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What's new in 8.2

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04 Sep 2019
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For details about v8.3 see What's New in 8.3.

Version 8.2 of TERMINALFOUR's Digital Marketing and Web Content Management Platform adds improvements to accessibility, Form Builder and performance. It also includes bug fixes and enhancements to content and data integration tools.

Each release of TERMINALFOUR is driven by client feedback and we'd like to thank those who participated in the product voting that shapes our roadmap based on current client needs.


Accessibility is a major priority for our development road-map based on new and existing legal and policy expectations on public websites. 

In TERMINALFOUR v8.2, we are delighted to release enhancements that will make the creation of accessible content easier for users. 

Improved accessibility in HTML Editor Table Builder

  1. Choose to add a table with column headings or with column and row headings
  2. The row and column headers are pre-populated to make it easier to update
  3. The resulting mark-up is accessible and meets WCAG 2.0 AAA accessibility guidelines
  4. Entering or removing tables captions and summary is easier

Updated default image format to facilitate more accessible HTML output

For new installs, we are updating the default image Media Content Layout format to default to a  more accessible HTML output:

<img src="<t4 type='content' name='Media' output='file' modifiers='' />" alt="<t4 type='content' name='Description' output='normal' modifiers='striptags,htmlentities' />"<t4 type='media' attribute='longdesc' format=' longdesc="$value"' /><t4 type='media' attribute='title' format=' title="$value"' />/>

This mark-up is accessible and meets WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility guidelines

Form Builder

We have made the following accessibility improvements to the Form Builder:

  • You can now easily add a form, or a link to a form, to a page not generated by TERMINALFOUR 
  • You can choose between a message, a Section or a URL to be displayed upon successful and failed submission of the form 
  • Accessibility & style improvements on the credit card form fields
  • Accessibility alerts added to the radio button fields and date range fields 
  • Form submit button is now a type="submit"

Content Performance

We have improved performance relating to content listings. This will be of particular benefit to those who have large amounts of content.

Supported Systems

In TERMINALFOUR V8.2 we will officially support the following:

  • Tomcat version 8 

In TERMINALFOUR V8.2.2 we will no longer officially support the following:

  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Internet Explorer 10

Removal of older Functions, Handlers & Brokers

Support for the following brokers will be removed. The functionality will be removed in future versions:

  • Application Server Path: Outputs the context URL 
  • Child Description: Outputs a link to and the description of all subsections 
  • DHTML Menu Utility Loader: Outputs a DHTML menu 
  • Environment Variables: Outputs environment variables to a published page
  • File Include 
  • HTML cleaner 
  • JavaScript Menu: Publishes a JavaScript menu to the current page 
  • Poll and associated reports

Support for the following handlers will be removed. The functionality will be removed in future versions:

  • Content Owner ctfn=owner 
  • Maintenance ctfn=maintenance
  • Memory Usage ctfn=mem 
  • Open Connection ctfn=ocs
  • Skin configuration
  • URL redirect generator

Other items that will be removed are:

  • Current license report 
  • External sources functionality
  • Download method configuration

Many bug fixes

We have continued to focus effort on resolving priority issues relating to the core functionality in key areas such as:

In this release we have also worked through issues that will help clients who are upgrading as well as the increasing number of clients who are using content and data integrations tools:

Specific improvements can be seen in the full release notes

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