In the Section screen, you can see a view of the Site Structure on the left of the screen with the current Section is highlighted. 

You can also navigate to search for other Sections with the Section filter:

Section Filtering in Section screen





Subsections can be added and re-ordered in the Subsections tab. To go to Subsections, select the More tab and select Subsections from the drop-down list.

This option is only visible when you are editing a Section and does not appear when creating a new Section.

Animated GIF showing how to addd and re-order Subsections in the Subsection tab

Subsections can be manually re-ordered or automatic ordering can be applied. Subsection Automatic Ordering works the same way as Content Item automatic ordering.