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Terminalfour: 8.3.12

Date Released:
March 7 2022


There's a refreshed HTML Editor in this release and we've also redesigned the HTML Editor configuration page. We've also made it easier to find items in the main navigation and now you can approve Content Items from the Section screen. .

Improved HTML Editor


TinyMCE 5 in 8.3.12

In 8.3.12 we’re using a new version of TinyMCE to power the HTML Editor. This brings with it a number of enhancements including:

  • redesigned and cleaner UI
  • improved copy and paste from third-party sources like Word and Google docs
  • improved copying and pasting of links from other HTML Editor instances 
  • improved editing of Media Attributes in Media Layouts 
  • enhanced table creation and editing 

In addition, we’ve also addressed a number of bugs and annoyances that were hanging around.

Redesigned HTML Editor configuration page


TinyMCE Configuration in 8.3.12

We've redesigned the HTML Editor configuration screen to make it easier to use. 

Content Approval from the Section Screen


Approve Content Item

You can now approve a Pending Content Item directly from “Actions” menu in the Section screen. 

Navigation Menu Filtering 


8.3.12 Navigation Filtering

Can’t remember where a menu item is? No problem. You can now filter by item name. 

It's now easier to add items to multi-select Lists


They may be called Multi-select Lists but adding more than one item at a time to a was more difficult than it needed to be. Now it’s easier so you can hold down Shift or Ctrl and add multiple items. 

More informative Email Integration page


Previously, when you clicked on the “Email Integration” link on the main navigation, you were sent directly to T4 Mailer whether you had an account or not. Now there’s some information about what T4Mailer is. 

Improved weak password checking


If users log in with a Terminalfour account weak password checking is now enabled by default. We’ve also improved the password checking criteria too.   

Deprecated: Fetching Grandchild Sections With The Related Content Navigation Object


We’ve deprecated fetching Grandchild Sections with the Related Content Navigation Object. If any of your Nav Objects are using it you’ll get an alert and any of the Navigation Objects that are using it will be highlighted.

Removed: Support for IE 11


Microsoft stopped supporting IE 11 on their 365 apps since August 2021 so, to follow suit, we've also ceased support. 

Removed: "Mobile Integration" option in Navigation


The item "Mobile Integration" available under Sites & Channels > Mobile Integration has been removed from the left-hand navigation.


