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Form Bank

Last Modified:
25 Jan 2019
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The TERMINALFOUR Form Builder allows you to easily create advanced web forms without programming. Forms can be fully customized to meet your needs. Features include payment processing and reCAPTCHA bot detection.

The definition and submission data from Form Builder forms is stored on a dedicated, cloud-based Form Bank server that your TERMINALFOUR installation authenticates with. To keep you aligned with data retention legislation, Form Bank server locations are region specific. This lets you know where submitted data is stored. The following regions are currently available:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • European Union
  • United States

Diagram showing the relationship between Form Builder and Form Bank

The Form Builder FAQ page has further details on the server architecture and security.

Connect to Form Bank

A connection to Form Bank must be configured in System Administration > System Settings > Form Builder. The Form Bank is where the form definition information and submission data is stored. The Form Bank URL is region dependent. 

You can obtain a region-specific URL from TERMINALFOUR support. This is entered in the input box labeled Form Bank URL. Click Authenticate.

When authenticating, TERMINALFOUR generates a private/public key pair, the private key is stored in the TERMINALFOUR "contentstore" directory. TERMINALFOUR then takes the current active license hash and the public key together with client information and sends this to the Form Bank. Form Bank saves this information and returns a customer ID to TERMINALFOUR.

Since Form Bank works only over SSL your TERMINALFOUR server must have an SSL cert. 

When the keys are exchanged a token is generated on the Form Bank server, encrypted using the public key and sent back to TERMINALFOUR. TERMINALFOUR decrypts this token and this is then used for between TERMINALFOUR and the Form Bank. A new token is generated at ongoingh intervals. 

Disconnect from Form Bank

To disconnect TERMINALFOUR from Form Bank, select the Disconnect button. When Disconnected, you will be unable to access, edit or view any forms on the Form Bank server.

While you can use Form Bank servers from more than one region, you can only connect to one server at a time and only the forms from the currently connected Form Bank server will be available within TERMINALFOUR.  

When disconnecting from a Form Bank server, the data is not removed. On reconnection, existing forms and submissions will still be available.