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Terminalfour: 8.3.8

Date Released:
February 15 2021



We received feedback about Workflow issues with multi-lingual Content Items, errors around rejection steps, and email functionality taking longer than it should. This release has over 20 fixes in place around the workflow functionality which should hopefully make things run smoother there.

A couple of highlights:


Approving Content Items in a Section Workflow configured to notify step moderators could be very slow. We've improved this by changing how those emails are queued and sent.


Previously if you modified and saved a Content Item where the reject settings were set to "Do nothing" and it had been already rejected in a Workflow, the Content Item did not re-enter or show up in the Workflow. That's fixed up now.


There were problems with rejecting independent Media Items that entered a Workflow. This has been resolved now.


Moving mirrored sections - RDSM-25970

As always we're still finding performance gains with each release. For this release our performance piece was around the time it takes to move a Mirrored Section. At a large scale (e.g. over 7000 Child Sections) this was very slow. With this update, the same action takes about 30% of the previous time, a welcome improvement.

Fixes of note

Accessibility and anchor tags - RDSM-31347

We made some adjustments to the meta_anchor T4 Tag with this release. Previously that tag would output an <a> tag like this:

<a id="d.en.10743"></a>

From an accessibility perspective, this isn't great –  it's not a link and it's not going anywhere – so we changed it from an <a> tag to a <span>. The linking functionality will work the same but the markup is better.

Duplicating/mirroring/moving content to a Section, content ordering is lost - RDSM-28606

As part of this release, we took a look at what is happening with ordering when content is mirrored/moved/duplicated. There were a few idiosyncrasies that we have ironed out now. For a view on the expected functionality see the new documentation.

Translating a List into another language - RDSM-26130

When you tried to translate a List you could end up on a blank screen. We had a workaround but it wasn't user-friendly, so we've fixed the problem and you should be able to translate lists again.

Group names over 40 characters - RDSM-32481

Up until now, Group names had to be under 40 characters. Now that's configurable from the database if it needs to be longer. 

Content Syncer and extended user content type - RDSM-32242 

We spotted a problem where the Content Syncer functionality was being blocked if the system had an extended user Content Type set. That's been fixed up now.

Inactive Content Items that are made pending publish - RDSM-14098

This is an issue that's worth keeping an eye out for as it's been around for a while and may change current publish behavior on some older pages (albeit incorrect behavior). In this scenario, we've seen that content that was made inactive, then updated to be pending (not approved) could be published. We've put a fix in so in this situation only approved content will be published.


Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.


