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Terminalfour: 8.3.2

Date Released:
November 7 2019


Media Search

One of our priorities this year is to address common sources of user frustration and with Media Library search functionality appearing regularly in feedback, for 8.3.2 we've developed a new Media Search feature from the ground up. You can find out how Media Search works here.

Media Search is powered by a separate application we call Simple Search. The benefit of deploying Simple Search as a separate application is that updates are not tied to the Terminalfour release cycle. 

If you're hosted with Terminalfour then our Client Support team will take care of the install as part of the upgrade process. If you're self-hosted, then you must install Simple Search separately by following this guide.


Another initiative we've kicked off is to enhance the user experience of the product. We're running regular user testing sessions to inform and validate product decisions. If you are interested in getting involved please contact our Product Manager Laura Murphy, and let us know.

So far we have a few small issues in this release to aid navigation through our Direct Edit and Media Library functionality. The changes aim to make it easier to find and insert internal links and media from the Direct Edit interface. Other changes for media involve a slight visual re-organization of the options in the Media Library to make adding media more intuitive. And finally being able to view descriptions of media variants to allow you to identify variants more easily.

Again this is just the start of our user experience initiative, there will be more in our upcoming releases.

Other issues of interest

Breadcrumb missing when creating a new section - RDSM-26230

Previously when you created a new Section, the breadcrumb to your current location was missing, this causes unnecessary confusion so we've updated to make sure you know where you are during this process. This again comes from feedback from our clients and we're happy to remove the annoyance.

Clean & Initial sync -RDSM-31124

There were some issues identified with clean and initial sync functionality in Content Syncer that are now resolved.

Reload the task scheduler - RDSM-31087

On the Task Scheduler screen, there's a new button to reload tasks. This might be useful if tasks have been paused, if there are any issues applying changes to a task or if a task has not started as expected. This used to be achieved with SiteManager?ctfn=schedule&fnno=10 but was removed as part of our clean up operations in 8.3 as it was still in v7 style.

Media library drag and drop - RDSM-27365

We use a plugin so that you can drag and drop items into the Media Library - there were some issues with that plugin where it wasn't cleared out correctly when navigating around the Media Library. We addressed those issues here. 

Media in extended user details - RDSM-20514

Some people use extended user details Content Type to house profiles. Profiles usually need an image and there was an issue where a Media File wouldn't be inserted correctly in this Content Type. It will be now.


Supported systems information

Please note that as per our supported systems page we are dropping support for the following from the next release:

  • MySQL 5.6 and below
  • MySQL on Windows
  • MS SQL Server 2008
  • Oracle 12C R1
  • Windows 2008
  • Windows 2012


