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Terminalfour: 8.3.3

Date Released:
February 7 2020


In our continued effort to improve the product's usability, we've made some more adjustments in the area of Direct Edit and Media Library. These changes are the direct result of user testing and feedback sessions. If you are interested in getting involved in future sessions please contact our Product Manager Laura Murphy, and let us know. These usability improvements will be an ongoing process.

The changes made specifically for this release were:

Direct Edit

  • Direct Edit now has a walkthrough/introduction to give a first-time user a view on the main features of editing through the Direct Edit interface. This guides the user once they enter Direct Edit (RDSM-31285)
  • We got feedback to say the positioning of the WYSIWYG toolbar wasn't working well - it used to be always at the top of the screen. With these changes, it becomes sticky to the movements of the user to make it more obvious. We also changed where the content block options are so they don't overlap with the WYSIWYG as that was causing frustrations. (RDSM-31283)
  • Small coloring changes were introduced such as the contrast in the Direct Edit admin interface to help with navigation (RDSM-31277). Highlighting text in Direct Edit should be much more obvious now with a blue tone over the highlighted area. (RDSM-31282)

Media Library

  • We've reviewed and made a few changes to the flow of cropping images and variant creation. The save button is more obvious so as not to confuse it with the overall media save, the crop tool is initiated once you get in there so it's easier to proceed with your task. We've also made wording changes, label changes and adjusted placement to improve the experience of creating variants.
  • Sticking with variants we've made it much easier to see whether your items have variants already and how many variants exist. They'll show up in the listing now (RDSM-31288)
  • Lots of people don't know that you can use the description field in our media item in order to populate the alt tag of your images. We added a small bit of extra information in our labels to make sure people don't miss that useful opportunity. (RDSM-31275)

Stripe changes

Stripe version updated to 16.1.0

Did you know our Form Builder can accept credit card payments through Stripe?

We've updated the interface for this and updated our integration to version 16.1.0 of the Stripe API. This means we are ready for Strong Customer Authentication enforcement.  In order to make use of the new API, you'll need a publishable key from your Stripe dashboard. 8.3.3 allows you to add a Stripe publishable key in the payment gateway interface so you can use the new API. If you are on older versions (pre 8.3.3) and wish to use the Stripe please contact Client Support to make the relevant updates.

In Form Bank on the published forms, you'll notice changes to the credit card field. We now require less information than previously such as a full address, the interaction is much more compact now. The field itself automatically adapts to the credit card information as it's typed in. For example, US credit cards have a zip code field whereas for a UK card a postcode field will appear.

Language changes

We started a project to review and ensure the language and wording within the product are consistent, accurate and meaningful. This release includes over 100 minor text changes to start to make that goal a reality.

Ability to disable Programmable Layouts

This release sees the introduction of a configuration option to turn off Programmable Layouts. This has been put in place from an administrator's perspective to help with debugging issues that potentially have been caused by your programmable layout scripts. It will turn off all Programmable Layouts in your application so it should be used with caution.

Specific bugs

Mirrored content deletion in Direct Edit - RDSM-31571

The experience of deleting mirrored content in inline edit mode in Direct Edit was different to that of the normal interface. In the normal interface when you try to delete content that is mirrored you get the option to just remove the content from this Section or to make it inactive. The same thing now happens in inline edit mode in Direct Edit as a result of the changes in this release.

Remember/retain Media Library category location after actions - RDSM-30478

This is an issue that caused much frustration among users so we're delighted to get it cleared up. Navigation in the Media Library frequently left you at the root category rather than the category you were just in. That should behave much better now with the changes we've made here.

Section link is not showing up in preview until content is saved - RDSM-29253

This is another issue that has caused unnecessary confusion for many clients in the past. Before this fix when you create new a Content Item that has a Section/Content Item link in it the preview wouldn't show up correctly for the link until the Content Item was saved. We've changed this now so the preview should the correct regardless of whether the Content Item has previously been saved or not.

Content Syncer - the ability to map publish date, expiry date and review date RDSM-24158

The ability in External Content Syncer to map the publish date, review date and expiry date from the external source existed in version 7.4 but was never ported to version 8. We've got that back up and working again now so you map these properties in the same way as mapping your external data to content elements. 

Drop Support / End of Life functionality

As part of our streamlining goals, we're removing functionality that is no longer in use or useful to our users. This allows development flow to be cleaner and helps us improve the overall health of the application. A number of features are reaching end-of-life with this release. Please see our technical roadmap for ongoing details.


