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Data Object Connection Settings

Last Modified:
16 Aug 2018
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With Data Objects you can add content from external data sources to your pages simply by adding a T4 Tag to your Content Layout. External content is maintained outside of TERMINALFOUR, and can come from a variety of sources like RSS, CSV or through a JDBC database connection. While the Data Object is stored within the Content Layout, database connection settings such as authentication details are configured separately as an added security measure.

Configure the Data Object Database Connection

To create a new database connection for Data Objects, go to System Administration > Configure Integration Tools > Data Object and select the option to Create New Data Object. For each Data Object enter:

Name Give the database connection a name.
Username Enter the username that is used to connect to the database.
Password Enter the password that is used to connect to the database; this password will not be displayed. Clicking the associated toggle can display and hide the password. This password is encrypted when it is stored within the TERMINALFOUR database.
Content types The Content Types permitted to use this database connection. These Content Types will include Content Layouts that can contain the Data Object T4 Tag.

If you are satisfied with your inputs, then click Save Changes. Continue to configure the Data Object T4 Tag within the Content Layout.