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Content type usage

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30 May 2019
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The Content Type Usage Report lets you see the Content Types that are in use and where they are being used. This can be important to know if you need to change or delete a Content Type, as it may already be in use, and potentially in more than one place.

To use the Content Type Usage report, go to Assets > Asset usage > Content type usage.

Search tools

The report can be run on a specific Content Type or Section / Branch.

Search by: Content type
Content type Select a specific Content Type and see where it is being used
Search by: Section
Section Select a specific Section using the Section selector
Number of levels to recurse

Sets how deep through the site structure this report will run

  • No recursion: only the selected Section
  • 1 level: selected Section and children
  • 2 levels
  • 3 levels
  • etc
  • Recurse through all levels: selected section and all sections below

Click Run report to display the search results.

Search results

Results matching the search will be displayed. For each item, the following will be displayed. Results can be sorted and filtered. 

Sample Content Type Usage Report

Section The full path to the Section. Click to edit the section.
Content name Name of the Content Item. Click to edit.
Content type Name of the Content Type. Click to edit.
Last modified Date/time of the last modification and the username of the user. 
Status Approved, Pending or Inactive.

The Actions menu allows you to:

  1. Edit Section
  2. Edit Content Item
  3. Edit Content Type
  4. Preview Section

Download as CSV

Click Download as CSV to download the results in a CSV file that can be opened in Excel.