Channels / Microsites Ability to have a blank file part separator P3 RDSM-31433
Content Error saving content if a content element contains a # sign P3 RDSM-24716
Content File element returns wrong file if the file name is the same P3 RDSM-22995
Content Content locks should only be unlocked by the locking user P3 RDSM-23103
Content Image/file element ending with space is causing problems with downloading a file P3 RDSM-31425
Content Bulk duplicate content, when you middle click your mouse, you become locked P3 RDSM-22731
Content Comparison Compare selected history, checkboxes are disabled after the first time the user compares selected P3 RDSM-20270
Content Syncer Sync fails (XML JDBC Driver) P3 RDSM-31548
Content Syncer Unable to map publish date, review date and expiry date P3 RDSM-24158
Content Types Cannot create a content type if an existing content type has been created with the same letters e.g. <test> and </test> P3 RDSM-22141
Content Types Section/content link label & icon don't change when editing the link from a content to a section link P3 RDSM-27810
Direct Edit Make the direct edit admin interface (the left hand vertical menu) more obvious P3 RDSM-31277
Direct Edit Move the WYSIWYG toolbar closer to the content being edited P3 RDSM-31283
Direct Edit Improve the colour used when editing content in tinyMCE inline - match the colour of tools like Word and use a blue highlight P3 RDSM-31282
Direct Edit Inserting links in Direct edit tinyMCE editor - make the different link types clearer P3 RDSM-31281
Direct Edit Publish now option should not be available in direct edit P3 RDSM-18604
Form Builder Payment gateway configuration, add the new option for the Stripe publishable key P3 RDSM-31562
Hierarchy Deleting a section, the warning that there is a piece of content linking to the section should not appear for deleted content P3 RDSM-24764
Hierarchy Menu is not useable if you click many times on the same dropdown P3 RDSM-31166
Languages Error 500 language code entry is not validated; special characters P3 RDSM-26211
LDAP When LDAP is not configured correctly the error in the LDAP import is null P3 RDSM-23549
Localization Product terminology - use "child category" instead of sub-category and sub category P3 RDSM-29920
Localization Product terminology - use "child section" instead of subsection and sub-section P3 RDSM-29921
Localization Updates to in-product text, placeholders, tooltips, messages etc. P3 RDSM-31706
Localization Channel config Site root tooltip inaccurate P3 RDSM-29001
Localization Language file text - subheaders should start with a lowercase letter P3 RDSM-24801
Localization Product terminology - use "application" rather than "system" P3 RDSM-24802
Localization Improve notification messages for assets to make consistent and avoid repetition P3 RDSM-29929
Media Library Prevent users from inadvertently saving media when they mean to save a variant P3 RDSM-31276
Media Library Make selecting an image in the media list view more obvious P3 RDSM-31274
Media Library Improve the usability of cropping images P3 RDSM-31286
Media Library Provide a help walkthrough for direct edit to explain how to use P3 RDSM-31285
Media Library Change the "description" label when adding media items to make it clear that it can be used for "alt" text on images P3 RDSM-31275
Media Library Make it obvious when media library items have variants (new icon) P3 RDSM-31288
Media Library Media "name" max length states 250 in UI but is actually 80 P3 RDSM-24785
Media Library * Remember / retain media library category location after actions P3 RDSM-30478
Metadata Mapping metadata to SectionMetaDescription publishes metadata 4 times P3 RDSM-20710
Navigation Related content nav does not publish pending content if there is no previously approved version P3 RDSM-29432
Navigation Keyword search content: view in preview option prevents content from being shown P3 RDSM-22231
Packages - channel Moderator/Power user cannot import a media archive package if doesn't have edit rights to category P3 RDSM-25863
Preview Section link is not showing up in preview until content is saved P3 RDSM-29253
Product Configuration Drop support for MS SQL Server 2008 and 2012 database - PM-2194 P3 RDSM-31686
Product Configuration Drop support for MySQL 5.6 and below - PM-2951 P3 RDSM-31683
Product Configuration Drop support for MySQL on Windows - PM-2989 P3 RDSM-31681
Product Configuration Drop support for Windows 2008 - PM-2239 P3 RDSM-31685
Product Configuration Drop support for Windows 2012 - PM-2947 P3 RDSM-31684
Product Configuration Drop support for Oracle 12C R1 - PM-2984 P3 RDSM-31682
Product Configuration EOL Notification: Remove old V7 handlers: Maintenance ctfn=maintenance, Memory Usage ctfn=mem, Open Connection ctfn=ocs, Skin configuration P3 RDSM-31689
