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Last Modified:
01 Feb 2019
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The Top Stories Navigation Object goes to the specified Section, and creates a menu of links of the top content items found in that Section. Where the Link directly to fulltext option is selected, then all links are to the full details page of the content, where it exists; otherwise the links are to the Section containing the content. This may be used to display most recent news on a home page. Where the layout of the content from this Navigation Object is too limited, consider using the Top content Navigation Object instead.

How to create a Top Stories object

To create this object, go to Assets > Navigation and click Create new navigation and select Top Stories.

After completing the standard options used for all types of Navigation Objects, fill in each of the following, where relevant:

Select section Select the Section you want to use to display content.
Number of pieces of content to display Specify the number of content items to display. If set to 0, it display all content items.
Link directly to fulltext Enables links directly to fulltext layout of a Content Item. Unchecked, the links are to the Section containing the content.
Title before menu Output before the content.
Before menu HTML HTML output before the navigation output.
After menu HTML HTML output after the navigation output.
Before link HTML HTML output before each Content Item link.
After link HTML HTML output after each Content Item link.

Review your entries and selections, if you are satisfied with your entries, click Next to generate the object.

Once generated, highlight the T4 Tag Embed Code, copy to the clipboard (Ctrl+C) and paste into a Page Layout or Content Layout or a Content Item.