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Date Released:
April 10 2019


This release focused on enhancements to Form Builder, Licensing information and Content Types.

Form Builder

  • Improved performance when creating, editing/listing forms
  • When adding a date/time form field you can now omit the time


  • Clearly see the content and form submissions that are counted for licensing purposes
  • Graph shows “used” and “remaining”

SAML Encryption

You can now choose the algorithm to use. 

Content Type Locking and Applying Updates

  • Content Types can be "locked" when changes are being applied
  • Padlock icon to indicate it is locked and the user who is editing
  • Locked Content Types can be viewed in read-only mode
  • Option to renew the lock when the lock is about to expire
  • Manage Content Layouts from the content types listing page to avoid locking
  • Changes to Content Types are now applied in the background
  • Introduction of a second-level cache
  • Safely continue to use the product while the changes are being applied
  • New notification to show that the changes have been successfully applied
Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.



Audit Trail / Error Reports Audit trail reports for creating navigation objects don't record the object ID P3 RDSM-29885
Authentication SAML encryption updates P3 RDSM-28693
Content Error on screen and in logs if archive section set for content does not exist P3 RDSM-27123
Content Possible for 2 users to edit the same Content Layout – improved JS locking is missing P3 RDSM-22502
Content Syncer Unfriendly error appears on screen when content sync task is deleted P3 RDSM-29205
Content Types Duplicates can be added to the content_lock table because there is no primary key P3 RDSM-30489
Content Types Content Layout lock can be bypassed by direct URL P3 RDSM-30033
Content Types Content Layouts are locked in read-only mode P3 RDSM-30006
Content Types Content Layouts and Page Layouts should implement the same lock modal as Content and Media P3 RDSM-23075
Database Supported Systems: Include MySQL 5.7 P3 RDSM-27293
Direct Edit Preview filter alters HTML entities in Direct Edit breaking the content (Windows & IIS) P3 RDSM-30380
External Sources Remove the external sources functionality from the product P3 RDSM-24929
Form Builder Performance issues with list page when checking for form usage P3 RDSM-29620
Form Builder Form not always saving all new fields P3 RDSM-29079
Form Builder Update communications protocols for connections to Form Bank P3 RDSM-29015
Form Builder Performance is slow when creating, editing/listing forms P3 RDSM-27420
Form Builder Creating a form with the ID of an existing Content Type will misreport the usage of the Form P3 RDSM-24107
Form Builder Page is not loaded gracefully and users might navigate away as there is no loading bar or other indication P3 RDSM-21884
Hierarchy Firefox crashes when you edit a section probably due to Invalid string length in main.js P3 RDSM-21322
Licensing License limit: counting content and form submissions P3 RDSM-29083
Licensing Incorrect content licensing information P3 RDSM-27496
Licensing Orphaned content should not count towards license count P3 RDSM-25703
Localization Error message for any non-existing item is wrong P3 RDSM-18238
Media Library Page unresponsive after bulk move of Media Library items P3 RDSM-28145
Navigation Pagination navigation object that references an alternate layout also used by a related content navigation object can cause a stackoverflow error P3 RDSM-30321
Navigation If there is no section meta content type configured, creating an A to Z navigation object gives an error P3 RDSM-25844
Packages - html Media not resolved when creating a HTML package while using a fully qualified domain name P3 RDSM-29939
Packages - html When creating a html package and "Remove from section name" is used, an error can occur if the entire title is removed P3 RDSM-27386
Packages - html Error in logs when saving media alt tag info to the media description P3 RDSM-26079
Packages - html Link resolver is adding extra tags to content P3 RDSM-25709
TinyMCE Double-clicking images and links in TinyMCE not working in Chrome P3 RDSM-29214
TinyMCE TinyMCE fails to load when a section/content link's link_text contains a t4 media link P3 RDSM-27659
User Interface (UI) Add menu items for Data sources and Data object under the Integration Tools menu P3 RDSM-30385
About Listeners tab doesn't display anything P4 RDSM-22264
About About: System time not formatted correctly P4 RDSM-22214
Content Types Permanent loading spinner when viewing a locked content type in a new tab P4 RDSM-30032
Localization Tooltips missing on page/schedule P4 RDSM-28672
Media Library Error unfriendly, entering a number > 10 digits in the jump field P4 RDSM-27031
Media Library Media sort only sorts the current page of results P4 RDSM-20326
Media Library Media sort by name or size does not work (one page of results) P4 RDSM-20325
Scheduler Missing tooltip for data store in scheduler P4 RDSM-24014
Scheduler Setting a scheduled task in the past does not show a meaningful error to the user P4 RDSM-21009
Content Incorrect placeholder name on publish now modal Trivial RDSM-21146