Product Configuration EOL Notification: Remove old V7 brokers: Application Server Path, Child Description, Complimentary Colour, DHTML Menu, Environment Variable, File Include, JavaScript Menu, Poll P3 RDSM-31688
Product Configuration EOL notification: Remove the URL redirect generator functionality from the system P3 RDSM-24934
Programmable Layouts Ability to disable programmable layouts P3 RDSM-31083
Publish Command line publish not working correctly after upgrade P3 RDSM-16294
TinyMCE Anchor tag icon is not visible when inserted into TinyMCE P3 RDSM-24701
Audit Trail / Error Reports No results found for the "Delete section (mark inactive)" action P4 RDSM-29220
Authentication Login page messages don't display correctly on small browsers P4 RDSM-17831
CMS Search Search displays media file to which contributor does not have access P4 RDSM-25426
Content Move content modal (for orphaned content) header and button text are incorrect P4 RDSM-21586
Content Recycle content, notifications on purging sections/content should be user friendly P4 RDSM-24102
Content Types Error message when renaming a content type including a string with (1); P4 RDSM-25495
Content Types Error 500 appears in oracle instead of element too big validation P4 RDSM-21395
Content Types Error in console when you create/edit content type P4 RDSM-30088
Direct Edit Unable to remove mirrored content from a section without deleting the content P4 RDSM-31571
Form Builder Validation issue on credit card fields - specific field to be indicated & message to be improved P4 RDSM-25786
Group Management Incorrect warning message when updating existing group after removing all group members P4 RDSM-22233
Localization Change warning text when deleting section that is linked to P4 RDSM-21463
Media Library Edit newly created category doesn't show tabs (firefox / chrome) on MSSQL P4 RDSM-22226
Media Library Error in log when css file is added to media library P4 RDSM-22124
Media Library Error unfriendly when you enter a number from 1-36 in the jump field P4 RDSM-24287
Media Library Media name not parsed correctly P4 RDSM-21067
Media Library Error unfriendly notification, when you create new media type P4 RDSM-24590
Navigation Incorrect error displayed when power user tries to save primary group as blank P4 RDSM-23846
Navigation Top Stories tooltips are incorrect / inaccurate P4 RDSM-28729
Navigation Keyword search content: update the tooltip for "sort the results by a date element" P4 RDSM-21114
Navigation Keyword search content: tooltips are missing for some fields P4 RDSM-23560
Product Configuration Error on screen when you enter a large number for the max upload size P4 RDSM-22821
Product Configuration It is not clear what the clustering configuration page does P4 RDSM-28400
Product Configuration Advanced under system settings - tooltips and placeholders P4 RDSM-28323
Product Configuration Incorrect notification when updating medium on users and workflow page P4 RDSM-28429
User Management "Assign channels for this power user" appears on a moderator edit page P4 RDSM-28548
User Management Improve message about password length P4 RDSM-28970
Workflow Error unfriendly when user tries to create a workflow step without configuring a user P4 RDSM-24548
Broken Links Report Typo on 1st page of broken links report Trivial RDSM-28488
Content Message title 'Content is a link target' is not user friendly Trivial RDSM-23564
Content Approval Tooltip is missing for 'enable selective approval for' Trivial RDSM-24858
Content Types Incorrect error message displays when editing content type and setting an element name to be blank Trivial RDSM-25366
Direct Edit Bullet point / number does not work when you select to remove all formatting Trivial RDSM-24942
Hierarchy When you select 'Full screen' on the site structure, the tool tip should say 'Exit Full screen' to go back Trivial RDSM-24104
Hierarchy Duplicating a branch, tooltip for content options is insufficient Trivial RDSM-26199
Licensing Improve the message about an invalid license Trivial RDSM-24117
Localization Page layout / content types: generate t4 tag (misc tab) has reference to 'Site Manager' Trivial RDSM-23695
Localization Typo in tooltip on advanced configuration page Trivial RDSM-28273
Navigation Validation warning for primary group is not removed after selecting value Trivial RDSM-23374
Preview Couldn't find class for : com.terminalfour pops up in Tomcat log every time when you preview content with any image Trivial RDSM-21903
Product Configuration Gritter on advanced configuration page contains one line while on other pages there are two lines Trivial RDSM-28458
Publish Tooltip for ''Publish now' minimum user level' needs to be changed Trivial RDSM-23773
Publish Reports "Contents" heading should read "Content" Trivial RDSM-21319
Scheduler Incorrect placeholder for URLRedirect generator Trivial RDSM-25518

Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.