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Previous/Next Fulltext Content

Last Modified:
01 Feb 2019
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With the Previous/Next Fulltext Content Navigation Object you can output "Previous" and "Next" links to enable users to navigate through the fulltext content items in a Section. This is useful in cases where a user would want to view fulltext content in a particular sequence. 

The one Navigation Object can be configured to either output the "Previous" link, "Next" link or both links.

How to Create a Previous/Next Fulltext Content Object

To create this object, go to Assets > Navigation and click Create New Navigation and select Previous/Next Fulltext Content.

After completing the standard options used for all types of Navigation Objects, fill in each of the following, where relevant:

Navigation type
  • Previous: Only display a link to the previous fulltext content item
  • Next: Only display a link to the next fulltext content item
  • Previous and next: Display links to the previous and the next fulltext items
Content layouts
  • Use Channel default: Select this option if the object is being placed into the default fulltext layout for a Content Type
  • Use alternate Content Layout: Select this option if the object is being placed into an alternate fulltext Content Layout (i.e. not the channel default)
Alternate content layout If an alternate Content Layout is used, specify its name.
Skip non-fulltext content Checkbox to exclude any content without fulltext Content Layout when calculating the previous or next content item.
Next fulltext content With previous/next navigation Checkbox to only create links to content that share the same Navigation Object. This allows certain content items within the Section to be "skipped" if they are not in a Content Type that contains this Navigation Object in the fulltext layout.
Same Content Type restriction Checkbox to only create links to the previous and next content items within the same Content Type as the current content item.
Display on boundary By default, the "Previous" link will not display on the first page and the "Next" link will not display on the last. Checking this option displays those links on all pages.  Though a "Previous" link will appear on the first page, it does not function. The same is true for the "Next" link on the last page.
Display content name as title on link Checkbox to use content name as a title attribute on the link. 
Previous HTML The text to be used for the Previous link (e.g., "Previous News Article") 
Between HTML The HTML code to be generated between the Previous link and the Next link. 
Next HTML The text to be used for the Next link (e.g., "Next News Article") 

Review your entries and selections, if you are satisfied with your entries, click Next to generate the object.

Once generated, highlight the T4 Tag Embed Code, copy to your clipboard (Ctrl+C) and paste into a fulltext Content Layout.

This object does not work in a Page Layout or within a Content Item.