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Section Iterator

Last Modified:
01 Feb 2019
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The Section Iterator Navigation Object moves between the previous and next siblings in a Section, functioning almost like a "forward/back" link. It outputs the Section name and allows the user to quickly go back to the Section before, or move to the next Section. This is useful for Sections of content which are sequential, when a user may want to move from page to page in a specific order.

The one Navigation Object outputs links to both the Section before and section after the current Section.

How to create a Section Iterator object

To create this object, go to Assets > Navigation and click Create new navigation and select Section Iterator.

After completing the standard options used for all types of Navigation Objects, fill in each of the following, where relevant:

Before HTML The code or characters to be output before the links.
Between HTML The code or character(s) used to separate the sections. For example |.
After HTML The code or characters to be output after the links.

Review your entries and selections, if you are satisfied with your entries, click Next to generate the object.

Once generated, highlight the T4 Tag Embed Code, copy to your clipboard (Ctrl+C) and paste into a Page Layout or Content Layout or within a Content Item.