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Personalization and Access Control

Last Modified:
23 Apr 2019
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Personalization and Access Control give you greater control over who can view published pages.

With Access Control you can add an authentication requirement to a published page for site visitors. The authentication may be via a login screen using any configured authentication service (e.g. NTLM, LDAP, Shibboleth, TERMINALFOUR Local User Login, IP address or.htaccess file).

Access Control may be inherited from a Parent Section in the Site Structure and can be combined with the use of personalization to determine the content that can be viewed based on criteria such as geolocation.

Access control and Personalization in version 8+ has changed. If you have upgraded from version 7, you can access your previous settings using the V7 interface and refer to the documentation on access control for 7.4 and Access Control Configuration.