Component Summary Priority Key
Authentication Connections to SAML metadata require TLS 1.0 or lower. Current protocols are not supported. P3 RDSM-29373
Brokers ExcelToHTMLBroker can have CachedContent for other sections in the list of CachedContent for the current section P3 RDSM-31240
CDN / PXL Pixel filter id should be displayed in the url P3 RDSM-32134
Content Duplicating approved content sets the new content as approved P3 RDSM-31437
Content Duplicating inactive content creates a piece of content with version 1.0 P3 RDSM-31308
Content Bulk mirroring content does not retain content order in section P3 RDSM-29645
Content Cluster cache not updated when bulk approving content or purging content P3 RDSM-29611
Content Duplicating/mirroring/moving content to a section, content ordering is lost P3 RDSM-28606
Content Approval Approval queue shows content user should not have access to if user is a step approver P3 RDSM-31403
Content Approval Unable to approve content if there are duplicate entries in the workflow_content table P3 RDSM-31305
Content Approval Rejecting content in a workflow fails when the step is set to alert the content owner and the content owner is not set P3 RDSM-31271
Content Approval Update task required to change reject_step column from step sequence to step id P3 RDSM-31260
Content Approval Inactive content that is made pending is published P3 RDSM-14098
Content Syncer Content syncer does not work if extended user content type is set P3 RDSM-32242
Database Validation for group name not taken from database P3 RDSM-32481
Form Builder Submission is not downloaded for a form if two dropdown fields are used P3 RDSM-32474
Form Builder Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'startsWith' of undefined pops up on form submission P3 RDSM-32463
Form Builder Submission imports keeps creating lists on subsequent failed submissions P3 RDSM-32457
Form Builder Change of the from email address in the email header to the reply-to email address P3 RDSM-32351
Form Builder Next button has to be double clicked in Formbuilder to actually move forward P3 RDSM-32342
Form Builder When forms with the same name exist it causes issues with submitting the form and downloading them P3 RDSM-31815
Form Builder If a form is with long name and there's another form with similar name, submissions won't be downloaded P3 RDSM-31399
Form Builder If a text field is with a long name, submission won't be downloaded due to data too long error in logs P3 RDSM-31398
Form Builder Paragraphs, headings and line breaks are counted as map-able fields and as a result may trigger a warning saying a form has unmapped fields P3 RDSM-29744
Form Builder Modifying a form that has a large name (50 characters) prevents new submissions from being downloaded P3 RDSM-29330
Form Builder Submission report filter is not working correctly P3 RDSM-26329
Hierarchy Performance of mirrored sections, takes too long to move a mirrored section P3 RDSM-25970
Languages Its not possible to translate a list into another language P3 RDSM-26130
Media Library Pressing enter in the media name or description field causes the browser to hang P3 RDSM-32210
Metadata The markup published by the META Anchor tag is inaccessible 2.1.1 Keyboard (Level A) P3 RDSM-31347
Navigation New Link sections need cache to be rebuilt in order to show up in link menu P3 RDSM-32447
Navigation Publish to one file processor should try to get a new connection if the current one has timed out P3 RDSM-30560
Navigation Navigation page does not load when there is a reference to a group ID that does not exist in the group_assets table P3 RDSM-28102
Preview Previewing of content with consecutive 'Ä°' (I with Dot Above) along with any html tag break with 500some P3 RDSM-32240
Publish Merging branch and section publish types publishes more than intended P3 RDSM-31173
Scheduler Schedule publish tasks for microsites not running after merge P3 RDSM-32414
User Management Web API: Power users have Admin permissions P3 RDSM-32397
Workflow Rejected content is set to Approved if 'X number of moderators' is a negative value P3 RDSM-31755
Workflow Non Admin users cannot approve content in second step of workflow P3 RDSM-31725
Workflow Content reenters workflow but is not visible to step moderators on the Approval page P3 RDSM-31723
Workflow Error is thrown when trying to reject a content without any workflow P3 RDSM-31714
Workflow Workflows don't work for multilingual content P3 RDSM-31353
Workflow User doesn't see workflow on approval page after upgrade from v7 to v8+ P3 RDSM-31322
Workflow Content can be modified by users not part of a workflow step P3 RDSM-31307
Workflow Error is thrown when trying to reject a media item P3 RDSM-31306
Workflow Content can be approved through all steps of a workflow (incorrectly) after upgrading P3 RDSM-31303
Workflow Content that was rejected when reject is set to "Do nothing" in a workflow, does not re-enter the workflow when the content is saved as pending P3 RDSM-31244
Workflow Emails are sent one at a time, per user, per content item, when duplicating content in a workflow in v8 - was Bcc-ed in v7, this leads to a performance issue P3 RDSM-31221
Workflow Reject "Do nothing" does not work as intended P3 RDSM-31217
Workflow Reject to workflow does not work as intended P3 RDSM-31214
Workflow Reject to step does not work as intended P3 RDSM-31181
Workflow Approving content where a workflow is configured to notify step moderators takes a long time to approve P3 RDSM-29134
Workflow Creating content in a section that has a workflow assigned, that is configured to notify step moderators, takes a long time to save P3 RDSM-29133
Form Builder Breadcrumb is broken for Forms & Transactions P4 RDSM-32213
Media Library Some thumbnails have a pink background colour P4 RDSM-20044
Security Cross-site scripting Vulnerability detected in recent scan P2 RDSM-31817
Workflow Error in logs when power user rejects content from approval queue P4 RDSM-23916