Issue key Summary Priority Component/s
RDSM-32928 Keyword search is missing the "Any Content Type" option P3 Navigation Object
RDSM-32927 Publish to one file navigation object is missing the "All Content Types" option P3 Navigation Object
RDSM-32900 Cannot download file element if there is a % character in the name of the element P3 Form Builder
RDSM-32780 If media layout is surrounded by div, section links on images do not work P3 HTML Editor
RDSM-32729 Clicking on "View output" on a publish can cause the publish log file not to be cleaned up when the file is zipped P4 Publish
RDSM-32596 In TinyMCE, when removing an image, it does not remove wrapping <figure> or <div> tags P3 HTML Editor
RDSM-32461 Upgrade fails on task 412 when there are duplicate enabled plugins for TinyMCE in the config_option_multi_str table P4 HTML Editor
RDSM-32413 Adding Section/Content Link to the text in TinyMCE does not work P2 HTML Editor
RDSM-32331 TinyMCE - Link is not retaining custom style class when link is updated P3 HTML Editor
RDSM-32140 Access control file is not generated on media category directory P3 Access Control
RDSM-31773 If media, section link and text are in the same paragraph, sometimes the text or link can be removed P3 Direct Edit
RDSM-31712 "Page Loading" spinner for TinyMCE box P3 TinyMCE
RDSM-31700 It's difficult to select multiple options in a multi-select element (V8 v V7) P3 Content Types
RDSM-31678 No results returned when searching for filename in media P4 Search
RDSM-31517 Direct Edit: Tiny MCE plugin for Table not appearing in toolbar P3 Direct Edit
RDSM-31134 TinyMCE fails to load if any T4 tag is present that it doesn't like / understand - please can we add error handling for any and all tags P3 TinyMCE
RDSM-31131 Removing empty lines in TinyMCE removes any documents above instead. P3  
RDSM-31128 Line break tag inside T4 PDF link is breaking TinyMCE P4 Media Library
RDSM-31116 (Firefox) Cursor in TinyMCE jumps back to the top of the editor when you edit a link P3 TinyMCE
RDSM-31024 Error in logs when approving media or content with approval comments left blank on UFL P3 Content Approval
RDSM-30842 Not possible to disable all TinyMCE plugins. 500 error is thrown on Save P3 TinyMCE
RDSM-30762 Bullet/Numbered list with a section/content link will remove all section/content links in TinyMCE element when duplicating content P4 Content
RDSM-30455 TinyMCE - undefined media T4 tag causing editor not to load P3 TinyMCE
RDSM-30407 Other editors like "PlainTextarea" and "T4Editor" are treated like TinyMCE editors P4 TinyMCE
RDSM-29297 Copy and paste section links in TinyMCE P3 TinyMCE
RDSM-28794 Submission report table not loading with edited forms that had multiple fields added P3 Form Builder
RDSM-28645 When Power user attempts to share an asset with another group they are a member of, the Primary group and Shared group fields are hidden P3 Content Types
RDSM-28453 Element description not displayed on hover when adding content, name, html, date, decimal number, whole number, section/content link, group select, select box, multiple select, multi-select list, cascading list elements P4 Content Types
RDSM-28288 Cannot remove paragraph before a list item P3 TinyMCE
RDSM-27404 T4 media filesize tag keeps outputing filesize value after each content update P3 Media Library
RDSM-27329 Access control being published when "access_control_config_id" is set to 1 in the database P3 Access control on published pages
RDSM-27318 References to deleted channels in channel_hier_style causes problems when navigating to related sections P3 Channels / Microsites
RDSM-27011 Plugin t4tablestrip appears to be redundant or is not being disabled correctly P3 HTML Editor
RDSM-26257 Links that contain an image and text within one anchor tag strip the text from the link P3 HTML Editor
RDSM-25818 Unable to select a section to mirror to when using search inside the modal P4 Hierarchy
RDSM-25723 Error in logs when creating a piece of content with a media attribute and not specifying the class attribute P3 HTML Editor
RDSM-24827 Moving a section / content does not update the path in the UI or section_paths table P3 HTML Editor
RDSM-24821 Spell check doesn't work on clustered instance due to error P3 HTML Editor
RDSM-24599 Disabling the anchor plugin doesn't remove the insert anchor menu P4 HTML Editor
RDSM-24581 Table options don't appear after inserting a table P3 HTML Editor
RDSM-24565 Editing table properties, the width is blank P3 HTML Editor
RDSM-24497 If a user creates a custom editor with the same name as a previously deleted editor, the settings from the previously deleted editor are used P3 TinyMCE
RDSM-24492 Enable cleanup and convert fonts to spans should both be checked by default P3 TinyMCE
RDSM-23578 The content owner on a section/content states that the user is an administrator, regardless of their user level P4 Hierarchy
RDSM-22579 Creating a section/content link will create 2 entries in "link_table" P3 Links
RDSM-22324 Push to social - Error when pressing 'Post' twice P3 Social Poster
RDSM-20567 Thumbnail for css files should not be available on /page/htmleditorconfig#editors P4 HTML Editor
RDSM-20082 Compare selected history, dropdown to change version does not work P4 Versions
RDSM-19491 If you try to post to not existing media you'll get error:notification.404.NETWORK_WITH_NAME:_NONE_DOES_NOT_EXIST..title P4 Media Library
RDSM-19212 Unable to resize TinyMCE window Trivial HTML Editor
RDSM-32872 Deprecate fetch grandchildren in the Related Content Navigation Object P3 Navigation
RDSM-32862 Remove Mobile Integration from the left hand navigation and deprecate code P3 Push to mobile
RDSM-32803 Add descriptions to the HTML Editor Plug Listing screen P3 HTML Editor
RDSM-32802 Change the wording on the HTML Editor settings labels P3 HTML Editor
RDSM-32801 Combine the HTML Editor Settings and Editors Screens P3 HTML Editor
RDSM-32798 Add a link to the Media Item name in the Media Item selection component P3 Content Types

Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.