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Preparation & Access Requirements

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10 Feb 2020
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For a trouble-free Terminalfour installation, the person carrying it out should be confident with server administration, have the necessary permissions and access to the required systems. 

Before you begin the installation check out this article on supported systems.

The person in charge of the installation should have experience with:

  • Application server administration.
  • Database back-up and restore procedures.
  • Operating system and common administration features.

To perform the installation, the following permission levels are required:

  • Application server administrator/root user access.
  • Database/database server access credentials

The following files are required to perform the installation:

  • Terminalfour WAR file, available from Client Support or the Community Extranet homepage.
  • JDBC database driver for your chosen database type. 
  • Apache Tomcat installation files, available from

Information Required

Before installing Terminalfour, you should have the following information:

  • Database type & version
  • Database hostname and port
  • Database name
  • Database username and password
  • SMTP server host and port
  • SMTP server username/password (if required)
  • Where the Terminalfour WAR file will be stored on the file system
  • Where the Terminalfour File Store should be stored on the file system
  • Where Apache Tomcat should be installed on the application server


It is assumed that:

  • For versions prior to 8.3, your server has Oracle Java 7 installed. Prior to version 8.3, Terminalfour does not support any other releases or versions of Java, including OpenJDK.

Please note that that the minimum supported version of Java from version 8.3.1 is version 11 (OpenJDK).
See our technical roadmap for more information. 

  • Your system has sufficient disk space to hold the necessary Terminalfour as well as the published website. We recommend at least four times the space that your website currently or is projected to occupy be made available. 
  • That your system satisfies the minimum recommended memory requirements for Terminalfour.
  • A database has been created for Terminalfour along with a database user which will have the appropriate access permissions on that database.

For security reasons, it is strongly advised that the Terminalfour database user does not have administrative privileges over the entire database server. Instead, the user should have full access to the specific database schema where Terminalfour will be installed.

This user should have full access to create, alter and interact with the database schema and other necessary objects such as sequences, triggers and indexes. 

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