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Terminalfour: 8.3.6

Date Released:
September 8 2020


This version brings us back to focus on our ever-present goals of performance and user experience improvements. Some of the improvements you might be interested in:

User experience

Clickable breadcrumbs in Sections - RDSM-31989

We've improved user flow by adding links to Section breadcrumbs. This should improve navigation and reduce clicks especially when you are multiple levels down in the Site Structure.

With the

Bulk deleting Mirrored Content Items - RDSM-29646

Up to now, bulk deleting Mirrored Content Items was, how shall we say? Tricky. That's because there are a few things to consider like whether you have links to that Content Item, or whether it was the original or the Mirrored Content Item you want to see the back of. In this release, you'll be given a heads up on what could be affected when you hit that delete button Modal displayed when Bulk Deleting Content Items with Links and Mirrored Content

Add media button only for those with rights - RDSM-20795

We now only show the "Add media" button to users who can actually add media. Previously all Users, even those without the correct rights, could see the button though they couldn't actually add media if they clicked it. 


Performance in reports - RDSM-28950

On a large scale, we saw that reports could have a negative impact on system performance by eating up too much memory and slowing things down. We've reviewed how reports are stored in memory and made adjustments to make better use of caching and garbage collection to improve how they perform. You should now see improvements to reports for broken links as well as Page Layout and Navigation usage.

Content Type usage reports - RDSM-28710

On top of a review of reports overall, we also focused on Content Type usage reports and slimmed down the amount of unnecessary data returned in report creation. Cleaning up that overhead has lead to huge performance improvements with test results coming back at a fraction of previous durations e.g., 30 seconds down to 3 seconds on a large install.

Other bugs of interest

As usual, this release includes a number of "business as usual" fixes. Some of the ones that may be of interest to you are:

Forgot password - RDSM-31501

We've had reports recently on issues with the forgotten password functionality so we picked it, brushed it off, and got it on its feet once again. No need to worry now if you've forgotten your Terminalfour password, we've got your back.

Publish reports are back - RDSM-31138

For those of you who study how your publishes are performing you'll be delighted to hear that publish reports are populated again. While we were rummaging around in there we also took a look at getting some small performance gains too – if you make use of 'page created date' you should see a performance gain in your publish.

Updated Content Type names not reflected in reports - RDSM-21819

A source of annoyance for some has been old Content Type names appearing in usage reports. We've all enough to be thinking about these days without having to match old Content Type names with current ones so we've rectified that. Whatever the current name of the Content Type is will show in the reports. 

Paragraph field in forms is too short - RDSM-32230

We received feedback that the paragraph field on forms was too short to give important information to form users. We've increased that limit now to 1000 characters instead of 256. 


About Forgot password feature doesn't work P3 RDSM-31501
Access control Child sections, created after access control is applied to parent are not inheriting access control P3 RDSM-28156
Authentication Password reset mail not being sent P3 RDSM-28217
Caching Link Menu nav used in media item called in page layout displays incorrect links on publish P3 RDSM-30490
CDN / PXL Include support for CDN/PXL on clustered environments P3 RDSM-32146
CDN / PXL "Apply a pxl filter to this image" is displayed in the tag builder when inserting media that is not an image P3 RDSM-32087
Channels / Microsites Content displayed via navigation objects can create broken links when using fully-formed microsite P3 RDSM-31205
Content Removing content from sections when bulk deleting mirrored content - different in v8 P3 RDSM-29646
Content Max size limit set for media is ignored when uploading files P3 RDSM-25247
Content Syncer Content syncer remains "In progress" if there is an error in the background P3 RDSM-31523
Content Type usage Report If you have a lot of content types that contain a lot of elements the content type usage report page can crash, usage report frontend P3 RDSM-28710
Content Types Cannot update file element max size P3 RDSM-27958
Direct Edit When a user clicks "skip" in the direct edit tour, they should not be presented with any more overlays P3 RDSM-31998
Form Builder Increase the paragraph field to allow 1000 characters P3 RDSM-32230
Hierarchy Make all text within the section breadcrumb clickable P3 RDSM-31989
Hierarchy Problem with moving mirrored sections P3 RDSM-31479
Hierarchy Purging duplicated sections with mirrored content, deletes the SectionMetaDesc from original section P3 RDSM-30635
Hierarchy Hitting save before TinyMCE finishes rendering causes an error P3 RDSM-30075
LDAP LDAP does not support TLS 1.1+ P3 RDSM-29938
Mail users EmailDispatcher does not support TLS 1.2 P3 RDSM-30939
Media Library SVG files do not display a thumbnail in the Media Library P3 RDSM-14618
Navigation Enable caching by default when creating navigation objects P3 RDSM-32120
Navigation Previous next fulltext content - display on boundary not working P3 RDSM-24137
Navigation Previous next fulltext content - display content name as title on link not working P3 RDSM-15785
Navigation Previous next fulltext content, problems with displaying all content from news content type P3 RDSM-15784
Preview Fulltext content with no previously approved version not found by previous next navigation object in preview P3 RDSM-31574
Publish Getting "page created" date during publish is extremely inefficient P3 RDSM-31991
Publish Clicking "View output" of a running publish on a non publishing node consumes a significant amount of memory causing the browser to crash P3 RDSM-30543
Publish DB connections are held open during a publish. If the publish runs long then the connections are closed impacts publish P3 RDSM-29505
Publish Reports No data displayed in publish report P3 RDSM-31138
Reports All reports are stored in memory P3 RDSM-28950
Transfer Manager Scheduled transfer tasks do not get added to the queue P3 RDSM-28390
User Management Remove the "TERMINALFOUR user interface language" option when adding/editing users P3 RDSM-31527
User Interface (UI) Update product name text Terminalfour rather than TERMINALFOUR P3 RDSM-31965
Channels / Microsites Output directory field shows as required when creating or editing a microsite P4 RDSM-28122
Direct Edit Review direct edit walkthrough flow P4 RDSM-31718
Media Library Add media button for users without write rights should not be available P4 RDSM-20795
Navigation Previous next fulltext content - when view in preview is unchecked, pending content is still linked to P4 RDSM-23845
Navigation Previous next fulltext, between html is not displayed on preview / publish P4 RDSM-21768
Page layout usage Report Content type name not updated for navigation & content type usage reports P4 RDSM-21819

Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.