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Terminalfour: 8.3.9

Date Released:
April 30 2021


There are some big changes and lots of smaller, though notable, refinements in this release. 

Ellucian Ethos integration

Ellucian Ethos provides a cloud-based unified data model for Ellucian’s higher education solutions. This provides institutions with a single source of truth for all stakeholders and prevents information silos. Now you can use the External Content Syncer to integrate with Ethos data like student, course, and faculty information. In fact, if Ethos has it, you can now sync the data with Terminalfour. We've created an article on how to use this powerful feature. 

Inherited Page Layout labeled in Section

If you've ever found yourself guessing the inherited Page Layout used for a Section, guess no more – the inherited Page Layout is now labeled in the drop-down.

Inherited Page Layout labelled in Section

Create forms in languages other than English

Now you can create forms in languages other than English. If you have another Language set up in Terminalfour you can switch Language and create a form in that Language. 

Programmable Layout linting

Do you use Programmable Layouts? We do too. To save you time chasing bugs, we've added a linting feature so you can now get a heads up on potential issues before you even preview.

Programmable Layout Linting in 8.3.9 

Fixes Of Note 

Choose a timezone for your date element (RDSM-31918)

Now when you're using the time and date picker, your local timezone is displayed next to it so you can be confident that the time you're setting is the right one.

Timezone alert

Content Items in the delete modal are ordered correctly (RDSM-29022)

Previously when you deleted a Content Item via Content > Delete Content, the order of Content Items in the modal didn't match the order in the Section. The ordering is now consistent.

The user's initials are used to identify the content owner  (RDSM-24103)

Previously, the same default image of a 1970's footballer was used for all content owners. We've updated this now, so the user's initials are shown instead. 

Media Items in Categories display consistently in Chrome (RDSM-32262)

Occasionally when Chrome users navigated away from a Media Category and returned to it, it appeared empty even when it wasn't. That's fixed now.

Bulk move Media Items now functions consistently (RDSM-32629)

Some users were getting an error when they bulk moved Media Items from one Category to another. This now works as intended.

Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.



Media Library  All media files disappear in the Media Category when a file is being edited by another user P2 RDSM-31317
Upgrade  Upgrade from 7.4 to 8.3.9 is failing on task 0587 P3 RDSM-32652
Upgrade  Upgrade on Oracle is failing on update task 0666 P3 RDSM-32638
Media Library  Unable to bulk move media items P3 RDSM-32629
External Sources Fetch Example Data does not work when a query is updated P3 RDSM-32575
Preview Previewing multiple sections can close the S3Client for other previews P3 RDSM-32547
Publish AddContentTypePrimaryKeyTask sets primary key with incorrect column ordering P3 RDSM-32542
Page Layout  Errors in the browser console when editing Page Layouts P3 RDSM-32539
Form Builder Form submissions fail when a redirect hidden section has been selected P3 RDSM-32533
Database  AlterTableUpdate upgrade task in MySQL fails when '0000-00-00 00:00:00' default value. P3 RDSM-32523
Content  Unable to specify selected option in radio button form element P3 RDSM-32512
Content  XSS issue on content name field when you're removing piece of content P3 RDSM-32499
Content Sync  ContentSyncer throws an error using Web services when Web service query does not starts with a / P3 RDSM-32435
Media Library  Media Category items don't display in Chrome P3 RDSM-32262
Languages Media category can be blank when you toggle between languages P3 RDSM-32182
Media Library   The media category must be hard reloaded as otherwise it'll be displayed as blank P3 RDSM-32181
Media Library ConcurrentModificationException when create media library package P3 RDSM-32143
UI  User can write text into the UI. P3 RDSM-32077
Content Bulk deleting mirrored content(s) that are content link targets where original content has been removed throws an error P3 RDSM-31997
UI  Time zone in date elements is based on the local machine and not the server time. P3 RDSM-31918
Site Structure  Editing a sections name in a new language throws errors when the languages code length is higher than 2 P3 RDSM-31672
Languages  Inconsistent messages shown for language creation for the code attribute P3 RDSM-31671
Database  Redbox error and stack trace when editing a content type layout due to MySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException P3 RDSM-31590
UI  Breadcrumbs are missing "Home" for some pages P3 RDSM-31402
Channels / Microsites A users "Preview channel" prevents content from being assigned to channels on a branch when "Channel selection method" is "Select on branch" P3 RDSM-31210
Channels / Microsites Microsites are added to channel_content table for newly created content when "Channel selection method" is set to "Select on branch" P3 RDSM-31209
Reports  Submission reports are reindexed every time the import task runs if the submission uses multiple content types P3 RDSM-30846
Content Layout  Content layout code is not displayed sometimes P3 RDSM-30706
Scheduler Accessibility report returns nothing P3 RDSM-30567
Media Library  Creation fails - media when the context_url is set to a relative url P3 RDSM-30527
Packages  Packages requires current certificate to be added to keystore in order to export media from instances with secure urls P3 RDSM-30451
Workflow  Content review is not scheduled if a group is chosen as the content owner P3 RDSM-30415
Content   The order of the content in "delete content" modal doesn't match the actual content order in a section P3 RDSM-29022
LDAP  User records are not updated when reimporting users via a new ldap context P3 RDSM-28233
Reports  Seo report and accessibility report scores are not cleared up when a section is purged P4 RDSM-32526
UI  User interface locales should accept 3 character language and country codes, as per ISO standards. P4 RDSM-32480
Content Type  Content Type label formatting P4 RDSM-32028
Form Builder  When you change language on form builder page you have to reload the page manually P4 RDSM-26292
UI  Content owner icon should be the users initials instead of existing image P4 RDSM-24103
Content Type   Content type name has no colon or space in front of it and its label when editing content Trivial RDSM-32589
UI  Breadcrumb for content migration should be consistent Trivial RDSM-25626