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Payment gateways configuration

Last Modified:
19 Feb 2019
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To set up payment gateways to use with Forms, go to System administration > System settings > Payment gateways. Before configurng a Payment Gateway, the connection with Formbank server will need to be configured.

Set up a Payment Gateway 

If are an Administrator and you want to process online payments with your forms, then the payment gateway must be configured in System Administration > System Settings > Payment Gateways.

For Administrators, there are two types of gateway available:


  • this is a test payment gateway that simulates how the form will work, this will not charge a card or accept any information

Screenshot of the TERMINALFOUR payment provider options

  • the "Required Provider Fields" are mandatory:
    • Currency: the default currency that payments will be processed with  
    • Account Number and API Key fields will accept any string
  • this should not be used in a production environment


  • this is the default payment processor. When you have signed up for an account you will have access to two sets of API keys - one for test and one for lives modes. In test mode, no payment information is sent or processed. Use this to initially test the payment functionality on your form

Screenshot of the Payment Gateway Settings screen

In this example, two gateway profiles – "Test" (using the Stripe test API key) and "Production" (using the Stripe live key) have been set up: Screenshot of the Payment Gateway Listing Page showing the Stripe Test and Production Gateways

You can switch from Test to Production when you are satisfied with the payment flow on your form.

Adding Credit Card Info with Form Builder

When a payment gateway has been set up a "CC Info" field will display below "Advanced inputs":

Animated GIF showing to add Credit Card info input with Form Builder You can now add a "Credit Card info" input to your form.

The input's position can be moved up or down within the form.