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10 Dec 2018
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TERMINALFOUR 8.2.9 introduced the Notification Area.  This drop-down display can be viewed when circle next to the Site Structure is selected. The circle is grey when there is no current publishing activity and turns green when a Publish task that has been started by the current user is in progress.


Scheduled Publish tasks are shown at Sites & Channels > Publish Channels and are not included in the Notifications.

There are three types of notifications:
1. In progress: tasks that are currently running
2. Queued: tasks that are queued to run in the future
3. Done: tasks that have completed

The following information is displayed:

Publish type The type of Publish Channel Publish
Microsite Publish
Branch Publish
Branch Publish/Multiple Branches
Section Publish
Section Publish/Multiple Sections
Content Publish (A Section Publish that is initialized within the content)
Channel name The name of the Channel  Main website
Date/time In progress tasks: the date/time that task started is displayed
Queued tasks: the date/time the task was triggered is displayed
Done tasks: the date/time the task was completed is displayed
Duration For In progress tasks, the duration is displayed in hh:mm:ss format  00:00:09
Status For Done tasks, a green tick icon is displayed for a successful task  
View output For In progress tasks, a link is provided to view the publish output  See further information. 
View report For Done tasks, a link is provided to view the publish report  


Currently, Publish tasks started/created by the current user are shown in the Notification Area though additional tasks will be included in future releases.

Configuring the Display of Notifications 

Under System administration > System settings > Preview and publish, you can configure two options:

  1. Length of time to show Publish Notifications: Sets the length of time Notifications will be shown once a Publish finishes. The default is 30 minutes.
  2. Number of Publish Notifications to show: Sets the maximum number of Publish Notifications that are displayed. The default is 10.

View Output

It is possible to view to view the output of a running Publish by clicking the View Output link on the Notification. The Publish output modal displays basic information about the publish and two tabs contain more specific information.

Output Displays the Publish log output. The log will automatically scroll to the most recent output.
Call stack Displays the current stack trace of the Publish. This can be useful for determining the status of the Publish, or for identifying issues like stalled or blocked Publishes.