Packages - html Cannot import a package if a plain text or HTML element is mapped to a selector that uses innertext P2 RDSM-30960
Authentication Improve performance of login screen - remove the "spider" animation P3 RDSM-25258
Caching Ability to rebuild the first & second level hibernate caches without requiring a Tomcat restart P3 RDSM-31112
Channels / Microsites Oracle: Cannot select "Path conversion" on a channel when adding a new one or editing an existing one. This completely breaks preview (and I assume publish) P3 RDSM-26178
CMS Search Search doesn't return results for media within categories that a power user has read and/or write access to P3 RDSM-25459
CMS Search Error when searching media using some special characters P3 RDSM-24235
CMS Search Media Library search not operating correctly P3 RDSM-24068
CMS Search Media that has restricted read access should not appear in search results for power users P3 RDSM-27023
Content Syncer EntityExistsException pops up on Clean & Initial sync P3 RDSM-31124
Content Types File element with space in name throws Something Went Wrong on download P3 RDSM-31348
Content Types Error 500 when deleting a content type that has an element name that contains an integer P3 RDSM-20760
Direct Edit Add an option to insert media from the "Insert" menu item in TinyMCE P3 RDSM-31280
Direct Edit Direct Edit not rendering correct output for elements - CSS missing P3 RDSM-30115
Direct Edit Image added to an image element not displaying correctly P3 RDSM-26609
Direct Edit Edit content link does not work and changes URL in direct edit P3 RDSM-26168
Direct Edit Cannot double click new images to view attributes, added inline when in modal view P3 RDSM-24956
Direct Edit Error in console when you insert an image in direct edit P3 RDSM-24868
Direct Edit Changing an image on content options modal results in some elements not displaying on content options modal P3 RDSM-24619
Direct Edit Pasting in direct edit shows HTML entities and not characters P3 RDSM-27546
Direct Edit Some content not appearing in direct edit after you edit a media type layout P3 RDSM-27506
Direct Edit Add an image to html element, move cursor to the beginning of the line, it's not possible to move cursor after the image P3 RDSM-27082
Form Builder Content of text fields in forms exceeding 80 characters causes oracle exception P3 RDSM-27828
Group Management Power users cannot delete users within their group on oracle P3 RDSM-25453
Hierarchy Sometimes left hand menu doesn't respond P3 RDSM-31058
Hierarchy Improve speed of reordering sub-sections (100+ sub-sections) P3 RDSM-30435
Hierarchy Mirror button is not disabled after one click and this causes 'Something went wrong' error and Duplicate entry '' for key 'PRIMARY' P3 RDSM-25419
Hierarchy Error when tabbing into checkbox when creating a section P3 RDSM-28841
Hierarchy Cannot create a section when "mark as link section" is checked and then unchecked P3 RDSM-28163
LDAP Unable to create a context with a filter on oracle P3 RDSM-25744
Mail users Cannot create mail medium on oracle P3 RDSM-26207
Media Library Add the ability to give a variant a description P3 RDSM-31284
Media Library Group more advanced options when adding media to declutter the UI P3 RDSM-31278
Media Library Adjust media icon tooltip to 'Insert file link or image' P3 RDSM-31273
Media Library DataTables warning pops up when searching for media P3 RDSM-31236
Media Library Cancelling media edit after changing the file will result in that file overwriting the next media item you edit P3 RDSM-30394
Media Library Error when adding a media file with an unauthorised extension P3 RDSM-23635
Media Library Ability to download media from results returned by search in media library P3 RDSM-28880
Media Library Media library stuck loading, when adding a T4 media tag in a new content layout P3 RDSM-28520
Media Library Add scroll bar for media categories within media library P3 RDSM-28456
Media Library Adding media by uploading image but cancelling it and then moving a different media item, overwrites the moved media item with the image you tried to upload P3 RDSM-27365
Media Library Error unfriendly for jump error notification P3 RDSM-26923
Packages - channel Package failing to import when creating tables for new content types P3 RDSM-30964
Packages - html HTML package import fails when containing image tags to a directory that does not exist P3 RDSM-30969
Packages - html Links to sections that contain no content are not converted into section links P3 RDSM-26616
Page Layout Error notification when trying to logout while creating a page layout P3 RDSM-25760
Publish Calls to publish sections/branches from site structure aren't cleared and subsequent calls submit old tasks again P3 RDSM-26404
Publish Errors when admin and power user publish the same channels at the same time P3 RDSM-28674
Publish Publish: Remove button for queued tasks in upcoming publishes is inconsistent P3 RDSM-27762
Scheduler Add a button to reload the task scheduler P3 RDSM-31087
TinyMCE Cannot inline edit and change media attributes with double click P3 RDSM-26311
TinyMCE Adding a link to an image causes both link and image to disappear P3 RDSM-26218
TinyMCE Direct edit stuck on loading when you double click an image when you have two images and section link in same paragraph P3 RDSM-24925
TinyMCE Images are not getting saved in inline edit P3 RDSM-24879
TinyMCE Moving an image results in loss of inline styles P3 RDSM-21003
TinyMCE Adding a section / content link to an already linked image inserts additional images in direct edit P3 RDSM-27994
User Management The "Extended user details content type" cannot use media elements P3 RDSM-20514
Workflow If a workflow is applied to a media category, when media is modified and waiting to be approved it "disappears" from the media library P3 RDSM-5081
CMS Search Media library gets stuck loading when cms search is used to search for media P4 RDSM-21128
CMS Search Searching for media, more than one entry is returned for one media item P4 RDSM-20083
CMS Search When non-admin user views media from search results table, the search results table is displayed under the media P4 RDSM-27021
Content History tab, checkboxes lock on 'history' tab for content P4 RDSM-22082
Content Types Content lock modal appears on the 403 page for a locked content type P4 RDSM-30077
Content Types Error when content element name contains backslash e.g. \\ P4 RDSM-20748
Direct Edit Error in console when you open direct edit P4 RDSM-30066
Direct Edit With section/content link in direct edit, link does not respond to mouse click P4 RDSM-26554
Direct Edit Error in console when adding a section / content link P4 RDSM-26372
Direct Edit Error in console when selecting a media variant P4 RDSM-24958
Direct Edit Content type table not displayed when clicking "back" after adding an image P4 RDSM-27084
Hierarchy Breadcrumb missing when creating a new section P4 RDSM-26230
Media Library Modifying media displays incorrect last modified by user P4 RDSM-31358
Media Library Wrong text is displayed for user who searches for media items P4 RDSM-30709
Media Library Error unfriendly notification, when trying to edit a media with no categories selected P4 RDSM-26242
Media Library Display media variant descriptions P4 RDSM-21202
Media Library Error on screen and in logs if media name length is exceeded on oracle installs P4 RDSM-20726
Product Configuration File extensions: no validation on the file extensions configuration page P4 RDSM-23217
Publish Error in logs and on the screen when moderator or contributor access /page/publish P4 RDSM-20053
TinyMCE Error in console when set media attribute menu is triggered P4 RDSM-24870
TinyMCE Tooltip missing for insert link in TinyMCE Trivial RDSM-29428

Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.