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Language Switcher

Last Modified:
01 Feb 2019
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A Language Switcher Navigation Object allows the user to change switch between languages on multiple language sites.

How to create a Language Switcher

To create this object, go to Assets > Navigation and click Create new navigation and select Language Switcher.

After completing the standard options used for all types of Navigation Objects, fill in each of the following, where relevant:

Language code The two-letter code that is used for the language in the language configuration. The name of the language is used as the link text.
Generate output even if no language content If checked, the language switcher will create a link, even if the current page does not exist in the other language. e.g. <a href="#">English</a>
Use images for links Checkbox to use images for links instead of text.
URL for images If Use images for links is checked, specify the URL/directory for the images. The image should be have the name "main-en" for English, "main-fr" for French, etc.
Image properties If Use images for links is checked, specify the image properties (for example, width=20)
Image file extension If Use images for links is checked, specify the file extension used for the image files.
Before HTML The HTML code to output before the language switcher link.
After HTML The HTML code to output after the language switcher link.

Review your entries and selections, if you are satisfied with your entries, click Next to generate the object.

Once generated, highlight the T4 Tag Embed Code, copy to your clipboard (Ctrl+C) and paste into a Page Layout or Content Layout.