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Managing Sites

Whether you maintain one or 100 sites, with TERMINALFOUR's Site Structure you can manage all your sites from a single interface

Because the Site Structure uses a familiar folder structure, adding, moving, duplicating and deleting the Sections of your site, is as easy as managing folders on your PC. You can even move and duplicate Sections between sites.

When a Section is duplicated, you can choose to duplicate just the Section or its content too. Duplication is great when you want to take a snapshot of a Section but what if you want to maintain a link between the source Section and its duplicate? In that case, you can mirror a Section, so changes to the source Section are reflected in the mirrored Section.

You can think of Sections like a family tree – a Section inside another is a Child Section while Sections with children are Parent Sections and together a family of Sections is called a Branch.