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Form Bank Configuration

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26 Jul 2019
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Forms are stored on a dedicated Form Bank server, which your TERMINALFOUR creates a connection and authenticates with. Form submissions are all handled through the same Form Bank server. TERMINALFOUR has a number of Form Bank servers located around the world and you need to connect to the Form Bank for your region.

The Form Builder FAQ page has further details on the server architecture and security.

Form Bank connection

To configure the Form Builder, go to System administration > System settings > Form builder:

Screenshot of the Form Bank connection screnn

Current status

Displays the status; Connected or Disconnected.

Form Bank URL

Enter the URL for the Form Bank server, as provided to you by TERMINALFOUR and click the Authenticate button 

Once you have authenticated your Form Bank connection, all forms will be saved to your Form Bank. The public form is pulled from Form Bank and all data submitted by a form is sent to the Form Bank. 

Security and Authentication

When you connect to the Form Bank server, TERMINALFOUR creates a key pair. The private key is saved locally in a password protected Java key store. The public key is sent to the Form Bank server.

Connection to the Form Bank from the public is via HTTPS (SSL) only, this avoids fallback, removing the possibility of "man in the middle (MitM)" attacks on the public forms.

Form submissions are saved with 2 phase encryption using RSA and AES, this means that the submitted forms can only be unlocked using the private key.

Diagram illustrating how Form Bank works

Our Form Builder FAQ page has further details on the server architecture and security.

To prevent against spam, a Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) token is used to guarantee one-time form submissions. When the form is requested, the browser is given a token. The form can only be submitted once with the token and before the token expires.

Submission Downloading

After linking to the Form Bank server, TERMINALFOUR will automatically create a Scheduled Task to download form submissions into your instance of TERMINALFOUR.

For versions prior to 8.1.6, the scheduled task will need to be created manually in the Task Scheduler.

By default, Submissions are downloaded every 10 minutes. You can change this by going to System Administration > Task Scheduler. Filter for the word "form". The item called named "Formbank submission import" has an Execution Interval of 10 minutes: 

Screenshot of Form Bank Import Task Schedule

Click on the name or go to Actions > Edit and change the Execution Interval.

Learn more about Submissions here.

Manually Sync Submissions

From 8.3 you can force a re-index of submissions in the event that submissions have not synced.

When "Syn submissions" is clicked, an alert is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot of the Form Builder configuration page with the