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Terminalfour: 8.3.15

Date Released:
February 1 2023


This version introduces significant enhancements to the Site Structure and Direct Edit to improve the user experience. 

We've created a brief video to give you an overview of what's in this release.

Section Filtering


Do you want to find a Section but can't remember where you left it? With Section filtering, you can quickly find Sections in the main Site Structure...

Section Filtering

...or anywhere that you can select Sections like the Edit Section screen...

Section Filtering in Section screen

...or when adding a link:

Section Filter Link modal

Direct Edit Enhancements


We've added several enhancements to Direct Edit, including: 

  • You can now see and visit the URL of the corresponding published page
  • One-click save and approve
    • previously there were two steps when saving and approving content in Direct Edit; now it's just one 
  • Save as draft
    • you can now save content as a draft from Direct Edit 
  • Publish from Direct Edit
    • previously, if you wanted to publish the page, you would have to return to the Section; now you can publish directly from Direct Edit 
  • Quick Toolbar on rich text
    • There's now a handy Quick Toolbar that appears when you highlight text 
  • Google Analytics improvements
    • we've improved Google Analytics' reporting 
  • UI enhancements

Smart default when duplicating a Content Item


When you duplicate a Content Item, the current Section will be selected in the Site Structure selection modal.

Improved current Section highlighting in the Section screen


Up to now, when you edited a Section, the Site Structure view on the left was displayed from the root Section and extended the full height of the Site Structure. Now the height is constrained, and the current Section is highlighted and in view. 

Highlight duplicated Section 


After you've duplicated a Section, it will be highlighted and the Site Structure will scroll to it.

Improved Form Bank Connection Statuses


To help troubleshoot Form Bank connection issues, we've improved the Form Bank configuration screen to give you a clearer idea about what's going on.

Form Bank Settings Screen



Issue Type Issue key Summary Priority Component/s
Bug RDSM-36639 Error logged for each form that is published using t4 tag P4 Preview
Bug RDSM-36587 Logging issue allows OS administrators to obtain sensitive information from application server logs when debug logging is enabled.
P1 Logging
Bug RDSM-36535 The "Approved" status for new content in the Content Sync is applied to existing content P3 Content Syncer
Bug RDSM-33773 Improve Initial Content Sync process performance P3 Content Syncer
Story RDSM-33744 Add a "More options" fly out menu to content items in Direct Edit P3 Direct Edit
Story RDSM-33743 Reduce the width of the Direct Edit sidebar P3 Direct Edit
Bug RDSM-33738 HTML Editor Table Context Menu obscures table headings P4 HTML Editor
Bug RDSM-33724 Section name not updated in the site structure when editing after duplicating P3 Hierarchy
Story RDSM-33691 Add a publish button to the Direct Edit screen P3 Direct Edit
Bug RDSM-33685 Icons for documents in search results show as broken images P3 Media Library
Bug RDSM-33645 Can mail users with moderator account P3 Mail users
Bug RDSM-33923 Form bank status displays connected when the form bank server is off P3 Form Builder
Story RDSM-33608 Constrain the height of the Site Structure view when editing a Section P3 Content
Story RDSM-33606 Add the publish URL to the General Section of the Page Settings in Direct Edit P3 Direct Edit
Story RDSM-33605 Quick Toolbar should be the primary method for formatting in Direct Edit P3 Direct Edit
Bug RDSM-33563 Cannot follow section/content links added to TinyMCE in Direct Edit P3 HTML Editor
Story RDSM-33524 When duplicating a Content Item the Section selector should default to the current Section P3 Hierarchy
Story RDSM-33519 Highlight duplicated Branch after duplication P3 Hierarchy
Story RDSM-33494 Classes should not be removed from the root HTML element P3 Direct Edit
Story RDSM-33490 Add a "Save and approve" option to Content Items in Direct Edit P3 Direct Edit
Story RDSM-33489 Add "Save as Draft" as an option for Content Items in Direct Edit P3 Direct Edit
Story RDSM-33487 Minimise the height of the "Insert Content" P3 Direct Edit
Epic RDSM-33463 Add Section filtering to the Site Structure P3 CMS Search
Epic RDSM-33342 Direct Edit enhancements based on user research P3 Direct Edit
Bug RDSM-33327 TinyMCE resize handle displays over modals and sub menu items in direct edit P3 Direct Edit
Bug RDSM-33262 Style of custom plugin listed in the plugin table does not match the other plugins P3 HTML Editor
Bug RDSM-33213 Keyword search content not working correctly on duplicated section P3 Caching
Bug RDSM-32594 Direct edit Google Analytics graph has newest dates on the x-axis closest to the y-axis and it would be expected to be the opposite P4 Direct Edit
Bug RDSM-32593 Direct Edit Google Analytics using potentially incorrect filters to query a page's analytical information P3 Direct Edit
Bug RDSM-32126 Medium table is update with login password for mail server password P3 Mail users
Bug RDSM-31794 Content element type label is not displayed correctly in Direct Edit P3 Direct Edit
Bug RDSM-28860 Broken links retrieval should only consider the latest result from an external link check P3 Broken Links Report
Bug RDSM-28112 Turning a PDF link into a Section/Content link displays the PDF name twice P3 TinyMCE
Bug RDSM-27488 Incorrect warning message when deleting Content Items, Sections, Media Items and Media Categories P3 Localization
Bug RDSM-27091 Double clicking an image in select media modal closes the modal and no image is inserted P3 Media Library
Bug RDSM-27086 Select media modal does not disappear after you select an image P3 Media Library
Bug RDSM-26771 Bullet points indent (sometimes) when adding links P4 HTML Editor
Bug RDSM-25484 Cannot reorder content on second page of section P3 Content
Bug RDSM-25236 Content configuration, allowed file extensions does not work P3 Content
Bug RDSM-24164 When new content is imported as pending, with a workflow, relevant step email alerts should be sent P3 Workflow
Bug RDSM-24163 When new content is imported into a content type with a status of pending, the content should be in the workflow P3 Workflow
Bug RDSM-20683 Content layouts are not saved when using any language other than English P3 Languages

Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.