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Terminalfour: 8.3.17

Date Released:
July 31 2023



Content Element Hiding


If you've been using Terminalfour for a while, chances are you have Content Types containing redundant Content Elements you might be reluctant to delete. From this version, you can hide Content Elements from editors. This is also useful if you use the Content Syncer to populate Content Items, and you don't necessarily want editors to see or edit the values added. 

The visibility of the Content Element doesn't affect its visibility when content is published or previewed.  

Improved validation when editing a Content Item 


When saving a Content Item with one or more empty required Content Element(s), the "Save changes" button was disabled. If the Content Item was very long, it was difficult for users to understand why it was not saving. Now, the screen will scroll to the Content Item with the issue. 

Accessibility improvements

  • The login page now allows keyboard navigation on the login screen (RDSM-31441) 
  • A screen reader now reads out top menu items (RDSM-31450)

Minor issues

When Child Sections are re-ordered, this is now reflected in the Mirrored Branch


Previously, when you re-ordered Child Sections, this wouldn't be reflected in the Mirrored Branch. Now those changes will take effect in the Mirror.  

Class styling is now applied to images in the HTML Editor


Before this release, when a class was added to an image in the HTML Editor (TinyMCE), styling changes could only be seen on Preview and Publish. Now, you can see that styling while you edit the content. 


Issue Type Issue key Summary Priority Component/s
Bug RDSM-31450 WCAG: links with unclear purpose 2.4.4 Link Purpose (In Context) (Level A) P3 Accessibility
Bug RDSM-31441 Login tab order does not allow you to navigate via the keyboard 2.4.3 Focus Order (Level A) P3 Accessibility
Bug RDSM-36673 Reloading the media category page does not load tabs correctly and if saved, may remove all/some settings like users or groups assigned read/write access P3 Access rights
Bug RDSM-36442 Images using CDN/PXL and variants are resized with the wrong dimensions on publish when using multiple publish threads. P3 CDN/PXL
Change Request RDSM-36555 Relabel the "Delete" button in the Content Item screen to "Delete Content Item" P3 Content
Bug RDSM-34134 Content Owner Modal Slow To Load Groups P4 Content
Story RDSM-33850 If a content element validation fails, the screen should scroll to the invalid element on an attempted save P4 Content
Bug RDSM-37093 Default value for the name element needs to be set to enabled when a content type is created from a newly imported form P3 Content Types
Story RDSM-36830 Show Content Types with hidden elements in the Content Type listing screen P3 Content Types
Change Request RDSM-36480 Relabel the Content Type delete button P3 Content Types
Story RDSM-36479 The ability to hide Content Elements P3 Content Types
Epic RDSM-36478 Allow some users to hide Content Elements P3 Content Types
Bug RDSM-33467 Content Type settings appear below Content Types (also occurs for Page Layouts) P3 Content Types
Bug RDSM-24228 Validation text overlaps with character count text Trivial Content Types
Bug RDSM-34045 Content name tooltip obscures TinyMCE buttons on screen widths below 1480px P4 Direct Edit



Concurrency issues with PredefinedList P3 Lists
Bug RDSM-33797 Double clicking an image in select media modal duplicates image in TinyMCE P3 Media Library
Bug RDSM-30975 Moderator with read-only access can't choose media layout P3 Media Library
Bug RDSM-36717 Compare page appearing for a brief moment when opening the Page Layouts list. P4 Page Layout
Bug RDSM-24250 Performance: /rs/group web service response time should be improved P3 Performance
Bug RDSM-20768 GroupService returns all groups as disabled regardless of their status P3 Performance
Bug RDSM-30744 Failed to generate preview P3 Preview
Change Request RDSM-36481 Relabel the "Delete" button in the Section screen to "Delete Section" P3 Section
Bug RDSM-36874 JavaScript (XSS) issue on Bookmarks P3 Security
Bug RDSM-36873 JavaScript (XSS) triggered in when selecting a Content Type from a dropdown P3 Security
Bug RDSM-36850 Reflected XSS vulnerability in Preview URLs P3 Security
Bug RDSM-25768 XSS issue when editing a section P3 Security
Bug RDSM-36987 Section is not highlighted in the Site Structure after duplication P3 Site Structure
Bug RDSM-36920 The "Collapse all" option is missing for subsections P3 Site Structure
Bug RDSM-26347 Reordering subsections should reflect on mirrored branch P3 Site Structure
Bug RDSM-36924 Custom styles applied to links convert to lowercase P3 TinyMCE
Bug RDSM-36765 Class styling not being applied to Images in TinyMCE editor window P3 TinyMCE
Bug RDSM-36576 The HTML Editor Find and Replace modal should have focus when displayed P3 TinyMCE
Bug RDSM-33962 Media attributes width and height are not saving in TinyMCE P3 TinyMCE
Bug RDSM-33162 SS-links wrapped around images in TinyMCE5 don't work in Direct Edit P3 TinyMCE
Bug RDSM-36911 Not possible to validate login credentials for Visitor users P3 User Management
Bug RDSM-36828 Cannot edit user after upgrade P3 User Management

Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.